Sheetrock Repair in Keller, TX

Many property owners like to call drywall by its brand name—Sheetrock—and so do we! Other common terms include plasterboard or whiteboard, but there are also people who refer to it as gypsum panel or even custard board. No matter what you call it, it’s important to be able to fix it when it’s damaged, so that your walls and ceilings continue to look great and work well. When the time does come for Sheetrock repair in Keller, you need to be able to call a reliable team that can handle every step of your project.

At Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke and Alliance, we are just grateful that Sheetrock is available to all, along with being one of the most affordable wall systems in the world. While fire-resistant, durable, and highly efficient, Sheetrock is not indestructible and can suffer from cracks and water damage.

Your local Keller handyman has completed multiple Sheetrock repairs. Keller, TX homeowners can rest easy knowing that our team of experts bring the required experience and knowledge to effectively maintain and repair your interior walls.

Types and Sizes of Sheetrock That Mr. Handyman Can Work With:

Sheetrock has evolved in the last century, now bringing enhanced performance, and it also comes in various categories to suit every setting.

Whiteboard: The type you will find in most residential properties is typically referred to as whiteboard or “standard” Sheetrock with a thickness of 1/2 inches. That is regarded as normal for homes, whether you use them for walls or ceilings.

Cement Board: Cement boards are mold-resistant and are primarily used in kitchens and bathrooms as backer boards that you install behind tiles. They have a waxed surface that fends off moisture and humidity. Even though these types of backer boards are known to never rot or buckle, it’s still recommended to replace them in the event of a water line break behind tiles. Your Keller Sheetrock repair technician is happy to inspect the exact state of that board for you.

Fireboard: This type of drywall is infused with fiberglass and flame retardants that are designed to slow down fire growth. They’re also thicker than standard types and come in 5/8 inch sheets.

You can order drywall sheets in various sizes, but the typical sizes available from the hardware store are 4x8, 4x10, and 4x12. Custom sizes should be available from other manufacturers, but either way, there’s usually no way around having to cut your panel to the required size.

As far as thickness is concerned, 1/2 inch is standard for residential homes, whereas 5/8 is more fire-resistant and provides soundproofing qualities. 5/8 inch panels are ideal for ceiling installations, as they insulate better and are resistant to sagging. Of course, there are thinner variations like 1/4 and 3/8 inches. They work best when installing curvy ceilings or when you need replacement panels during Sheetrock repair. Keller, TX service technicians use these panels for small patching jobs.

What Types of Sheetrock Repair Can Mr. Handyman Complete?

There is a wide range of factors that could lead to damage on your walls or ceilings, and Mr. Handyman offers professional services to deal with all the types of damage that come from those causes.

Some of the most common types of Sheetrock repairs we compete include:

Fixin Holes in Drywall

In most scenarios, holes in the walls are related to accidents, from nail depressions to moving furniture and kids throwing toys against the wall. Whatever the cause of damage, the sooner you call for Keller Sheetrock repair, the sooner you will protect your wall or ceiling from deterioration.

Some types of holes that require closer attention include:

Nail Holes: This may sound and look harmless but you should determine whether the drywall screw is bent or merely popped. The screws are what secure the drywall sheet to the wall studs, so it’s essential to either tap them back in or securely remove them and install two additional screws. Nail pops happen if the panels were poorly installed, where your contracted technician might have used nails that weren’t long enough to hold the piece of drywall against the studs.

Termite Damage: Unfortunately, Sheetrock contains cellulose, which is a delicacy for termites. No matter how small the crack or hole is, these little pests will find their way into the core and start nibbling away. The holes you will see are pin-sized because they tend to eat the Sheetrock paper on the surface. So all you will see are maze-like tunnels that would crumble if you touched them.

Holes from Mice: If you don’t repair small holes and cracks, mice will find their way in during the fall season. We have heard from many clients that have mice issues shortly before the winter. These little creatures are able to squeeze through the tiniest cracks or even nibble at damaged areas to make more space for themselves to nest. In these situations, you’ll have to deal with pests before making an appointment for Sheetrock repair. Otherwise, the damage will just come back.

Drywall Cracks and Damage From Your Home Settling

Cracks are a type of damage that require more investigation. You may find they occur more often in the doorway or around your window frames, but there is a good reason for that. From opening and slamming too hard, it’s easy to damage your window and door frames or make the caulk beads break. When you feel uncomfortable drafts, your wood materials are instantly exposed to the elements and suffer from deterioration. That could also easily affect your Sheetrock’s performance. But there is a more serious culprit that causes cracks.

Home Settling

If your home is new, it will settle into its foundation within a few years’ time. As long as it is a uniform settlement, where each corner settles safely into place, there is nothing to worry about. It means your home is sitting on the concrete slab it was built on. Minor cracks might show on your siding and interior walls, but they are easy to repair.

On the other hand, some houses don’t settle accordingly; instead, they might tilt and appear uneven. In many cases, it does not affect the foundation, unless you experience a differential settlement, which is often caused by severe soil movement. Homes with basements are more susceptible to severe damage because they’re built deeper. Texas is known for its expansive soil, which is primarily active clay. Even standard slab-on-grade foundations (no basements) can be at risk of a differential settlement.

Warning signs are deep vertical cracks that would be visible on your house siding and interior walls. Before you get Keller Sheetrock repairs, a foundation technician needs to evaluate your home’s structural integrity and map out the exact foundation repair service needed to restore your foundation. When that process is done and you can move on to Sheetrock repairs, Keller TX service professionals at Mr Handyman will be at your service.


Even during uniform home settlement, cracks can be severe, making drywall repair services inevitable. But with a bit of drywall mud and sanding, your wall should look good as new. Whether you have a hairline crack or other small cracks, Mr Handyman recommends calling one of our local Keller Sheetrock repair experts to inspect the damage. Preventive maintenance defines our company values. We believe that repairing minor damage could save you time and costly repairs in the future.

Water Damage

This is probably our least favorite damage of all as we often have to break the bad news to our customers. Unless it’s only a small patch of wall that suffered from water damage, we can always cut out the affected area and replace that section. But if the damage affects the entire sheet, you will need a Sheetrock replacement to restore your interior wall’s efficiency. Whether you have a plumbing leak or a leaky roof, count on your local Keller Sheetrock repair technicians to provide the repair services you need, including ceiling repair service.

Our team of professionals will also go the extra mile to ensure your exterior trim is safe. If you have a roof leak, it’s imperative that you check your gutters. If it has been a while since your last gutter cleaning, we highly recommend a detailed inspection and cleaning service to restore your gutters. Otherwise, you will risk damaging your soffits and fascia, as well as risk having moisture damage in your attic.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Sheetrock Repair in Keller, TX?

Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke and Alliance is dedicated to providing you with the best possible work and courteous, convenient service for all your property repairs and improvement projects. As your local home repair experts, you can rely on the team at Mr. Handyman to complete Sheetrock repairs safely and efficiently, with seamless results that will be indistinguishable from your original wall or ceiling.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Mr. Handyman?

Convenient appointments and courteous service

Fully insured and highly knowledgeable service professionals
Honest, upfront estimates
Full clean-up for all projects
Guaranteed workmanship and parts
Convenient access to a wide range of additional handyman services

No matter what your needs are for Sheetrock repair in Keller, you can trust our team to provide a safe, worry-free experience for you and your property. Call our friendly team to learn more about our Sheetrock repair services, or take a look below to get our answers to a few common questions.

Keller Sheetrock Repairs—Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot to learn about Sheetrock repairs. Keller, TX property owners may be DIY experts who like to take matters into their own hands; however, keep in mind that drywall panels are still heavy, even though they are described as lightweight. Always work in teams and ensure you have all the necessary tools and equipment available to perform safe drywall repair service. Your local pros are happy to share some drywall repair tips with you.

How Much Does Keller Sheetrock Repair Cost?

In order to determine the actual project costs, we would need to see the damage in greater detail. Mr. Handyman is known for transparent, upfront pricing because we always look closely at details to ensure no underlying issues are missed. The average cost will vary from small patching jobs to panel replacement. Sometimes, painting services are also requested, but our team will also make sure that all questions are answered and included before the final write-out of the estimate. Feel free to contact our office team for more information.

Are Both Walls and Ceilings Made of Sheetrock?

Typically, yes. Interior walls are equipped with standard 1/2 inch panels, whereas ceilings might even use slightly thicker panels (5/8 inch).

What Do I Need for Diy Keller Sheetrock Repair?

In the event of drywall damage, most Keller homeowners have an emergency Sheetrock repair kit to complete patching jobs or repair small holes. These kits may provide you with the essentials but in a smaller format: gypsum-powdered spackling paste, mesh tape, putty knife, and a sanding pad. To better equip yourself for more serious repair needs, we recommend keeping the following:

Joint compound
Joint tape/drywall tape
Adhesive drywall patch
Piece of drywall (replacement panel or sheet)

Useful tools and safety gear includes:

Dust mask
Safety glasses
Putty Knife
Utility knife
Drywall knife

Please keep in mind that these are only essentials. If you were to replace panels, you’d need more power tools to help you install panels on studs or a lift them up to install a new ceiling.

How Do I Fix Popped Nails?

Use your best judgment to determine whether the nail is damaged. Some people merely tap it back in until they realize that it would always pop back out. In that case, it’s best to remove it and install two additional screws above and below the damage area to re-secure the panel back onto the wall stud. Then fill the hole with some joint compound to reseal the hole.

How Do I Repair Holes Larger Than Six Inches?

If the hole in the wall is larger than six inches in diameter, you will need more than just compound and mesh tape. For better results and stability, our Keller Sheetrock repair professionals recommend the following steps:

Use a saw to cut the damage area into an even square
Cut a piece of replacement drywall that is two inches larger than the hole. For example, if the square hole is seven inches, grab a new panel and cut a square that’s nine inches
Draw a square on the back of your replacement panel one inch in from the edge.
Use a utility knife to cut through your pencil drawing. It should be deep enough so you can break off the edges, but not so deep that you cut the paper backing.
Leave the paper backing on and set your replacement piece aside.
Next, install two wood strips on both sides of the square hole by driving screws through the wall into the wood. These strips will give more stability to your patch. Install the seven-inch replacement panel. You might need to install more screws to better secure the strips.
Apply compound to the paper backing of your patch and press it into place over the hole. Then secure it to the strips you’ve installed with drywall screws. Apply mesh tape on the seams and apply your first coat of compound.
Give it time to dry before applying a second and third coat, sanding between each coat. When done, just sand off the ridges!

Looking for Efficient Keller Sheetrock Repairs?

If you need Keller Sheetrock repair, our team of professionals is more than ready to prove their quality workmanship to you. Not only are we capable of Sheetrock repair, Keller, TX handymen on our team are also able to perform many additional home repair and home improvement services, from door repair to shower remodels.

Our local technicians at Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke and Alliance happily serve the residential and commercial property owners in Keller and surrounding areas, such as Trophy Club, Alliance and Haslet.

Grab your phone and give us a call today! Learn more about our popular Sheetrock repair services and other common handyman jobs.

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