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Is your old shower just "okay"—or not even as good as okay? Do you currently have a bathtub or bathtub-shower combo that you never use except as a place to stand while you take a shower? Those are clear indications that it's time to give your local Keller handyman a call for an attractive, highly-functional Keller shower remodel that can transform an "okay" space into your dream bathroom.

The experienced professionals at Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke, and Alliance have years of experience with home repair, installation, maintenance and improvement services in the homes and businesses of Keller and nearby areas, including Keller shower remodels. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the massive difference our shower remodeling services can make to change how you feel about your entire house.

How Our Experts Tackle Keller Shower Remodels

A Keller shower remodel isn't necessarily the biggest renovation project you can undertake to improve your home, but it does have an outsized impact on your bathroom. Even if we don't alter any of the other components of the room during shower remodeling, Keller, TX homeowners are often surprised by how much better the room looks and feels after. A remodel can potentially let in more natural light, free up floor space, and add amenities you've always wanted for your personal bathing routine.

Naturally, the first step your handyman will take is to remove the old unit that you currently have installed. Once that's taken care of, we'll get down to business delivering the Keller shower remodel you've been dreaming of with expert craftsmanship, and to your exact specifications. The services you need will, of course, depend on your personal design plan, but here are some of the services we offer for this process.

Tile Installation

Ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles are the most popular choices for shower walls and floors by far because they're so durable, long-lasting, and water-resistant. They're also very versatile and really present an opportunity to infuse your personal design aesthetic into your home because there's such a vast array of options available in every shape, size, color, texture, and pattern imaginable.

Mosaic tile is a great choice for a floor because the small size of the tile means that the overall installation conforms to the slope of the base pan much better. The extra grout lines also help make the floor less slippery when it's wet, which is all the time. Our team is very experienced with tile installation in Keller shower remodeling projects and other parts of the house—you've never seen grout lines so straight and even!

Enclosure Installation

Do you hate brushing up against a dirty, plastic curtain? We can banish that problem for good with a shower remodel. Keller, TX professionals on our team will install an enclosure of your choice, along with a sliding or hinged door.

Bathtub to Shower Conversion

Some people absolutely love taking baths, and others don't. If you don't, it's worthwhile to consider a conversion that will either give you some additional floor space in your bathroom or give you an extra-large, luxurious Keller shower remodel with all the bells and whistles you want. That could include a shower seat, inset cubbies for storage, and much more.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Shower Remodeling in Keller, TX

When it comes to shower remodeling, Keller, TX residents have an excellent resource at their fingertips—the reliable, capable team at Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke, and Alliance is only a phone call away. Our team is the best choice for a Keller shower remodel because we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction by focusing on supportive customer service combined with outstanding workmanship.

Frequently Asked Keller Shower Remodeling Questions

Is It Necessary to Caulk Over Grout During a Shower Remodel?

That depends on the type of grout. Epoxy grout is the best choice for a Keller shower remodel or any other location that is frequently exposed to water, because, unlike regular, cement-based grout that is somewhat porous, epoxy grout is mixed with epoxy so it forms a non-porous, watertight seal. However, caulking is still necessary along the edge of the tile installation where it meets another material such as drywall, and the caulk will likely need to be replaced every five years or so.

What's the Best Way to Make a Shower Safe for Someone With Reduced Mobility?

f you or a loved one are dealing with mobility challenges, a Keller shower remodel is the perfect time to consider some accessibility modifications that will make it much more comfortable and safe to bathe independently. That includes a barrier-free or walk-in base, or even a wheelchair shower that can accommodate both person and chair. Grab bars are a great idea so there's always a sturdy, secure place to steady oneself and avoid slips or falls. Speak to our team about aging in place and accessibility modifications both in your shower and in other parts of your house.

Can You Remodel Other Parts of My Bathroom While Doing My Shower Remodel?

Absolutely! Our team offers Keller bathroom remodeling services such as cabinet and countertop installation, tiling bathroom walls, flooring installation, and much more. Get in touch with us today to let us know more about your bathroom remodel plans, and our knowledgeable customer service staff will tell you all about what we can do to enhance your entire bathroom for the better.

Call Your Local Handyman for a Beautiful Keller Shower Remodel

If you live in Keller or a nearby part of North Texas such as Saginaw, Trophy Club, or Lantana, the team of reliable service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke, and Alliance are here for you!
Count on us for your Keller shower remodel and dozens of other services. You can reach our professional staff to book an appointment or discover more about why we're Keller's first choice for outstanding handyman services.

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