Keller Soffit Repair and Soffit Replacement

You're outside, puttering around in the yard on a warm spring day, and your gaze happens to drift upward—which is when you notice that your soffits are in rough shape. These units do a lot to protect your house against serious problems like attic rain and wood rot, and if they're in bad condition and can't do their job properly anymore, it's definitely time to call Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke and Alliance for an effective Keller soffit repair or soffit replacement service.

If you're searching for a qualified Keller handyman with the experience and skill to take care of Keller soffit repair or replacement services, look no further than the reliable team of professionals at Mr. Handyman for all your home repair, installation, maintenance and improvement needs. Call today to speak with our knowledgeable customer service team and schedule a convenient appointment with one of our local pros.

Our Reliable Keller Soffit Repair and Soffit Replacement Services

Most homeowners see their soffits on a regular basis, but they may not really notice them or even be aware of exactly what they're looking at. These units are the material that trims the underside of a roof overhang—if you stand next to an exterior wall and look straight up, you'll see them. They feature slats or holes for ventilation, which is a key part of why they're needed to prevent serious structural integrity issues with your roof.

Soffits play a vital role in the protection and preservation of your house or commercial building, so it's important to pay attention to signs of damage that may necessitate a soffit repair or soffit replacement in Keller, TX. They can be damaged by a wide range of factors, including extreme weather patterns, insect or rodent infestations, ice dams, and just slow deterioration caused by wear and tear damage over the years.

The correct Keller soffit repair strategy will depend on the material your soffits are made of and the nature of the damage. Small holes and cracks in material, such as aluminum or vinyl, can often be repaired with epoxy, though they might not be such a serious problem unless they are threatening to break the soffit board into pieces, since soffits are already ventilated with holes or slats. Small patches of wood rot on wooden material can also sometimes be fixed with epoxy. If the damage is more severe or widespread, however, a Keller soffit replacement project is likely the best course of action. 

Choose Mr. Handyman for Keller Soffit Repair and Soffit Replacement

If you've seen indications that your roofline needs professional soffit repair or soffit replacement in Keller, TX, there's a convenient, one-call solution waiting for you. Contact the reliable repair and installation professionals at Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke and Alliance for comprehensive repair services and much more. 

Along with soffit repair and replacement, we offer services such as fascia repair, fascia replacement, gutter repair and gutter cleaning, flooring installation, drywall installation, kitchen remodels, and much more. Providing high-quality workmanship and guaranteed customer satisfaction, we are proud to be Keller’s one-call-does-it-all handyman service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soffit Repair and Replacement | Keller, TX

Are Soffits Really Necessary?

Absolutely. If you think of them as just being there to add to your home's curb appeal, you may be wondering if you really need them at all. But the truth is, they do far more than just play an aesthetic role and make your roof edge look finished when you have a pitched roof with a cold attic design. That means that your attic or crawl space right under your roof is uninsulated and ventilated. It does have insulation on the "floor" of the attic, which is actually the upper side of the ceiling for the story below and not a real floor, but the rafters of the roof structure are left uninsulated.

The reason for this is that, as we all learned in elementary school, heat rises. Excess heat and humidity rise into the attic space, even with the ceiling insulation in place, and it needs to be able to escape through the soffit vents. The vents also allow for fresh air circulation, which helps to get rid of humidity. Without that air circulation, the lack of ventilation causes condensation to form on the rafters and underside of the roof, where it drips down onto the insulation and ceiling below in a destructive phenomenon called attic rain. Needless to say, all that excess moisture can cause serious water damage problems like wood rot. Since wood rot softens timber and causes it to crumble, it can lead to severe structural damage that could eventually cause a roof collapse—and all that can be avoided with ventilation from a set of simple soffit boards. They also protect your attic space against animal invasions since rodents, insects, birds and other opportunistic creatures would love the opportunity to get inside your attic and make it their own.

What Are the Signs That a Keller Soffit Repair or Replacement is Required?

Soffit boards can be affected by a number of factors, including weather damage, pests, and water. When looking for signs of trouble, examine them as closely as possible, either on a ladder or from the ground. Check for the following clues that you need soffit repair or soffit replacement in Keller, TX:

  • Leaky or Overflowing Gutters: Your gutters are attached to the fascia, so when they become clogged and full of standing water, wind can blow it straight into vents which will cause water damage problems inside the roof. Your Keller handyman can repair and clean your gutters, and we'll also thoroughly check for damage to your eaves while we're up on the ladder.
  • Peeling or Flaking Paint: If the paint or finish is peeling or flaking, that's an early warning sign of water-damaged fascia and soffits. They should be checked for further signs of trouble right away, then re-painted and sealed—or you may need soffit replacement if the damage is deeper than the surface finish.
  • Discolored Siding: Have you noticed black, brown, or rust-colored streaks on your roof trim or siding? That discoloration is the result of water pouring over your home, likely due to issues with your gutters, and that leads to problems that require soffit repair. Keller, TX residents may also see green, gray, or whitish marks from harmful elements, such as algae and lichen growth.
  • Wildlife Invasions: Can you see birds frequently flying to and from your roof or visible signs of animal habitation around your soffits, such as squirrel, termite, or wasp nests? If so, it's important pests are removed immediately, as they will find the tiniest cracks or gaps to get into your home—bringing dozens of their friends along with them.

Do Soffits Contain Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral that is highly carcinogenic when particles are breathed in. Production of asbestos products was halted in the late 1970s for exactly that reason, but manufacturers and suppliers were still allowed to sell off their existing stock. That means it was still being used for some types of applications, including asbestos soffits, until the early 1980s. If you've had the same soffits in place since the early '80s or before, it's possible they are made from asbestos, and if you suspect that's the case, it's important not to break them or otherwise disturb them in a way that could let dust or particles into the air. They need to be removed safely and completely by an asbestos abatement professional before Keller soffit replacement can be carried out with a safer material. It's also worth noting that if you've had your current soffits for 40 or more years, they're definitely due for soffit replacement, even if they're not made with asbestos.

What's the Best Way to Keep Soffits Well-Maintained?

The good news is that soffits only require minimal maintenance, such as the occasional cleaning or checkup. However, they can be seriously affected by nearby components such as rain gutters, so one of the best ways to keep your soffits in good shape is by properly cleaning and maintaining gutters. It's a good idea to have a professional perform proper maintenance on your roofline and gutters at least once per year, but there are some fascia and soffit maintenance steps you can carry out in the meantime: 

  • Keep your gutters clean so rain water can flow safely into downspouts and away from your house.
  • If you spot a bit of mold growth or mildew on your soffit, clean it off with a soft brush and bleach cleaning solution.
  • Install drip edge boards, an L-shaped piece of metal that attaches to roof deck boards and helps direct rainwater away from your fascia. 
  • Check your attic every so often to make sure insulation or anything else hasn't shifted around to the point where it's blocking off soffit vents.

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