Where to Start Your Home Improvement Project in Keller, TX

Are you spinning in circles while you look from room to room as you decide which area in your home to target with Keller home improvement service? Even smaller remodeling projects aren’t always easy to plan in Keller. Sometimes, the best thing you could do is read about more ideas, so you can get inspiration about where to start first.

People take advantage of Keller home improvement services for a wide variety of potential updates and unique ideas. Narrowing down your options is important for getting effective repairs and renovations that address your needs and make your dream a reality—otherwise, you might be living in someone else’s dream home after your projects are complete!

The service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke and Alliance provide a wide range of comprehensive services, so you can trust our expertise about which projects work well in Keller homes, and which projects leave property owners wishing that they’d started somewhere else.

You shouldn’t start with built-in bookcases and custom drywall features if your kitchen cabinets are cracking, sticking, or completely broken. Addressing existing issues is the best way to start any Keller home improvement project. Only once any areas that desperately need updates are fully functional—and absolutely exceptional for meeting your needs—should you start thinking about potential custom additions.

Cabinet Updates

Is your pantry stuffed because you’re afraid to use your kitchen cabinets for storage? Are your precious plates sitting out in the open, so they don’t slide off wobbly shelves and end up in pieces on the floor? If you’re dealing with cabinet disasters, that’s a good place to start.

Cabinets get put under constant pressure from daily use, which means that wear starts to weaken them before many other elements of a house. When people opt for the superior customer service of a professional Keller home improvement company, outdated, crumbling cabinets are often the first problem they address.

Cabinet Refacing:

Did you know that your cabinets could look brand-new without replacing them entirely? Refacing is one of the popular services that Keller home improvement companies offer. By updating the exterior appearance of your kitchen storage, you’ll eliminate any negativity related to outdated, unsatisfactory surfaces—and you could handle basic cabinet repairs like fixing uneven shelves at the same time!

Common Cabinet Updates:

  • Rehanging doors

  • Replacing handles

  • Fixing wobbly shelves

  • Replacing doors & drawer fronts

  • Applying fresh veneers

  • Replacing hinges

Totally New Tile

Whether you’re considering a kitchen remodel or a bathroom improvement project, tile is never a bad place to start. It can even improve an outdoor living space! There are plenty of ways to use tile—and endless options for materials, colors, and designs. Your choice should address both form and function, as not all materials are suitable for all uses.

There are nearly limitless potential possibilities for adding your own personal flare with tile. Those varied, customizable options are why many Keller homeowners choose to start with tile for their professional bathroom remodeling services, kitchen updates, and additional improvement projects.

Tile Options Include:

  • Ceramic

  • Porcelain

  • Glass

  • Cement

  • Marble

  • Mosaic

  • Granite

  • Limestone

  • Travertine

  • Quarry

  • Metal

  • Resin

Add Interior Trim

One of the most subtle ways you can add major improvements to any room in Keller is with interior trim. Well-designed, subtle features add to the overall feel of a space. That’s why specially designed custom living space construction often has such stunning results.

The next time you’re standing in an impressive room, pay special attention to the trim around the ceiling, walls, and floor. It might be making more of an impression than you think. You could get those same effects in your own home by taking advantage of professional improvement services.

Potential Interior Trim Additions Include:

  • Crown molding: Features that cover areas where ceilings meet walls.

  • Baseboards: A common option for most homes that covers areas where floors meet walls.

  • Chair rails: Slim strips that protect walls from damage caused by chairs.

  • Picture rails: Strips that sit below crown molding and are useful for hanging decorations without damaging walls.

  • Panel Molding: Also known as picture frame molding when it covers larger sections of a wall, this option adds extra, eye-catching touches to existing panel walls.

  • Casing: Door and window trim that serves both practical and aesthetic purposes.

  • Corbels: Decorative — and sometimes structural — L-shaped features that sit between horizontal and vertical surfaces.

  • Wainscoting: Paneling that sits on the lower sections of walls to add protection and aesthetic appeal.

Get Phenomenal Flooring

Few people consider the substantial effect that flooring has on both the look and feel of Keller homes. Each different material has benefits and drawbacks that are important to consider. You could completely change how you feel about a specific area just by updating the surface you stand on while you’re inside it.

Not every material is ideal for every type of room, so it’s important to consider factors like functionality and the intended occupants when you select a new material. Also, don’t forget about installation requirements, style, and return on investment.

There are many important considerations for new flooring. If you ever need help with choosing from several options for an improvement project, your local service professionals are always there to provide guidance!

Common Flooring Materials in Keller, TX:

  • Hardwood

  • Laminate

  • Vinyl

  • Linoleum

  • Porcelain & ceramic tile

  • Stone

  • Carpet

Select New Siding

Don’t forget about exteriors when you’re thinking about different Keller home improvements. Updating siding is a common way that people in Keller reinvigorate their exteriors—especially if there’s existing damage like small holes or peeling paint.

If the paint on your wooden siding is peeling, repainting isn’t the only option you have. In fact, taking advantage of Keller home improvement services to replace wood siding material with something like vinyl might just add extra protection against other problems like rot and insect infestations. Plus, it’ll need much less maintenance!

Options for Siding Replacement Include:

  • Vinyl: This option is durable and versatile, but not as customizable. Once you choose a color and texture, you’ll have them until you change your siding again.

  • Fiber Cement: This material has the feel and appearance of wood—without the associated maintenance needs—but it still needs to be repainted and installation can be costly.

  • Brick: Great brick siding often lasts for several decades without much maintenance, but it is also one of the more expensive materials.

  • Wood: Installation for wood siding is easy, and it can easily be repainted or stained. Unfortunately, it also needs constant maintenance and is more susceptible to moisture damage, wood rot, and insect infestations.

Enhance Your Entire Exterior with Comprehensive Maintenance

Getting basic maintenance services for your exteriors is an excellent improvement project for anyone looking for an effective return. If you have damaged rails on your deck or years of grime covering your outdoor surfaces, addressing those issues with excellent service from your local pros could provide a potential return between two and five percent. It’s one of the best ways to boost home value.

Exterior Home Improvement Services Include:

  • Power washing

  • Painting front doors

  • Fence repair & refinishing

  • Deck / patio repairs, repainting, & refinishing

  • Soffit, fascia, & siding repair

  • Awning installation

  • Gutter cleaning & repair

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