The stairs in your home experience a lot of abuse. From stomping and running to the items we drag up and down them, it’s no wonder Lehi stair repair is such a sought-after service for locals. How often do you inspect the condition of your staircase? Even when it squeaks, creaks, and wiggles, do you give it the attention required to ensure you and your family’s safety?

For local homeowners, more often than not, the answer is no. If the time has come for stair repair, Lehi UT residents can count on our thorough and essential services to restore your indoor and outdoor staircases back to their original, safe condition. To get started, contact your reliable Lehi handyman . Our trusted team is ready to take your call.

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About Our Expert Lehi Stair Repair Service

On your service day, our Lehi stair repair crew will thoroughly inspect your staircase. We can handle both wooden and steel stairs in all kinds of designs. We’ll bring everything we need to tackle the job with us, and we’ll be ready to get to work from the moment you invite us into your home. Along with our interior stair repairs, Lehi residents can also ask about our exterior stair repairs or add on additional home improvements services such as deck installation or patio repair.

Why Choose Our Handyman Service for Stair Repair, Lehi UT?

With an average of 10 years of experience, our licensed and certified technicians are experts in the industry. When you hire Mr. Handyman, you’re not getting just one standalone repairman, you’ll receive the expertise and professional service of our entire crew and feel confident that they have all of the right skills for the job. We solve problems of all sizes, so whether you need a single tread repair or a replacement of your entire staircase, we can help. A locally owned and operated team, we guarantee high-quality workmanship in all that we do.

FAQs About Lehi Stair Repair

Can Stairs Be Repaired?

Something isn’t right with your stairs. They’re creaking and moving, and let’s not even start with the condition your handrail is in. But should you seek stair replacement or repair? Your local Lehi Utah Handyman can help you figure that out. Likely, your stairs can be easily fixed without the need to totally dismantle them. Opting for stair repair over replacement can save you time and money, so what are some of the signs to look out for? When a repair is called for, you may experience issues such as:

  1. Cracked treads: Do you see a crack on your staircase tread? As you can imagine, with more use, this crack could eventually collapse and your foot could go right through it.
  2. Squeaking/ creaking noises: A squeaking staircase is so much more than annoying. It could be a sign that you have loose nails, shrinking timbers, or mobile staircase fittings. These could lead to big issues.
  3. Damaged rails: A staircase without a railing is an accident waiting to happen. Damaged rails or insecure rail posts may cause issues for users such as losing their balance or falling—especially if you have kids or seniors in your home.
  4. Tilting staircase: If your staircase is tilting to one side, it may not need a full replacement, just the tightening of some screws, extra nails, and a check over the treads.
  5. Irregular step: Is one of your steps higher or lower than the other? Even though this may not seem like a big issue, over or under-stepping can lead to injury.

How Do I Know If My Staircase Is Unsafe?

If you experience any of the issues outlined above, you’ll likely know your staircase is unsafe. With that said, some issues are more important to address right away than others, but a good rule of thumb for staircases is that as soon as you notice an issue, you fix it. That way you can make sure everyone that comes into your home remains safe. A few of the most common defects busy homeowners face include:

  • Unlevel stairs
  • Unevenly worn treads
  • Handrails that are loose
  • Missing pieces of the handrail
  • Cracked treads

It’s very common for the treads of staircases to be unevenly worn. Because the front of a stair is often what’s most frequently stepped on, it can become worn down and slippery. Replacing a single stair is a lot tougher than you might think. Between having the right equipment and knowing the exact measurements, it’s a type of work better left to our experienced crew. We can expertly replace your stair treads, and railings, and address any other issues our trained eyes spot during your service.

What Are The Functions Of Newel Posts?

A newel post isn’t something you come across every day, but when it comes to Lehi stair repair, locals should know that these important load bearers give your staircase structural balance. They also support the balusters and shoe rails. If your staircase has a loose newel post, you run the risk of it becoming unstable.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Stair Treads?

Worn-down stair treads are one of the most common issues homeowners face. The final cost for the job depends on a range of factors, including how much damage is present, the materials of your stairs, and the construction of your staircase. We’ll need more information before we can give you an accurate quote, so if you have come face to face with treads that need repairing, call our qualified Lehi City team. We’ll set up an inspection to check out the entirety of your staircase and assess its safety. After inspection, we’ll know exactly what needs to be completed during your service and will provide a breakdown of the services we provide and how much they will cost.

Call Mr. Handyman Today For Professional Lehi Stair Repair Service

Stair repair isn’t something Lehi area residents should tackle themselves. So required carpentry work and so much that can go wrong with a staircase, and with so many different features and fixtures, addressing all of them is critical to you and your family’s safety. Calling our team of certified professionals is a smart way to ensure your staircase is properly looked after.

Serving communities in Utah county such as Eagle Mountain, American Fork, and Mapleton, your Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork Handyman provides thorough inspection and repair for the stairs inside and outside of your home. Contact us to learn more or request service online.

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