Trim isn’t just a pretty feature in your favorite rooms. It’s there to secure your carpet and cover up the gaps between your floors and walls. While trim certainly serves a purpose, it’s become a much-loved element that pulls together the style of your room. Lehi homeowners are quite savvy when it comes to interior design, so they know that trim repair is key to keep their rooms looking chic and modern.

Locals with discerning tastes can count on their Lehi handyman for outstanding service. Whether it’s a simple repair or full trim replacement, you can rely on our skillful service to restore your home to pristine condition. From fixing simple dings to more detailed jobs like wood rot repair, our goal is to meet your every need when it comes to home repair. Call us to learn more about our services or to schedule your next project with our reliable team.

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About Our Master Lehi Trim Repair Services

Lehi locals often own their homes and that means they have high standards for what they look like—inside and out. Trim varies from home to home, and often, it coincides with the overall design of your room. From Victorian to industrial, trim comes in a wide range of materials and can feature grooves, notches, and even raised patterns. What it should never have are dents, scratches, chips, and cracks. And let’s not forget the possibility of wood rot.

Thankfully, repairing or replacing trim or molding is an easy job for your local Mr. Handyman. We’re highly experienced in the trade and bring our expertise to every job we perform. In terms of trim repair, Lehi UT residents can expect an efficient and friendly service that aligns with the needs of their homes and budgets.

Based on the issues they face, we’ll survey your molding and suggest the best course of action. It’s quite possible that you’ll only need a repair, but if it's a trim replacement Lehi UT homeowners require, we have their needs more than covered. What kind of solutions do we offer? Our wide variety of repair and replacement services is tailored to the common issues Utah residents encounter.

  • Caulking and wood putty: These two solutions help fill nail holes, dents, gaps, and smooth away damage for a fresh, seamless finish. To close off the job, we’ll apply a coat of paint to cover up any signs of the repair.
  • Replace the entire section: The good news about molding is that it comes in sections. This makes replacements easy peasy. Whether you have wood rot or unconcealable damage, we’ll pop off one piece of trim and replace it with a fresh one of the same design. If needed, we can make custom trim to fit the look.
  • Refinishing and painting: Sometimes all you need to do to rejuvenate your home is refinish or repaint your moldings. Because they tend to stand out in a room, this simple job makes a big impact.

Tired of looking at your old, busted, or discolored molding? Pets, furniture, and kids take a toll on their quality and appearance, but our expert team can help. Give us the full scoop on the condition of your home by calling today. We’re happy to help with all of your most pressing maintenance and repair needs.

The Trim Replacement Lehi Needs

While hiring odd job Bob can help you in a pinch, he doesn’t bring the same knowledge and expertise you’ll get from Mr. Handyman’s fully insured and licensed experts. Offering the kind of trim repair Lehi needs, we won’t let you down by showing up late, or worse, not showing up at all. We have been proudly serving our local communities since 1996, and every professional we send on the job has an average of 10 years of experience.

Dedicated to our craft and our community, we take pride in a job done right, and that’s something you’ll notice from the moment you invite us inside your door. Considering tackling trim repair yourself? We’ll save you the hassle of tracking down the bucket of tools and supplies including a putty knife, flat blade, and caulking gun, not to mention the painstaking process of sanding, filling or prying, attaching, sealing, painting, and finishing.

Something else Lehi loves about our services? We offer so many that if you need additional tasks done at the same time, we’ll do them all in one go. Molding replacement and a bathroom remodel? We’ll get it done. Showing up to every job with the right tools, skills, and a smile, we work to complete the job the right way the first time. Book today to see the difference our highly skilled service makes.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Trim Repair, Lehi UT?

When you choose Mr. Handyman for Trim Replacement, Lehi UT residents aren’t just getting a one-man band. They’re getting a service backed by a professional team of experts and local owners dedicated to providing exceptional service. Around since 1996, we’re known for our courteous service and quality workmanship that speaks for itself. As one of the US and Canada’s largest networks of home improvement contractors, we’re integrated within our local communities and have served near to 1 million customers.

But while we’re proud of these numbers, we still stay true to our roots, providing the kind of service homeowners respect and appreciate including emergency repairs and live call answering. From the first time we answer your call to the minute you close the door after your service, you can rely on a different kind of experience than you’d get with the other guys. To bring you even more peace of mind, we back our work with a 1-year Neighborly Done Right Promise.

FAQs About Lehi Trim Replacement and Repair

Should I Repair Or Replace Interior Trim?

How do you know whether to choose Lehi trim repair over a replacement? Your best bet is to call one of our seasoned pros and find out. Based on, either what you tell us, or our observations during an inspection, we’ll recommend a solution that fits your needs. Oftentimes, whether you choose Lehi trim replacement over repair depends on the condition of your moldings. If more than one panel has excessive damage, you would be better off replacing it than hiring us to reconstruct it. Repairs are more so necessary when there are only a few signs of wear and tear or if you’re looking for restaining or repainting to liven up your room. If you see any of the following issues on your trim or moldings, a repair will most likely be recommended.

  • Scratches and dents
  • Nail holes
  • Cracks and gaps
  • Chipped wood
  • Uneven stain or faded paint

Can You Replace One Piece Of Trim?

You can most certainly replace one piece of trim. That’s something that makes a trim repair very easy for homeowners, cutting down the cost of replacing the entire fixture around their doors or windows. Replacing one piece of trim comes in handy in cases of water damage or mold. With that said, this task is easier said than done and requires a special saw and tools to properly remove, cut, and attach your new piece of molding for a seamless look.

What Is The Difference Between Trim And Molding?

Technically, there is a difference between trim and molding but the two words are used interchangeably by many Lehi residents, and that’s completely ok. There is certainly some overlap between them, but let’s take a minute to go over each for total clarity.

Molding is any kind of item that was made with a mill. This includes crown molding but also all types of trim. Molding isn’t always made of wood. It can be made from plaster, plastic, or even metal. Trim on the other hand describes the type of molding that goes around the edges of your windows, doors, closets, and baseboards. It usually has some kind of detailing and is used to cover the gaps between your floors and walls.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Trim Replaced?

Replacing is usually a much larger job than repairing, so these two services often have very different costs. Replacing entire moldings can be time-consuming on top of the costs of the actual pieces themselves and the additional measures it takes to finish them off. Repairs consist of patching, sanding, and painting only. To ensure you get the right quote for your job, we recommend calling our customer care team. Based on your description of your current trim, we can provide an estimate. We can also provide an estimate after inspecting your molding firsthand and give you a thorough walkthrough of everything that needs to be completed.

Don’t Despair, Call Today For Expert Lehi Trim Repair

You may not initially realize that trim is one of the most important parts of your home. It serves two purposes. One is to cover gaps and the other is to act as a design element for your home’s interior. Rooms don’t look quite the same without trim, but just the same way, damaged trim can totally offset the look of your room.

For locals of Lehi, trim replacement and repair is a valued service that keeps their spaces in beautiful condition. It’s an important part of annual maintenance to help them build an area they love spending time in. Serving the surrounding communities of Eagle Mountain, American Fork, and Mapleton, your Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork Handyman provides efficient, expert service for homes of all sizes. Call to learn more or request service online.

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