Every property owner is engaged in an epic battle against excess water incursion, whether they know it or not. Having clean water available with the twist of a tap is one of our biggest modern conveniences, but when water escapes the boundaries we've set up and starts infiltrating parts of the house that shouldn't be getting wet, it can cause an incredible amount of damage in a very short span of time. As a result, it's necessary to call a highly experienced and qualified Lehi handyman who is capable of delivering Lehi water damage repair services before the problem worsens and spreads.  

Whether you've recently dealt with a major problem like a flooded basement and need to have water damaged drywall and trim replaced, or you've noticed some issues with wood rot on your deck or other parts of your house exterior, or anything in between for that matter, count on the experts at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo and Spanish Fork. Our reliable water damage specialist team has the skill and experience to restore your house to a safe, appealing, and durable condition.

Mr. Handyman company van in front of Lehi home to perform water damage repair.

Our Experienced Lehi Water Damage Repair Services

Modern buildings are more complex than many people suspect, which means there are numerous ways that unwanted moisture can get into places where it shouldn't be. From a pipe burst or leaky roof to a malfunctioning water heater or sump pump failure, leaks are capable of causing a lot of trouble for a household, and the effects of water damage need to be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent the damage from getting much worse. 

When you need Lehi water damage repair for problems like rotting wood, softened drywall, a leaking foundation and many other potential issues caused by excess moisture, rely on your local water damage specialist at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo and Spanish Fork. We are experienced with water damage mitigation and know what needs to be done to correct the problem and prevent further damage to residential or commercial properties.

Wood Rot Repair

Almost every house in Utah contains at least some wood components, and that makes perfect sense—wood is beautiful, renewable, easy to work with, durable, long-lasting and widely available. It does, however, have one major weakness: wood rot. Since the rot decays and destroys certain parts of the wood fibers (cellulose or lignin, depending on the type of wood rot), it causes the material to break down, soften and crumble apart. Needless to say, that can cause serious structural damage if it's left unchecked, and it can also travel to other parts of your house. When it comes to wood rot, the best solution for Lehi water damage repair is to remove the affected timber and replace it with new, strong, undamaged wood. If the damage is minor or it would be difficult to remove the affected timber, wood rot repair can sometimes be handled by scraping away the rotten material and filling the hole with epoxy or wood putty.  

Water Damaged Drywall Replacement

Drywall is essentially a panel of a soft, sulfate mineral called gypsum, with thick sheets of back and face paper. It's resistant to a splash or sprinkle of moisture here and there, but if it's been soaking in standing water or has had water seep through it, it definitely needs to be replaced. It's not always necessary to tear out all the walls in the room and redo them from scratch, though. We can replace one or two panels or even cut the damaged section out from wall stud to wall stud and patch in a new piece of drywall, then paint over it so the repaired area is invisible.

Basement Leak Repair

Recently repaired basement leak in drywall of Lehi home.

There are few things more stressful than discovering a basement leak. There are a lot of possible reasons why your basement may be letting in water, but regardless of the problem, it needs to be fixed right away with the correct Lehi water damage repair strategy before the damage becomes more severe. If moisture is coming in through a small crack in concrete, your Lehi handyman can seal it up with hydraulic cement that is capable of curing and hardening even in wet conditions, and will expand somewhat to completely seal off the crack.

Mr. Handyman is the Right Choice for Lehi Water Damage Repair

Are you looking for an experienced water damage specialist in Lehi or parts of the surrounding area? Don't give yourself the hassle of searching high and low for the right Lehi water damage repair professional when you can simply call the dependable team at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo and Spanish Fork. Water damage repair isn't all we do—homeowners and business owners alike can count on us for reliable handyman services such as finish carpentry, deck installation, tile repair and much more.

Frequently Asked Lehi Water Damage Repair Questions

What Are the Signs of Hidden Water Damage?

If there's water spraying out from under your sink or dripping through your ceiling, it's no secret that there's a big problem, and you're going to need Lehi water damage repair. But sometimes, the signs of water damage aren't all that obvious. It's really important to stop the moisture source as early as possible to avoid catastrophic damage, and you can accomplish that more easily if you're aware of the warning signs, such as:

  • Mildew or mold growth
  • Musty odors
  • Bubbling or peeling wallpaper
  • Peeling paint
  • Moss and algae growth (outdoors)
  • Brown water stains on wall or ceiling
  • Warped wall and ceiling surfaces
  • Rotting wood trim or flooring
  • Warped or stained exterior siding
  • Mysterious puddles on the floor
  • Soggy patches of carpet
  • Water dripping from ceiling light fixtures
  • Sound of dripping or running water behind walls

If you notice the above warning signs on the inside or outside of your house, there's a strong possibility you need Lehi water damage repair services. If the problem originates with your plumbing system, you'll need the help of a plumber to get the problem resolved—but your plumber isn't going to replace drywall, fix wood rot or do anything else to deal with the aftermath, and that's where your Lehi handyman comes in.

Is Water Damage Repair Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

This is a good thing to check into because your homeowners insurance policy exists to offer you financial support for property damage that occurs due to an insured reason. Water damage used to never be included on a standard home insurance policy—it had to be added on with an endorsement. However, some insurance companies now include certain types of water damage on a standard policy. If you're not sure whether you have coverage for the particular type of damage your property has suffered, the best course of action is to contact your broker and find out more about the specifics of your policy, then get started on an insurance claim if you do have the necessary coverage.

Does Damp Wood Always Rot?

Not necessarily. If timber gets wet and then is able to dry out completely, it likely won't come to any harm. But wood that is in near constant contact with water from rain, leaks, or even humidity and isn't able to dry completely is highly vulnerable to rotting. That's because wood rot is a type of fungal decay that only affects timber with high moisture levels above 20% or so. It needs moisture to grow and spread, which is why wood that never gets wet can remain in near-perfect, solid condition for hundreds of years, but wood that is frequently or continuously exposed to water is almost certain to rot.

Can You Stop Wood Rot By Covering It With Epoxy or Spray Foam?

This is not a good way to deal with wood rot because the rotted material is still there, and if the moisture source isn't cut off, it will just continue to fester away under the epoxy or foam. Wood rot can travel to new wood and cause it to rot if it's not stopped, and some types of rot can even travel across surfaces that aren't wood, such as concrete or drywall. When handling Lehi water damage repair for wood rot, it's really important to get all the rotted material removed and treat the area with an antifungal substance like borate to make sure it's totally killed off. Once that's done, the space left behind can be filled with epoxy or wood putty and painted over.

Trust Your Local Handyman for Expert Lehi Water Damage Repair

If you live in Lehi, Eagle Mountain, American Fork, Mapleton or another nearby area, the water damage specialists at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo and Spanish Fork are here to help with water damage repair and other home improvements, repair, maintenance and installation services. Pick up the phone and contact our friendly customer service representatives to find out more about our services or to schedule a convenient time for an appointment.