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Springville is a small, thriving town in northern Utah just east of Utah lake well known for being a strong advocate for the visual arts, and adopted its name from the abundant springs that gush from the Hobble Creek Golf Course. Similar to most of Utah, Springville enjoys hot, dry summers and windy, frigid winters. Based on their homegrown heritage, we know that Springville residents pride themselves in being proud homeowners and are avid participants in the proper upkeep of their humble abodes by using a professional handyman. Springville, UT homeowners are best advised that hiring one is a worthwhile investment.

When participating in routine maintenance, Springville homeowners can rest assured that their dream home will be worthwhile and retain its resale value for many years to come. We best advise all Springville property owners to compile a master to-do list for seasonal and annual maintenance from gutters to flooring, ceiling and window repairs, and squeaky cabinet hinges. For those who remain extra vigilant, from minor repairs and quick fixes to more major remodeling projects, there will be a slim chance that their home will ever fall into disrepair. But if you’re a first-time homeowner, it can be mind-boggling to know where to begin for.

Thankfully, your certified, licensed and fully insured Springville handyman at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork has the diligence, knowledge, and tactics to mend any repairs, tackle any installations, and recommend how to best preserve your home so it doesn’t get outdated. Our expert Springville handyman considers numerous factors, such as the most durable construction material based on local climate and your budget. Our experienced team members actively listen to your pain points as they hope to offer you authentic solutions and outstanding customer satisfaction. 

About Our Springville Handyman Services

Living in Springville, you may not enjoy the big city hustle and bustle of Utah, but you can still enjoy all the facilities and amenities for comfortable living. Like most, you’ve probably attempted to search for a “handyman near me” for a reputable contractor only to find there are not as many options to select from as you had anticipated. Sometimes, a lack of choice is a blessing in disguise, as you don’t find yourself overwhelmed with information overload. Although with Mr. Handyman, you’re already halfway there as our Springville handyman team members are qualified and align with industry standards, so there’s no need to bother yourself with more research. As a Springville property owner, home maintenance should always be top of mind as upgrading your home not only boosts its aesthetic appeal but bolsters its safety and security. Regrettably, some Springville homeowners procrastinate and only ask for upgrades in a worst-case scenario, like a sewage backup that had flooded their basement after a heavy rainstorm. So long as you renovate your home every 15 years or so atop of doing regular maintenance, you can readily preserve its value. By depending on an expert handyman, Springville, UT residents can be rest assured that everything from their sagging gutters to cracked ceilings and peeling floorboards remains intact.

Gutter Cleaning: From Eyesore to Spick-And-Span

Handyman showing areas that could benefit from gutter cleaning to Springville homeowner

Although Springville receives well below the national average for rainfall, it is situated in Northwestern Utah along the mountains, which gets a substantial amount of rain compared to the rest of the state. Either way, you’re best advised to clean out your rain gutters of all the dirt, leaves, twigs, stones, and more at least twice annually, once in the Spring and again in Fall as you don’t want your troughs to overflow if they get clogged. If they happen to do so, your home will be more susceptible to water damage as the water will splash onto your roofline’s soffits, fascia boards, and siding. Plus, if your gutter’s downspout gets blocked, it won’t be able to redirect the excessive water runoff, resulting in soil erosion on the outskirts of your home and eventually resulting in a damaged house foundation. Unfortunately, clogged gutters are not something that will wash away on their own but continue to accumulate with debris until you get a professional cleaning service performed by an expert handyman. Springville, UT residents should know if you outrightly ignore this chore, it will lead to a gutter repair or replacement as your troughs crack and fracture under the clog’s added weight.

Ceiling Repair: Up, Up, And Away

Customer pointing to area in need of ceiling repair to handyman in Lehi home

If your ceiling has damp, discolored spots from a leaky pipe due to water damage, we can conceal it for you with a ceiling repair, as leaving it as is will result in mold and mildew growth due to the added moisture. Your skilled technician will cut out the damaged area of drywall and perform a repair service by creating a drywall patch of the equivalent size and layering it on the gaping hole. Next, we’ll nail it atop the exposed ceiling joists and finish it off with joint taping, mud, and sanding it all over. We can even handle smaller holes by utilizing a patch or just using spackle for a spot that’s smaller than 6 centimeters in diameter. Other times, we may not need to remove any drywall at all to remedy cracks and may just use a strip of joint compound and tape and smooth it over using a sanding block. We wouldn’t recommend a DIY repair unless you are confident you won’t accidentally scuff or dent your drywall, something our trained Springville handyman will avoid.

Laminate Floor Installation And Repairs: Nice And Sleek

Before we proceed with any flooring replacement, we’ll first conduct a thorough inspection of your floors to locate any structural issues. If you are opting to install laminate flooring, be advised that’s less water-proof and doesn’t do well in moisture-prone areas like your bathroom or kitchen but is perfect for your stairs. Plus, because it is an imitation version of natural hardwood flooring, it cannot be refinished, so if it happens to peel away, the entire floorboard will have to be replaced. Your technician would need to remove the damaged plank entirely and replace it anew, as laminate comes in a locked-together pattern. During a consultation appointment with our skilled handyman Springville, UT homeowners can discuss options for your preferences for types of flooring material, colors, and designs.

Why Mr. Handyman Is The Superb Choice

Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork is an accredited service provider and not just another run-of-the-mill contractor your neighbor referred. Our competent team members always endeavor for quality craftsmanship with transparent, upfront pricing and always adjust to your busy schedules. We even offer a one-year parts guarantee so if for any reason you remain unsatisfied with your repair or replacement service, we will make the proper adjustments with no sweat. If you’re still hesitant, we’re more than glad to offer you a no-obligation consultation or service appointment before you commit to a service. When you confirm your service appointment, our uniformed Springville handyman will arrive promptly to perform the job and tidy up after themselves.

Your Springville Handyman Is Earnestly Awaiting Your Response!

As Springville homeowners, you can vote with your dollar and select the best home remodeling service so you rather as well choose Mr. Handyman for all your repairs, installations, and maintenance needs. Besides Springville, we also assist in the nearby areas of Alpine, Cedar Valley, and Heber City. Reach out to our friendly customer service representatives, who are on standby and waiting for your call!