Your deck is the focal point of your outdoor living space. It's the place where friends and family can gather on a warm summer's day around a barbecue to spend quality time together. Whether your home has a deck or patio, they're an excellent addition to any residential outdoor space. From hosting family get-togethers to enjoying time outside next to your carefully constructed yard, having a deck has several benefits for homeowners. But, every now and then, all decks need some type of maintenance and repairs to prevent damage. Even in places with mild climates, nails can become loose, screws can rust, and wood can warp over time.

Fortunately, our team of deck repair contractors has years of experience providing the highest quality deck repair in Lowell, MA, and the surrounding areas. Our Lowell handyman team is fully equipped to provide a wide array of patio and deck repair services for your outdoor living space, whether we’re touching up an area of your deck or putting in a full deck replacement. And with our Neighborly Done Right Promise, you know we're a company you can trust to elevate your outdoor living space to the next level. We take great pride in what we do and stand by our workmanship. We promise that the job's not done until it's done right. If it's not done right, we'll make it right! Guaranteed. 

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Our Professional Services for Deck Repair in Lowell, MA

Your patio or deck is vulnerable to all sorts of damage, from household accidents to intrusive wildlife and exposure to the elements. Brick, concrete, pavers, and other patio and deck construction materials will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. It's essential for homeowners to understand that rotten wood, eroding footings, and other deck-related issues are a hazard for you and your family. A deck with wobbly handrails or a patio with elevated pavers is a safety concern and an indicator of potential underlying problems with the structure.

Whether your deck or patio has been impacted by surface damage or a pest infestation, you trust our service professionals to take care of all your Lowell deck repair needs. We can restore yours to pristine condition with high-quality repairs. We'll visit your home to thoroughly inspect the damage and determine an effective, cost-efficient, and long-lasting solution. You can have peace of mind that our technicians have extensive experience using the best repair methods. We only use the highest quality materials when reconstructing your damaged patio or deck.

Common Issues We Fix During Lowell Deck Repair Services

Several things can require homeowners to schedule professional deck and railing repair services. The most common repairs we perform involve wood and fasteners, but our team is fully equipped to provide a wide range of deck repairs in Lowell, MA, including:

  • Board replacement: If you have deck boards that are warped or starting to curl, this could be a sign of water damage or wood rot and a good indicator that the boards are not structurally sound. Boards can also split in cracks, which is a sure sign that they need replacing. Splitting often happens due to weather changes, such as wet days oscillated by hot ones. The deck boards swell and contract, eventually splitting. If you notice nail heads popping out of the boards, this is also a sign of splitting wood. 
  • Railing replacement: A few indications that it's time to replace your railings are wobbly or loose railings, warped/rotten wood or loose hardware and connections. If your posts are starting to move when pressure is applied to them, that can be a sign there is a loose connection, or the wood has been damaged or softened. 
  • Grading and drainage repairs: Water pooling on your property can be the cause of extreme or warming weather. If pooled water gathers around the foot of your property, though, it can cause water damage and compromise its structural integrity. Many grading and draining issues are complex and require the expertise of a professional. That's where we come in! Fixing grading on an entire property requires a team of experienced and skilled technicians to excavate water around your home and other structures impacted by water pools. 
  • Footing installation and repairs: Concrete footings are needed for home improvement and installation projects, such as deck installation. We can provide a firm foundation for your decking by installing many types of deck footings, such as tube pier, bell pier, buried post and footing, and pier and footing. We'll also check for sewer lines, water lines, gas lines, electric lines, secondary electric or gas lines and low-voltage cables. 
  • Stair replacement and repair: When your stair boards start to feel soft under your feet or your boards are badly split or cracked, it's time for a stair repair or replacement. When stair boards are damaged, it also compromises the integrity of your hand railings, causing a hazard for you and your loved ones. 
  • Deck resurfacing: In this case, resurfacing is basically the act of maintenance, during which a service professional revitalizes the state and look of the decking system. Jobs will involve pressure washing the surface, sanding the edges, changing out hardware, and re-staining the surface.

Why Choose Us for Residential Deck & Patio Repairs?

We believe quality shouldn’t come with a luxury price tag. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality deck and patio repair services on every job we complete. When you trust us, our deck builders and maintenance experts, for your deck repair in Lowell, MA. When you choose our handyman services, you can expect these perks:

  • A safe, worry-free experience
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Work that’s fully insured with workers’ compensation and general liability
  • Trustworthy technicians who arrive on time for all service appointments (scheduled at your convenience)
  • A convenient, one-call solution for all your home improvement needs

When you’re ready to have experts tackle your home improvement and maintenance needs, contact Mr. Handyman to request a service!

FAQ About Deck Repair in Lowell, MA

Should I Have My Deck Repaired or Replaced?

If your deck is structurally in good condition, making repairs is usually the most cost-effective option for homeowners. In some cases, professional repairs might not be enough if the structural damage is severe. Whether we repair your deck or patio or build you a new one, we'll create an outdoor living space you can enjoy for years.

Is It Possible To Fix Rotten Wood On a Deck?

Unfortunately, there isn't really a way to fix rotten wood itself. But, no need to fret! That's where our team of deck professionals comes in. We can replace any boards suffering from wood rot, no problem. There are some preventative measures you can take, however, to further deck rot from spreading, such as identifying the cause of the rot. If the cause is water damage, for example, staining and painting wood boards can help protect boards against moisture.

How Do You Know Whether to Repair or Replace Your Deck?

Whether to repair or replace your entire deck depends on a few factors. The first thing you'll want to do, is inspect your deck and the damage and deterioration it's accumulated. Structural issues are more likely to need replacement, such as sagging deck boards, while repairs can fix smaller issues such as changing or replacing hardware or adding a support beam to the deck. 

Next, inspect the deck boards. If one or two of the boards have become loose, deteriorated, softened, or cracked, then repairs are probably sufficient. But, if multiple boards are loose or deteriorated, a full deck replacement would be best. It's also important to consider the quality of the boards. If the quality of the boards is compromised, then replacement hardware won't hold. 

A good indication that your deck needs replacing is insect infestation. Once an insect infestation, has occurred and spread, replacement is really the only option. Upon installing a new deck, composite or PVC might be a better choice than wood decks, as both composite and PVC are resistant to insect infestations, wood rot and splintering. 

If you notice your deck has faded or has discoloration. Discoloration can usually be fixed with repair, by painting or staining. A wooden deck should be stained about every 2 years, regardless. However, if the deck is aging (10-15 years) and you've noticed a need to re-stain more often than every 2 years, eventually, a deck replacement will be needed. Again, composite decks or PVC decking might be a more viable option for replacement, as they have UV protection to prevent discoloration. 

Whether you need repair or replacement, our team of Lowell deck repair experts has you covered! Whatever your decking needs, you can trust us to get your outdoor living space back to pristine condition. 

What Other Services Does Mr. Handyman Provide?

We offer a wide range of handyman popular services, such as siding repair, installation and replacement, kitchen backsplash installation, door installation and repair, weather stripping, laminate floor installation, and much more! Contact us today to book with one of our service professionals and we'll get whatever issue you've got taken care of, no problem! 

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