Bathroom Repair Services in Memphis

Caulk, Install, Repair, Grout & More

Keeping your bathroom up and running is no small feat. As time goes on, plumbing issues, worn tiles, and stained fixtures start to pile up. Don't let repairs pile up too! Our full service bathroom repair team offers superior workmanship for any bathroom repair service you need including repairing small leaks, replacing caulking and grout, and even giving your bathroom a much needed makeover!

Having a quality bathroom that functions properly can make all the difference in your day. Our experts understand this and make sure your bathroom works optimally and looks beautiful, so you don't have to worry about any issues or inconveniences.

Our team is committed to creating better bathrooms for you, ensuring they offer both comfort and convenience. Choose Mr. Handyman of Memphis —we promise to arrive on time, deliver quality work, and guarantee your satisfaction.

Looking for Bathroom repair or renovation? Request service with our Bathroom repair service experts today!

Bathroom Fan Installation & Repair

Not only do these powerful fans reduce moisture buildup by eliminating excess humidity from the area, but they also act as the main guardians against mold and mildew issues - essential for people with allergies or other health concerns.

Here at Mr. Handyman of Memphis, we provide professional removal of old bathroom fans and installation of new fans that meet all safety codes. We also offer inspection services, so you can be sure that any underlying venting path issues get taken care of as well – we can even replace any tubing that has been damaged by mold or other events.


One of the most daunting challenges is repairing the caulking around one's tub. Poor caulking can allow water to travel behind walls and beneath the floors, resulting in damaged wood and wallboard, and even damaging ceiling beneath.

Fortunately, experienced home improvement professionals offer professional caulking services that not only restore the look of the tub but also stop water damage and prevent mold from building up as a result of this issue.

Drywall Repairs & Finishing

Ou team is uniquely qualified to provide the highest quality drywall repair service for any bathroom. We specialize in repairing water damage to your walls, such as that caused by a leaky sink or bathtub. In addition, we will identify and rectify the source of the leak.

Our experts seamlessly blend our repairs with your wall's décor and paint color so that no one ever needs to know you had a problem. All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. With us, you can be sure that whatever happened to your bathroom walls, they will be restored quickly and easily while still looking beautiful and keeping water out of damage-prone areas.

Shower Door Installation & Repair

When it comes to showers, one of the most frustrating experiences can be dealing with damaged doors. Need your new shower door installed or need one fixed because it’s off its hinges or track and leaking water? We promise to arrive on time and perform the work necessary to get your shower door back on track – not just for now but for the long haul.

Shower Head Servicing

Is your shower head broken or leaking? Our experienced technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and skillset to fix any issues you may have with your shower head, from pesky clogs to leaks.

No matter the severity of the problem, our team will find a solution — even if that means helping you choose a replacement unit that works with your current style and build. So don't wait another day - contact Mr. Handyman of Memphis today and repair your shower head quickly and hassle-free!

What Kind of Caulking Should I Use on Tile in the Shower?

The two most common choices for bathroom caulking are pure silicone and siliconized latex/acrylic caulk for bathroom fixtures, which include tubs, sinks, ceramic tiles, and glass mirrors.

Pure silicone caulk is more durable and lasts longer. It’s also more water-resistant and it has better defense against mildew, rot, and cracking due to heat expansion. Pure silicone caulk lasts longer than the alternatives (about 40 years or longer), but it also doesn’t take paint as well.

Meanwhile, siliconized latex and acrylic caulk is easier to apply and easier to correct if you make a mistake during your caulk application - compared to pure silicone caulk which is more rigid. The tradeoff is that it's less resistant to water, moisture, and natural degradation, and therefore doesn’t last as long (between 30 or 40 years or fewer).

Should You Use Grout or Caulk in a Bathtub?

Grout is mostly used to secure floor and wall tiles. When you do your bathroom renovations, remodeling, and repairs, you shouldn’t use grout for fixtures, lamps, or anything else that isn’t stationary.

Caulk, on the other hand, is more versatile, and it can be corrected, modified, or reshaped even after it sets. You use it to patch up cracks, seams, and holes in your bathroom fixtures, like in your shower, around your bathtub, or around your bathroom sink.

Caulk is more water resistant and has more use cases and application methods. It can be used in more situations and you can use it to patch up just about anything in your bathroom in a pinch. Grout is more rigid and used for specific use cases to fix certain types of problems. Which one you use around your bathtub and other bathroom fixtures really depends on what needs fixing.

Read our blog post about the difference between grout and caulk to learn more.

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