A collection of tools and parts that would be used by a handyman in Edwardsville, IL, including a hammer, nails, work gloves, a level, a pencil and a clamp.

Living in a sparse suburban environment means that you have trusted neighbors who care about each other’s well-being. Therefore, Mr. Handyman of Metro East is proud to be part of Edwardsville, one of the most wonderful St. Louis suburbs that is characterized by its strong sense of community and friendly vibe. Whether you’re a young professional, retiree, or have a family, Edwardsville has a lot to offer. If you are a happy property owner here, you are probably drawn by the slower pace of life and access to nearby parks and amenities, including professional handyman services.

Besides all the fun stuff, you also have to take care of your property and juggle between work, commuting, and personal time. Planning ahead and squeezing in time for property maintenance are probably some of the least favorite things on your to-do list, but you know they need to be done. Your local Edwardsville handyman is always a few steps ahead and knows exactly which seasonal maintenance tasks should be on everyone’s priority list.

From power washing to fence repair to kitchen remodeling, taking care of your property’s exterior and interior is key to preserving your safety and comfort, not to mention your house’s overall functionality. For this reason, our local Edwardsville handyman services are designed to facilitate your life, so you can easily balance your work and personal time without having to stress about minor home repairs or other larger projects in commercial spaces.

Our team of skilled service professionals bring many years of experience in the trades and are background-checked and fully insured, bringing a positive attitude to every appointment and job request. Mr. Handyman is proud to be Edwardsville’s first-choice handyman company for efficient property maintenance and many other common handyman services.

Property Maintenance Services from Your Edwardsville Handyman

Are you a homeowner or business owner who is searching for a qualified handyman? Our team of experts have served many local residential and commercial property owners who were falling behind with seasonal maintenance and other repair projects. We know exactly what needs to be done in the spring or before winter. Most of our clients receive annual reminders for when their next Edwardsville handyman service appointment is due, from gutter cleaning to door and deck maintenance.


The roof and gutters of a home before and after gutter cleaning has been completed.

When hiring a qualified handyman, Edwardsville, IL property owners get the peace of mind knowing that their licensed contractors are insured and knowledgeable. There are several options for cleaning your rain gutters, but choosing the right one will first require a professional’s detailed inspection. Your experienced Edwardsville handyman will determine your gutter’s health by how well it is installed and how effectively it is directing rainwater to the designated downspout outlets.

Our gutter cleaning and repair services are designed to protect your roofline, foundation, and attic. We remove clogs formed by debris, decomposed leaves, and even birds’ nests. If your gutters have suffered damage due to clogs or standing water, they could spill water and wreak havoc on your roofline and even damage your soffit and fascia, which are made to ventilate your attic. When your soffit vents are blocked, they will fail to keep your attic dry and moisture will start to form.

Signs You Need Gutter Cleaning or Repair

  • Leaky gutters (if you have a sectional system that shows seam stress)
  • Peeling paint on the exterior of your home
  • Sagging sections
  • Moisture damage and mildew in your attic
  • Water stains on siding
  • Ice dams

It’s not always apparent that you have clogged gutters until you hire a professional

Edwardsville handyman to inspect the situation. Ice dams are a common issue that indicate a gutter clog. Icicles create an additional weight that could be overwhelming to your gutter system. By the time snowmelt season arrives, you might notice joint leaks and even cracks as a result of ice buildup.

When Should You Schedule Gutter Cleaning in Edwardsville, IL?

As a rule of thumb, spring and fall are the most crucial seasons to get that job out of the way. You want to be prepared for the rainy season and ensure your gutters are clean and in working order. The same applies in the fall when shedding leaves are the main culprits for clogs. Once removed, you won’t have to worry about potential ice dams in the winter.

If it has been a while since you last had your gutters cleaned, you can rely on your local handyman. Edwardsville, IL property owners can rely on Mr. Handyman’s professional team of service technicians for efficient inspection, cleaning, and repair services.


An old, worn deck and railing before and after they have had dirt washed away with pressure washing services in Edwardsville, IL.

Properties look most run down after winter. It can be hard to determine whether certain areas got water damaged because they take longer to dry. Most of our local customers schedule pressure washing services with their professional handyman. Edwardsville, IL property owners can count on our expertise to properly inspect surfaces prior to our cleaning job. We pressure wash most wooden surfaces that are caked with grime and mildew and prepare surfaces for staining or painting.

We also power wash using heated water to wash off oil stains and tire marks that have settled on concrete surfaces like garage floors and driveways. Though pressure and power washing may sound easy, it requires a high level of expertise for which we recommend a qualified handyman. Edwardsville, IL building owners may get overwhelmed by the number of different pressure washer types they will find in hardware stores, from electric or gas-powered units to multiple size variations. When hiring an expert Edwardsville handyman, you can rest easy knowing that they are familiar with each variation and know which psi level is suitable for which surface type.

Do You Offer Commercial Pressure Washing?

We certainly do. Many commercial buildings in public areas fall victim to graffiti vandalism. Depending on how severe the damage is, pressure washing has been one of the most reliable repair methods in cleaning graffiti from siding, concrete floors, stairs, and pillars. Pressure washing is also suitable for masonry, like brick.


 A hole in a home’s wall with insulation visible in the space behind the wall and the same wall after it has been fixed with Mr. Handyman’s services for drywall repair in Edwardsville, IL.

When property builders moved from plaster wall to drywall, it had proven to be a commercial success. Not only is it easier to install, but it’s lightweight and cost-effective. There are different types of drywall that also vary in thickness. Typically, homes and commercial settings have regular drywall installations, that are also known as white boards, which are 1/2 inch thick.

Although fire-resistant and durable, drywall is not indestructible. It’s easy to puncture a hole when moving furniture, but at least that is an easy fix. But there are other more serious causes of damage that require more detailed diagnosis before you decide on drywall repair.

What Causes Drywall Damage?

  • Home settling: As each corner of your house settles into the foundation, it may cause wall cracks on the interior and exterior. Hairline cracks to small cracks are usually harmless, but your local Edwardsville handyman recommends having it inspected before patching it up. Large vertical wall cracks often indicate an underlying issue that involves foundation issues that need to be addressed.
  • Water damage: Whether you experienced a plumbing leak or a roof leak, water damage on most materials always requires drywall replacement service. Not only does water-damaged drywall lose efficiency, but it will also be prone to mold, mildew, and rot. Drywall damage often occurs in the bathroom, where thin layers of white boards (or waxed cement boards) are installed behind tiles. Water line leaks behind walls or damaged grout are usually the culprits for water damage.
  • Undetected holes and cracks: It could be from home settling or general wear and tear, but any holes and cracks that you don’t repair with fillers will invite termites, rodents and other pests to invade the panels and attack your drywall at its core and deteriorate its strength.

Drywall Repair Vs. Replacement

If you know the cause of the damage, it will be easier for your local Edwardsville handyman to determine the best repair methods. Patching holes with drywall compound or even cutting sheets to repair a medium-sized hole are some of the most common jobs we do. The only time you experience underlying issues is when your wall has suffered water damage and other kinds of weather-related damage. Sometimes, insufficient insulation will also deteriorate your drywall’s efficiency and lead to early wear. That’s when our expert Edwardsville handyman team would recommend replacing your insulation and drywall, along with checking your siding’s condition.

Are Ceilings Also Made Of Drywall?

Most of them certainly are. While residential homes mostly have full white board panels for ceilings, commercial spaces often have flexible white lay-in tile sheets that work well with energy-efficient overhead fluorescent lighting and ventilation.


  • Deck Maintenance and Repair: If winter has been exceptionally cold and wet, your local Edwardsville handyman will make sure your wood boards are in decent condition. If you don’t remember the last time you sanded and resealed the surface and corners, now is the time. Wobbly railings and rotted stairs are common issues that call for deck repair.
  • Soffit and Fascia Repair: To best maintain healthy soffits and fascia, you require clean gutters. Gutters are installed onto your fascia boards which are commonly made of wood, whereas most soffit installations are made of perforated aluminum. If either soffit or fascia has peeling paint on the surface or you have moisture damage in the attic, they have likely suffered from weather damage.
  • Ceiling Fan Installation: Installing ceiling fans in your home will help support your heating and cooling systems and even reduce your monthly energy bills.

Bathroom Remodeling

A residential bathroom before and after a bathroom remodel has been completed by Mr. Handyman that included installing new shower tiles and a shower enclosure, as well as new shower fixtures.

Perhaps you are the second owner of your home, and you fell in love with it except for the bathroom. In that case, it’s time to map out your ultimate bathroom remodeling project with your expert Edwardsville handyman team. From our experience, our customers have always benefited from our remodeling checklist during a consultation service. To facilitate the whole process, we’d like to share that checklist with you.

  • List of Upgrades: We highly recommend that you make a list of changes you wish to accomplish without worrying about your budget first. We have learned that restrictions often lead to disappointments in the future. Therefore, list all the parts of your bathroom that need to be replaced, including new tiles, floors, countertops, sinks, vanities, mirrors, ventilation system, and new light fixtures. Chances are your local Edwardsville handyman can make it all happen!
  • What’s Your Budget? We understand that setting a budget may be one of the toughest decisions and want to help facilitate this process with you by helping you find the best local suppliers, unless you have a preferred supplier of your choice. One important thing about budgeting for a remodeling service is to put aside an extra 10% emergency fund. Our expert team of Edwardsville handymen will conduct the necessary diagnosis and inspection to ensure your bathroom has no underlying issues that require serious plumbing repairs or other services unrelated to the remodeling. The emergency funds will also come in handy if you were to change your mind about something.
  • Timeline: Most bathroom remodeling projects take about three weeks or less, depending on the size. When discussing every detail with your local Edwardsville handyman you will get a specific estimate for the amount of time your project will take.

Commercial Edwardsville Handyman

Are you a business owner or a commercial building owner who needs help staying on top of things? Perhaps you have a building manager that takes care of annual maintenance and does the regular checkups to ensure that repairs are done and when new upgrades are due. The truth is that every building owner needs an experienced handyman. Edwardsville, IL businesses and workspaces need to be compliant with local and federal regulations to enhance safety and comfort.

When you hire our professional Edwardsville handyman services, you can rely on the following jobs to be done:

  • Commercial door installations
  • Tile services
  • Flooring installation
  • Commercial carpentry
  • Commercial furniture assembly
  • Painting services
  • Restroom repairs
  • And much more!

Need a Handyman in Edwardsville, IL?

You are not the only property owner in Edwardsville who is struggling with maintenance and repairs.

Give our friendly office team a call to learn more about our popular handyman services or make an appointment for a no-obligation in-house visit to benefit from our outstanding consultation services.

Whether you are in Edwardsville or a nearby community, such as O’Fallon, Belleville, or Collinsville, your local Edwardsville handyman team has your outdoor and indoor repairs covered!