Need Maintenance or Repairs from a Buckingham Handyman?

Buckingham is a small township located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. With a population of 20,000, it offers a combination of suburban and rural vibes. Thanks to the many peaceful parks, neighborhoods, vineyards and other outdoor activities, it has become a popular township for young families to settle. Over 90 percent of its residents happily own their homes, and all of those happy homeowners have convenient access to support from a professional Buckingham handyman.

Whether you own residential or commercial property, you likely have a busy lifestyle, during which regular maintenance and repairs often fall through the cracks. Many people already have a list of things to do that includes working full-time and spending quality time with family. The last thing you want is to worry about repairs and other tedious jobs around your home or business, but you know they need to be done. That’s where Buckingham handyman services can come to the rescue.

Your Buckingham handyman is geared up to help with repairs, maintenance and more. Our expert team at Mr. Handyman of Newtown and Yardley is proud to serve Buckingham by helping out with many repairs and maintenance jobs, from caulking door casings to regrouting bathroom tiles, completing door installations and helping with deck maintenance. We can save you time and effort on home maintenance and property repairs—and rescue you from worrying about problems spiraling out of control.

We only hire experienced, versatile technicians who have passed background checks and drug screens. This way, we ensure you get quality workmanship and customer care from a local handyman that you can trust, who carefully follows all COVID protocols. We look forward to completing your next projects!

Need Maintenance or Repairs from a Buckingham Handyman?

Many property owners lead busy lives, whether they are busy full-time workers or business owners. Taking care of maintenance chores at home may or may not be your top priority, but you know it needs to be done. Is a draft robbing you of a good night’s sleep, or is your attic fan not circulating enough fresh air? Perhaps a summer birthday party is coming up, and you still have to refinish your deck after a long winter. Those are problems you can solve with a local Buckingham handyman.

We are proud to provide services for residential and commercial properties that show signs of aging or wear, if not severe damage. If you ever notice anything out of the ordinary, your Buckingham handyman can provide the services you need to fix your property. Many types of damage are often minor issues that can be easily fixed with reliable, professional services from a Buckingham handyman.

Gradual wear doesn’t always call for immediate action until serious damage develops that demands your attention, but if you deal with issues soon enough, you can stop anything from spiraling out of control. All residential and commercial spaces in Buckingham need to be safe and comfortable for families and employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle or work habits. A squeaky, swinging door is a nuisance. A water-damaged subfloor is a safety hazard. Your local Buckingham handyman could make all those problems go away with professional services like these:


Although Buckingham homeowners take pride in their decks, they often forget the necessary maintenance they need to stay in shape. Your deck is where you wind down after a long day at work. You want to relax while watching the sunset or the kids playing on the lawn. Whether for birthday parties or barbecues, many people enjoy throwing some food on the grill and inviting friends over for dinner in the evenings. When that happens, you want your deck to be spotless like when you first installed it.

Buckingham has fluctuating seasonal temperatures, making homeowners' decks susceptible to many kinds of weather damage, depending on the building materials and sealants used. When replacing boards, local experts usually recommend using pressure-treated wood that contains an insect and moisture-resistant preservative. Also, resealing your deck about every 3 years will further protect it from excess moisture.

When you hire a local Buckingham handyman, they will inspect your deck’s overall health and give you information about how to best proceed with repairs or preventative maintenance. A professional Buckingham handyman will also help you find wood rot that might otherwise be missed because it isn't immediately noticeable.

Completing deck repairs correctly is always easier when you rely on a local wood rot and repair expert. Whether it’s painting or repairing your deck, we have the tools and eye for detail to get the job done right.


Since the industrial revolution, modern tiling systems have given many homes a fantastic solution for interior decoration—and protection. Tiles serve numerous functions for walls, backsplashes and floors because they are versatile, durable and easy to clean. Retiling damaged areas may seem easy at first, until you take a closer look at the details while you get down to the nitty-gritty of planning, measuring and cutting. Several questions will go through your head, like, “which grout do I use?” or, “which backer boards do I need in the shower?” There is much more to tiling than you think, which is why many people choose to rely on our Buckingham handyman services for their tile repairs.

We specialize in many varieties of tile, such as:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • And more!

When you have a cracked or chipped piece of tile in your kitchen backsplash or bathroom, you might wonder if adding epoxy is a good solution. While it is acceptable in some cases, depending on the severity, it would be better to replace the damaged sections of your backsplash tile or shower wall. Many materials, such as ceramic and porcelain tiles, do not have the suitable texture to effectively work with epoxy repair methods. The best option is to replace the damaged tile and regrout.

When in doubt about tile repair, your Buckingham handyman experts are always happy to do it for you. You can get help for everything from fixing shower tiles to kitchen floor repair. Never mind the messy grout or hard work, we will take care of the entire job, and even clean up after ourselves!


Grout is crucial to protecting your tile walls and floors from water damage. It neatly fills the spaces between tiles, creating a seamless finish that stops moisture from getting through. Sometimes, that grout gets damaged or worn down, and must be replaced. Are you unsure if you need to use unsanded or finely-sanded grout? Or, are you wondering how to remove old grout safely? This is where professional grouting service from your local handyman will come in handy.


Do you have cracks or little holes in your drywall staring back at you? Keep in mind that those problems may seem like minor damage, but you should always inspect further, as wall cracks might indicate foundation issues or other serious problems.

Drywall repair and installation are common in homes and commercial environments. We provide various services for all kinds of wall and ceiling damage, from small patching jobs to complete drywall replacements. We can handle everything from fixing small cracks with drywall tape and compound to replacing large sections of drywall and fixing large holes.

Drywall panels are made of a soft sulfate mineral called gypsum, which is non-combustible and lighter than other wall types. It became popular in the mid-20th century because it’s flexible and durable, enabling easy installation with less labor. This makes drywall the most cost-effective option for property owners. It's also more resistant to fire than wood-based walls, which you still find in some older houses.

The average drywall thickness is 1/2 inch, with 5/8 inch being the thickest. While durable, drywall boards are still vulnerable to both moisture and heavy impacts. Some varieties, such as cement boards and green boards, have a waxed surface to increase their water resistance. Although many homeowners use those types behind tile installations in bathrooms, they can still suffer water damage if you ever have a leak near those walls.

Note: Cracked tile and grout will cause leaks that damage existing drywall panels. Even with their mild waterproofing characteristics, the most durable varieties still won’t hold up against a constant leak, and mold could grow behind the walls if you don’t replace them. When in doubt about leaks or moisture damage, you can hire our skilled Buckingham handyman technicians to inspect the walls behind your tiles.


Soffit and fascia are the fancy French and Latin names of your roofline’s structure closest to the gutters. Your fascia is a horizontal board that connects to your roof rafter’s end while supporting your overall gutter system. It also creates a barrier between the outside elements and interior of your roof. Your soffit is the exposed underside of your roof’s overhang. If either your soffit or fascia have suffered water damage and are compromising your roof’s health, your local Buckingham handyman will fix them for you.

Siding—your house’s exterior shield—is designed to protect your property from severe weather and other outdoor elements. When it’s well-maintained, siding can last about 50 years, but sometimes, it’s not in your control to keep external damage away. Extreme weather conditions can cause warping, bulging, dents or holes. Eventually, it will wear out so much, it begins to compromise your home’s insulation, frame and overall energy efficiency. That damage should be fixed by a reliable Buckingham handyman, before those problems get worse.

Soffits and fascia are often damaged as a result of broken gutters or inclement weather. That damage could also potentially affect your home’s siding, causing water damage and cracks that allow for an infestation of insects, birds and rodents.If a recent storm has passed through or you know your gutters need repairs, it’s worth checking your soffits, siding and fascia for damage. As an essential part of your home that helps reduce moisture and condensation, they should always be well-maintained. Your Buckingham handyman can make sure that they are.


We are proud to be Buckingham’s most versatile team and offer a wide range of maintenance jobs that not all local Buckingham handyman service professionals offer. Plus, we always approach property maintenance with a smile. No matter what the job is, we’ll always provide exquisite workmanship and outstanding service for your home maintenance needs.

Fence Maintenance

Fences are safety barriers that mark your home’s territory. When they’re well-maintained, you know your kids and pets are safe in your outdoor space, so it’s important to complete repairs quickly—and correctly. Whether your fence is made of wood, vinyl, PVC or aluminum, we provide a wide range of services to help with maintenance, including repainting or restaining, fixing wood rot and fixing broken boards and hinges.

Door, Window and Frame Repairs

We fix and install interior and exterior doors and ensure that they’re energy-efficient. Whether they have gone through general wear and tear or show signs of wood rot, your handyman in Buckingham has the tools and expertise to fix your doors. We also specialize in fixing framing and trim around windows, repairing window sills and completing other minor jobs like oiling hinges and replacing the caulking around doors and windows.

Bathroom Remodeling Service

Are you planning a little bathroom remodeling project? A bathroom remodel is never a one-person job, but the good news is that you won’t need to make a list of contractors, because your versatile and insured Buckingham handyman team can handle it all. Not only do we get the job done right the first time, we will clean up our mess too. Whether you only want new tiles or walls, or you need additional services for your bathroom remodel, we want to ensure you enjoy the final results.


  • Tile Installation and repair
  • Flooring replacement and installation
  • Caulking
  • Grout repair
  • Bathroom accessibility modifications
  • And much more!

Do You Need Professional Handyman Services in Buckingham Township?

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