Looking for a Handyman Near Me in Alexandria VA? Here's What You Need to Know

Searching for a “handyman near me” in Alexandria VA can be a daunting task. Even a quick search yields thousands of results, making it difficult to know what handyman company is right for your needs.

While searching online for a handyman service can showcase a range of results in an instance, there is a lot you have to do to narrow those results down and find a contractor you can trust. If you've never hired a handyman before or you did not have a good experience with your last contractor, this article is for you. It will help you feel confident throughout the hiring process, equip you with the tools to narrow down your search, and ensure you hire the best handyman for your Alexandria VA home.

Continue reading to discover our professional insights to find a handyman that is fairly priced, will prioritize customer service, and get the job done right the first time.

8 Steps to Help You Find the Right Handyman Near Me in Alexandria VA

It’s not unusual for Alexandria homeowners to feel a little stressed when hiring a handyman, especially for the first time. Entrusting your home to someone else can be intimidating and it’s important you feel confident in your hiring choice. Inputting “handyman near me” in Google is a great start. But what should you do next? Keep reading to find out.

1. Ask Friends and Family for Referrals

If someone you know has recently hired a handyman, then this is the perfect opportunity to pick their brain. What did your friend or family member like about the service they received? What would they do differently next time? What work was completed? And, last but not least: would they recommend the handyman company to you?

Word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable when it comes to selecting a handyman service. Not only will you gain intimate insight into the quality of service from a given contractor, but you’ll also be able to see evidence of the work completed. This will be especially helpful if you need a similar task done in your home.

2. Check Online Reviews

If you’re new to the Alexandria VA area, don’t know anyone who’s recently employed a handyman service, or want to double check your friend’s recommendation, take a look at online reviews. Online reviews provide access to a range of Alexandria homeowners’ insights for a variety of services. For instance, Google My Business tends to provide access to current and plentiful reviews. Additionally, you may even be able to see responses from the handyman company itself. This is a great opportunity to learn how the company receives feedback.

Additionally, many Google reviews include photos, which are invaluable when it comes to ascertaining a “handyman near me” search result’s quality. Try to look for before and after photos as much as possible to get a real sense of a handyman services workmanship.

At Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia, we have an overall Google rating of 4.6/5-stars, with more than 130 reviews. We’re truly committed to bringing our outstanding craftsmanship and customer service to the Alexandria community. Our dedication to our clients is illustrated through our satisfied customers.

3. Do Your Homework

After you’ve searched for a “handyman near me” and assessed a contractor’s work through reviews or word-of-mouth references, the next step is to take your research one step further. There are many helpful third-party websites that are dedicated to reviewing and rating home service companies. A few include the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and HomeAdvisor. These websites are trustworthy, credible, and provide a lot of information. Some insights you may find on home service websites like these include additional reviews, images of work completed, complaints, and ratings. The BBB specifically notes if a business is accredited.

On the Better Business Bureau, Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia is honored to be an accredited business with an A+ rating. On Angie’s List, we have an overall rating of A in areas including quality, responsiveness, and professionalism. With 451 total reviews, we’re also Angie’s List Certified.

4. Look for Other Signs of Professionalism

In addition to positive ratings and reviews, there are more subtle signs that a handyman service is a good choice. These signs are also valuable to ensure a given company is in keeping with your personal values. Unfortunately, not all “handyman near me” search results are created equally; some will prioritize customer service, integrity, and professionalism over others.

Companies like Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia focus on building long-term relationships with clients and consistently putting their needs first. We embody the values of honesty, transparency, and dependability, and it shows through our exceptional service. A few ways we demonstrate our dedication to the community is through our professional work-ethic, including:

  • Arriving on-time to scheduled appointments

  • Technicians have 10+ years of experience

  • Friendly, helpful, and polite staff

  • Uniformed professionals

  • Use of a company vehicle while on the job

  • Demonstrating care to keep your home clean, such as wearing booties over shoes

  • Maintaining a clean work area and cleaning up your home before leaving

  • Upfront, transparent pricing

  • Taking the time to answer any questions

  • Always treating you and your home with respect

5. Get Estimates

If you haven’t hired a handyman service before, you may have been advised to follow the rule of threes—obtain three estimates to find the best price for your budget. While it’s a good idea to get multiple estimates before making a decision, at Mr. Handyman we believe in taking as long or a little as you need to find the right handyman service for you. Price is just one factor in what makes an excellent home service company. You may get a gut feeling about a “handyman near me” search result that encourages you to hire them without obtaining two other estimates. Alternatively, you might get more than three estimates before making a decision. Ultimately, you know what is best for your home and it’s important to trust your judgement.

Keep in mind the rationale for a handyman service’s pricing. Companies that may seem higher-end are also more likely to go above and beyond for clients, such as taking on multiple tasks with one booking, delivering quality service consistently, and taking the time to do the job right the first time.

6. Find Out About the Pricing Process

Gathering estimates is just one part of the pricing process. As we mentioned above, not all handyman services are made equally. This extends to their policies regarding pricing. It’s very important to clarify the pricing process so you know what to expect and can determine how transparent a contractor is with you. For instance, answering your questions openly is a much better sign than a company who does not give you clear responses. A few pricing inquiries to keep in mind include:

  • Whether you pay upfront, at the end, or in instalments

  • Whether the pricing is by the hour or by the task

  • If you pay the company to buy materials or if you supply them

  • Any additional fees, like overtime charges, you should be aware of

Transparency is key when it comes to finding a handyman service you can trust. That’s why at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia we offer upfront, hourly pricing. After you tell us the job/s you need dome, we’ll give you an accurate estimate that we stick to as much as possible. We never charge for overtime fees and will do everything in our power to ensure your experience with our company is satisfactory.

7. Prepare a List of Additional Questions

Asking about pricing and obtaining estimates are not the only questions you should ask to narrow down the results from your “handyman near me” search. A few other questions you should ask include:

What Type of Work Can You Do?

Not all handyman companies will be able to complete the jobs you need done around your home. Experience, specialities, and training will dictate what a handyman can or can’t do. Put together a list of all the tasks you need done and confirm with your handyman that he or she will be able to do everything on the list.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

One way to figure out whether a “handyman near me” search result is a good choice is to look at their experience. There are many benefits to employing an experienced contractor, including:

  • Exceptional work quality

  • Increased problem solving skills

  • Dedication to customer service

  • Commitment to building a long term relationship with you

It’s also a good idea to ask how long the company has been in business, not just the years of experience a specific technician has. Companies that have been serving the Alexandria VA community for a long time are more reliable and prioritize customer service.

At Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia, our technicians have an average of 10 years’ experience working in construction, carpentry, and the trades. Many of our technicians have 20+ years of experience. Furthermore, our company has been serving the Alexandria VA area since 2008.

Are You Insured?

Never hire a company you find in a “handyman near me” search result that does not have insurance. Insurance is key for protecting both you from any liability and your home from damage should an incident occur. The kind of insurance you are looking for is General Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation.

Is There Anything I Should Do to Prepare For Your Arrival?

It’s always good to double-check with a handyman service what you are responsible for doing before work begins. Depending on the company and the service, this could include moving furniture out of the way, emptying appliances, or picking up materials. Maintaining an open line of communication with your contractor is key to keep things running smoothly.

What is the Estimated Timeline?

Part of maintaining open lines of communication includes confirming the estimated timeline with your technician. You’ll need to know how long your home maintenance jobs will take so you can ensure that you’re home during the service and also arrange your other responsibilities (such as picking up your kids from school).

Do You Provide a Guarantee/Warranty?

We can’t emphasize enough that every “handyman near me” search result you discover will be different. Another detail you’ll want to confirm is how a company’s guarantee and/or warranty works, if any.

At Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia, we stand behind our work and guarantee we will get the job done right the first time. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with our services, but in the rare event there is a problem with the repair, we will return and set it right as soon as possible.

Will You Clean Up Before Leaving?

Having to clean up a huge mess after your handyman service leaves can feel overwhelming and frustrating. When you vet your “handyman near me” search results, be sure to confirm whether they clean up after finishing the job.

Our team values the happiness of our customers above all else. That’s why we take care to clean up our work area before leaving your home. We promise to leave your home as clean as we found it so as not to inconvenience you. We also believe that a clean work area is a sign of professionalism, and would not want to risk your safety cleaning up a job site. Dust, materials, and tools that could be left behind may be dangerous to you and your family. That’s why we would never leave a messy job site in your home.

8. Get it in Writing

A written agreement outlining your home improvement or repair project is an effective communicative tool that will help keep you and the contractor on the same page. It also protects your interests by ensuring clear expectations for the work to be completed. Written contracts also illustrate transparency, honesty, and good communication on behalf of your contractor. Be sure your written agreement includes:

  • The work that will be completed

  • The technician/s who will undertake the work

  • The estimated price/time to complete the work

Why Choose Mr. Handyman in Alexandria VA?

Our owner, Jo, is retired from the US Navy and also served as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer and Security Officer. Her dedication to our country is echoed in her dedication to the Northern Virginia community. Jo purchased the Mr. Handyman Franchise in 2008 and pours her energy into creating an exceptional team to ensure each of our customers has a great experience.

The next time you input a “handyman near me” search on Google in your quest to find the best company for your home repair needs, save yourself the hassle of a lengthy search and choose Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia instead. When you hire our company, you can rest assured that we will prioritize your happiness and get the job done right the first time.

To book an appointment with Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia today, we invite you to give us a call at 703-621-4817 or to request a service online.