Ever thought that you might need a Manasass patio repair service? Your outdoor patio in the backyard is perhaps the only way to get your daily dose of vitamin D and some much-needed fresh air. Especially for those of us working and studying remotely, we tend to get cabin fever, and being able to casually step away from the stale indoors to the bright and sunny great outdoors, thanks to a convenient patio, makes all the difference. Some homeowners even transform their patios into extended dining and entertaining spaces for summer picnics and barbecues. Not only is a patio a safe space to relax and unwind for leisurely purposes to sit, eat and socialize, but this paved area is an exterior living space for your daily enjoyment and comfort. Why bother strolling to the local park when you can host recreational activities right in your own backyard? 

You'll be the talk of the town after you hold the next Sunday afternoon brunch for your family and friends, allowing you to bask in the warm sunlight. Plus, a patio has other advantages, such as allowing for more privacy compared to decks. Patios are also preferred for safety purposes as well as a patio bodes well in moisture-prone areas and can withstand supersaturation of the surrounding soil, allowing it to be more slip-resistant than a deck. 

However, some homeowners fail to do proper upkeep of their patio and allow it to fall into disrepair and need a Manassas patio repair. Not only does their patio become an unsightly eyesore as it cracks, fractures, and fissures, but it becomes a safety hazard as you or a guest may trip up on a loose fragment and injure themselves. Atop this, a broken patio can readily plummet your home's curb appeal and property value for prospective homebuyers. And this is where Mr. Handyman comes in. Don't deny yourself the privilege of a pleasant patio by signing up for a Manassas patio repair today by hiring a local Manassas handyman!

Mr. Handyman technician outside of Manassas home to perform patio repair services.

Our Manassas Patio Repair Services

At Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia – Arlington to Haymarket, we illustrate a notable track record of expert exterior and interior house renovation services, having served Manassas and nearby areas of Bristow, Alexandria, Gainesville, and more since 2008. We pride ourselves on offering only superior products and services, quality craftsmanship, and ultimate customer satisfaction for a patio repair, no matter the feat. Our expert and experienced team members are well-equipped with the skillset, tactics, and know-how for performing a patio repair; Manassas residents will discover that our handymen always take the time to genuinely listen to their viewpoints. In doing so, they advocate for you, the client, by only offering an authentic and long-lasting solution for a Manassas patio repair or replacement service during your next home remodel. For those of you who are hesitant about committing to a Manassas patio repair, we suggest scheduling a no-obligation consultation appointment. Please note, too, that we only offer transparent, upfront pricing alongside a one-year parts and labor guarantee, so if your patio repair gets badly chipped or dented, we will return to make the proper adjustments. Once you are ready to go, we'll dispatch one of our uniformed handymen for your service appointment.

A patio is a paved space built directly onto the ground. A patio is more adaptable than its deck or porch alternatives as it doesn't need to be physically extended and attached to the exterior of your house, and so it complements the rest of the backyard. If you are aiming for something functional, versatile, and high quality but simple, we best recommend you opt for a patio over a deck, porch, or balcony of sorts for an outdoor seating area. Although at times, Manassas homeowners don't realize that installing a patio doesn't just consist of pouring concrete in a smooth, flat layer. Among other things, you have to ensure the patio is level with your back door's threshold and sits flush with the rest of the house so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. That's why we best advise you to rely on a professional for assembling a patio as replacing a patio is a detailed-oriented process such as:

  1. Subsurface preparation: includes leveling, excavating, and hard compacting the ground.
  2. Strategic planning: i.e., deciding on the placement of pavers on the dirt ground so they can remain durable within the ground's surface.

Needless to say, if you hired a shady contractor that carried out a lackluster patio installation job, you will discover that you need frequent patio repairs more often than not. So do your due diligence and only hire an accredited services provider for a Manassas patio repair. As of late, if you've noticed hairline cracks and fractures, chips, dents, flaking edges, pitting or potholes from brittle concrete or uneven areas, these are all telltale signs that your patio has deteriorated and requires a refurbishment through a patio repair. Manassas, VA property owners must understand despite whichever material they selected for their patio, the patio itself is bound to disintegrate overtime from wear and tear due to water damage from heavy rainfall and snowmelt, constant foot traffic, lugging around heavy furniture, and intruding rodents. It's best not to treat your patio as just another slab of stone and ignore getting it fixed as apart from the cosmetic damage from, say, tile cracks; you also sacrifice its structural integrity. Sooner or later, your patio will begin to seep and sink slowly into the ground and become an unstable surface to walk or sit upon. But if you've been keen on routine maintenance, including sweeping off debris, spot cleaning any lingering residue, resealing pavers, and chopping away any invading weeds, you will rarely, if ever, need a Manassas patio repair because of a damaged plateau.

Our Established Porch Repair Process

The popular choice for the vast majority of Manassas clientele is a concrete patio, as it's incredibly durable. But remember, there is a diverse palette of patio materials you can swap out for a renewed aesthetic design, plus some materials may be easier to maintain than others for a patio repair. Manassas, VA, should be open to exploring the possibilities as apart from concrete, they can opt for gravel, brick, pavers, tile, and natural stone. Atop this, you can also ask for add-on features, for example, a patio screen repair. A patio screen is useful for allowing fresh outdoor air to waft indoors whilst protecting against harmful direct sunlight and pesky bugs and insects. Either way, it's a good idea to consult a professional contractor from Mr. Handyman, who can customize a solution for you based on your personal preferences and budget.

Type Of Porch Materials We Repair


This is a fairly durable and inexpensive material that is easy to install because it consists of tiny-sized pea gravel pieces. Plus, gravel has low maintenance costs as there's only so much you can do for its upkeep. A gravel patio imitates a natural appearance and seems as if it's part of the surrounding landscape. So if you are looking for something that's more low profile, that is a great option. Plus, gravel supports water drainage. The only drawback is that because of its granular texture, its surface's rocks can easily scatter everywhere, so it doesn't handle heavy amounts of pressure too well, such as heavy pieces of outdoor furniture. Plus, if it's exposed to scathing perception, including rainfall, snow, and hail, the gravel can become a disorganized mess resulting in sinkholes and ruts. Plus, weeds can easily puncture its surface, so you'll need a Manassas patio repair.


This is, by far, the most requested for patio repair; Manassas, VA homeowners seem to admire a concrete patio the most as it's super durable, easy to maintain as it's composed of a solid surface, and inexpensive to install as you don't need to shell out cash for individual stone, brick or tile materials. It also showcases a streamlined aesthetic appeal for a backyard patio. The only drawback is that because of the thick nature of concrete, it can take less than a couple of weeks for the concrete to fully cure and harden after a patio repair. Manassas homeowners must note concrete is a porous material, so it's vulnerable to dents and stains if it's not resealed occasionally. If not, the concrete surface will become discolored and deteriorate.


A paving stone is made up of natural stone, brick, or tile materials and is made up of individualized units. Compared to the bulkiness of a concrete slab, its appearance looks more picturesque for exterior and outdoor flooring. Mostly, pavers are durable, inexpensive, and easy to maintain and won't stifle the natural ground underneath, nor is a paver likely to expand and contract. As a result, you have room to experiment with aesthetic design and can opt for different patterns and styles for patios, driveways, and walkways. The only drawback is that because a paver-based patio is composed of individual pieces, it has numerous loopholes or joints which need to be filled with sand to set and finish the surface for installation. Over time, you need to follow up and replenish the sand to prevent weeds from piercing through the joints and causing a disruption. Keep reading below to learn more about the different types of pavers.


Brick adds a rustic appeal to your outdoor living areas and makes your patio more charming. The brick is durable and can handle fluctuating weather conditions and temperatures. It's another low-maintenance material, and due to its textured surface, you won't accidentally slip or skid on it if it ever becomes wet. Plus, if you're into living a sustainable lifestyle, brick is a more eco-friendly option compared to its concrete counterpart, which is not organic. But the only thing to be mindful of is that brick is not foolproof and can still chip, crack and fade away.


Tile is a more exquisite choice and makes your patio appear more refined, especially if it's made of porcelain or ceramic, as it's durable, easy to maintain, and non-porous, so it can be cleaned of any dirty stains. Plus, a tile patio can withstand fluctuating temperatures regardless of if it's scorching hot or icy cold and won't crack as a result. Moreover, a tile patio is waterproof, and so does not easily absorb water; plus, it's resistant to chemical cleaners such as soapy detergent if you plan to clean it regularly. The only drawbacks are that tile can be difficult to install given the individual portions, as each tile piece needs to be specifically positioned. Plus, if a tile surface happens to be doused by water during the next rainfall, it can get slippery and become a possible safety hazard. If you happen to reside in a rainy destination, materials like ceramic are not recommended, as they tend to absorb moisture, making them susceptible to damage and mold growth.

Natural Cut Stone

If you are into organic living, natural stone is an alternative option as it's most durable and withstands fluctuating temperatures, and is mostly hands-off for maintenance as it does not require a coat of paint or any oiling. Since ancient times stone structures have still been standing around, giving proof that this is a quality material. The only drawbacks are that natural stone being made of organic material can deteriorate, such as discoloration, if exposed to acidic environments. So if you tend to use your patio for dining and eating meals, any food and drink leftovers (i.e., fruit juice, sauces, dressings, etc.) that splash onto its surface will wear the natural stone away, resulting in an eventual Manassas patio repair. Plus, we don't suggest you use any chemical cleaners, including detergents, as this can also erode the stone's surface.

Why Mr. Handyman Is The Best Choice For Patio Repair in Manassas, VA

A patio is a great addition to your humble abode if it's properly maintained. Of course, even those of you who are extra vigilant about preventative maintenance may need the occasional touch-up through a Manassas patio repair. Remember, this is an outdoor living space for you to rest in during your much-needed downtime, so don't forgo any patio repair. Manassas, VA, residents will find that our trustworthy team members are competent to do a thorough job the first time around and never leave a patio repair half finished. Nobody wants to situate their tail-end on a bumpy and uneven patio surface, making their back and neck ache due to dismal body posture. Also, a Manassas patio is a win-win solution–not only do you benefit from a smooth and intact patio surface, but you also boost your home's property resale value.

Frequently Asked Questions About Patio Repair in Manassas, VA

How Do You Best Maintain an Outdoor Patio?

  • Sweep off and mop any accumulated debris, including dirt and dust
  • Seal any pavers
  • Spot clean stubborn stains using a combination of baking soda and vinegar
  • Replace broken and stained pavers
  • Soft pressure wash patio surface to remove any muck
  • Resend where necessary
  • Whack weeds without using a toxic and chemical herbicide

Does A Patio Need Drainage?

Yes–even if it's somewhat subtle, all patios need adequate and proper drainage to slough off any excess water from precipitation, including heavy rainfall and snowmelt. If not, your patio can get flooded, resulting in costly and permanent water and moisture damage. And so drainage is mandatory to both help preserve your patio and protect its structural integrity.

Should A Patio Be Perfectly Level?

The general idea is that you want your patio to be mostly level rather than exact, as you need a subtle slope to allow rainwater to drain from your patio into the surrounding soil. We recommend a 1/8th inch slope per foot length of the patio, which should suffice for enough water drainage.

Kick Back And Relax After a Patio Repair in Manassas, VA! Mr. Handyman Will Restore Your Quad To Original Condition!

Mr. Handyman wants you to sit back and recline on a delightful patio to enjoy fine wine and dine without having to worry about if our patio is stabilized. Go ahead and reach out to one of our friendly customer service representatives, who will gladly book a service appointment for your Manassas patio repair, as they can address your comments, questions, and concerns. 

Besides patio repair, Manassas residents can also inquire about our other exterior residential and commercial services, from deck maintenance to fence replacement and exterior trim repair. We anticipate your call as one of our personnel is on standby, eager to serve you!
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