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Every homeowner needs some downtime at home. This can easily be achieved and enhanced when you have a comfortable and safe outdoor living space, such as a backyard deck. As a slightly elevated space, you get a wonderful view of your landscaping and can keep a better eye on your playing kids and pets. Whether you built the entire deck yourself or had a team of qualified deck installers do it for you, it’s a good way to add property value to your home. But all types of exterior structures require preventative maintenance to remain in good condition. Otherwise, weather damage and wear and tear can result in costly repairs. If winter has been unkind, and you find that your wood deck is taking longer to dry or it has suffered from drainage issues, you’re probably due for some deck repair. Manassas, VA residents can rely on the local pros at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia – Arlington to Haymarket to handle it like experts!

Contact us today at (703) 621-4817 to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service staff. We’ll help you schedule a convenient appointment with a professional Manassas handyman who will bring the skills and experience to properly handle your deck restoration! Your struggle to find a reputable deck repair near me service ends today!

What Deck Repair, Manassas VA Includes:

Your outdoor space is a sacred place because you get to be outside and call it a part of your property. Unlike porches, decks provide you with a lot more privacy. But safety still comes first! When in need of a deck repair, Manassas, VA homeowners want to work with service professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable. Our qualified deck restoration team is capable of handling any job you throw at them. It will take them minutes during an inspection to provide you with a detailed diagnosis that includes underlying issues that you need to address.

Types of Deck Materials We Work With

There is a wide range of quality materials used to build one’s dream deck. Although they are quality products, they come with different characteristics and maintenance needs. Choosing the right one highly depends on how much time and money you’re willing to spend to invest in maintenance.

  • Pressure-treated lumber: Pre-treated wood means that it was injected with preservatives to become moisture- and bug-resistant. But it’s important to note that it is not entirely rot-proof. Pressure-treated wood consists of a mix of spruce, fir, and pine, and it is widely available in hardware stores.
  • Cedar wood: Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture and provides incredible aesthetics thanks to its reddish hues, while some are yellow-gold. Although it’s not required to seal the surface of cedar, it is highly recommended if you want to maintain its shine. Cedar decks need periodic maintenance that includes sanding, filling small cracks, and sealing or staining.
  • Composite: Composite decks have become more popular than ever because it’s low-maintenance and highly durable. Though it may resemble wood only mildly, it is made of wood fibers and synthetic materials. It’s extremely water-resistant and can last for over 30 years.
  • Vinyl: If you want to go full-on synthetic, vinyl is your best option. It’s made of high-quality PVC layers and thermoplastic reinforcing fibers that provide unique colors. Though highly resilient and durable, you just won’t get that natural look of wood.   

Common Issues We Handle During Deck Repair | Manassas, VA

It always takes a detailed inspection to address the root cause of any visible issues. We always provide a full diagnosis of our findings and offer the best option for deck repair. Manassas, VA homeowners can expect our handyman professionals to complete the following:

  • We effectively handle surface damage caused by direct sunlight. The process may involve using paint, stain, or varnish to re-create the protective barrier.  
  • Refasten loose boards by switching out corroded hardware like screws, nails, and brackets.
  • Replace rotted deck boards.
  • Repair wobbly railings due to loosened railing posts. We’ll ensure all screws and bolts are healthy and secure.
  • If there is pooling water or eroded soil around your concrete deck footings, we’ll help fix your draining issues.
  • In the event of water damage to deck stair stringers, our deck restoration experts will cut new stringer and tread materials to maintain the safety and structural integrity of your stairs.
  • If you experience termite damage, it is important to act fast before they spread and cause irreversible damage. Wherever they have already shed skin or laid eggs, all must be removed and replaced.

During any kind of deck repair, Manassas, VA service professionals are detail-oriented. We don’t just repair the surface without checking what might be lurking underneath. And when you’re affected by water damage, we don’t just check the ground; instead, we look up at your rain gutters to see if you have a leak. Gutter services are often overlooked when dealing with exterior drainage problems. All that could have a negative effect on your wooden deck.

Moreover, our local pros follow a specific procedure when hired for deck repairs. Manassas, VA homeowners benefit from a no-obligation inspection, followed by:

  • Pressure washing: Although this should be a part of your regular maintenance, it is also necessary prior to a repair or deck restoration service. Any type of exterior structure collects dirt and grime that contains bacteria or even promotes bacterial growth. Next, you’re dealing with mildew growth and allergens. All that is eliminated with high-pressure water jets. The benefits of using a pressure washer are that you’ll be able to enjoy a cleaner outdoor space. Furthermore, it helps prepare the surface for repairs and resealing.
  • Sealing/staining: Whatever type of deck stain or sealant you use, it typically lasts no longer than three years until it needs to be reapplied. This also includes any type of painting job that you choose. Periodic resurfacing services are key to preventing early damage. When in need of expert maintenance and deck repairs, Manassas, VA homeowners can count on us to deliver an excellent job.

The Mr. Handyman Difference For Deck Repair Manassas, VA

As one of North America’s most prominent home service franchises, Mr. Handyman proudly provides American and Canadian property owners with top-rated maintenance, repair, and improvement services. Not only do we provide excellent workmanship that guarantees customer satisfaction, but we are also committed to making a difference in our local communities. Every service location is a locally owned and operated business.

Our expert team at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia – Arlington to Haymarket is aware of common problems that residential and commercial property owners face and are always ready to address those pain points effectively. Whether you need a door repair, deck maintenance, or deck repair, Manassas, VA service professionals at Mr. Handyman can do it all. Indoor and outdoor repairs are our expertise, and we’ll do all in our power to reach complete satisfaction. 

FAQs About Our Deck Restoration Service

What’s the Average Cost of A Deck Repair?

Manassas, VA handyman professionals typically charge by the project scope, which is why the costs vary. For example, replacing rotted deck boards would cost more than using epoxy wood filler to fix cracks and holes. Another important factor is where the damage is located. If there is rot in the framing, such as a rotting joist or bridging, our deck restoration team will need to install reinforcing sistering materials to help recover your deck’s structural integrity. For more information on cost guides, feel free to give us a call at (703) 621-4817!

Is Composite Decking Worth The Investment? Does It Ever Need Repair?

It is worth the investment if you prefer low-maintenance and little to no deck repairs. Manassas, VA homeowners who switch over to a composite deck should still keep in mind that damage could still occur below the structure where water drains. Occasionally inspecting the concrete footings and sturdiness of the posts is highly recommended. Besides that, composite boards can suffer from impact damage, scratches, and surface marks. These are easily repaired with epoxy fillers or wax. Feel free to hire Mr. Handyman for routine inspections!

What Is A Z-Flashing, and Is It Useful?

Any type of flashing is designed to effectively and safely redirect rainwater away from your property without damaging any nearby structures. Thus, when you hire a deck builder, make sure that they’re aware of the importance of a Z-flashing installation. It is a piece of galvanized steel that is installed above the horizontal trim boards. It’s used in various areas outside your home, such as on the top of your exterior window frame and behind the joints of your siding layer. 

Here, a Z-flashing is installed over your deck’s ledger board—the wooden board holding the entire deck against your house. The Z-flashing is a protective barrier that directs water away from the unit. If you’re not sure whether you have one, we’ll be happy to check for you during your next deck repair service.

Let Mr. Handyman Help You Stay on Top With Your Deck Repairs, Manassas, VA!

Whatever deck project you have for the pros at Mr. Handyman, we are here to restore your outdoor living space! If you need us to safely replace a deck board or even help you choose a new deck, we’ll be more than happy to assist!

Whether you’re in Manassas or a surrounding area, such as County Center, Woodbridge, or Sudley, call us today at (703) 621-4817! Book a convenient appointment with one of our experienced deck restoration specialists or inquire more about our other popular handyman services!

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