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A home’s rooftop is a carefully constructed and interconnected system of everything from the shingles and tiles to the underlayment, drip edge, flashing, and more which altogether are carefully attached to one another to create a durable dome for your everyday shelter. A fascia board, specifically, is situated vertically on the sides of your house’s roof overhang and rain gutter, allowing for a neat and tidy aesthetic appearance. But besides serving as a showpiece or decorative purpose of sorts, fascia deters permanent and costly water and moisture damage by blocking and reshuffling any scathing precipitation, including heavy amounts of rainfall, snowmelt from blizzards, icy hail shards, and subtropical windstorms well away from the outskirts of your house. As a result, a fascia board helps to readily ward off excessive moisture from your rooftop, redirecting any incoming water away from your home. If anything, fascia boards are a necessity as they ensure adequate water drainage and provide backup support to your gutter’s troughs. However, when you deal with a broken fascia, you will need professional fascia repair. Manassas residents must note that hiring an accredited home improvement services provider is crucial. Plus, there are numerous benefits to fixing your fascia boards.

When hiring your local Manassas handyman from Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket, you’ll be able to protect your roofline from harsh weather elements, prevent pests, and also improve your indoor airflow. At times Manassas homeowners become complacent and allow their fascia to fall into disrepair. Normally a fascia board rapidly deteriorates due to a lack of proper upkeep, including routine maintenance through an annual professional inspection and cleaning of any accumulated debris, which otherwise results in a nasty clog. Another common reason for a badly damaged fascia is an improper installation from a sketchy contractor, including the incorrect placement of the drip edges and gutters, which must be positioned correctly and aligned to your roofline to properly redirect excessive rainwater into the downspout outlet. As a result, the water is expelled to a designated spot well away from your home’s foundation. By default, if your gutter system is old, worn out, and leaky, it will cause extra moisture to trickle into the fascia board, which will result in rot and decay.

If you’ve noticed that your fascia boards have fallen into disrepair and showcase signs of damage from hairline cracks, splits, peeling paint, water streaks or stains, brittle or crumbling and softened texture, wood rot, leaking, clogged or sagging gutters—then, it’s obvious that you need a fascia repair. Manassas, VA, homeowners must not procrastinate in restoring their rooftops to shipshape condition. Not only is a broken fascia board an unsightly eyesore, but you are also sacrificing the structural integrity of your entire roof. Your home’s roof will no longer be shielded from incoming water infiltration. No responsible homeowner should risk their safety from an unstable rooftop by opting for a standard Manassas fascia repair service. Put your trust in the local experts at Mr. Handyman to restore your home’s balance and keep you dry inside.

Mr. Handyman technician outside of Manassas home to provide fascia repair services.

About Our Manassas Fascia Repair Services

Since 2008 we have upheld the Mr. Handyman mantra of always being a safe, guaranteed solution to your home repair and maintenance. Homeowners can expect our expert and roof mechanic team members to be trained to the utmost highest standards for roofing construction, including repairs, replacements, and maintenance services. Mr. Handyman is a local women and veteran owned and operated business. We boast a phenomenal track record for residential and commercial home improvement and property improvement services. Atop this, we always advocate for our clientele by genuinely listening to their pain points and offering authentic and long-lasting solutions for fascia repair in Manassas, VA. Property owners who are planning to upgrade their roofs due to a recent disastrous hailstorm might as well update their fascia boards also. For those of you worried about a professional contractor overcharging you for labor and materials, please note that we only offer transparent, upfront pricing as we’re not in the business of false advertising and upselling you a product or service. In fact, for your satisfaction guaranteed, we offer a one-year parts and labor warranty, so if your fascia boards somehow collapse, we will return and make the appropriate adjustments you need.

How Mr. Handyman Approaches A Fascia Repair In Manassas

By defending your rooftop from scathing local weather conditions, you can readily preserve the longevity of your fascia boards. Opting for a specific material based on your personal preference and budget will determine the effort you need to undertake towards routine maintenance, as certain materials deteriorate faster than others based on exposure to temperatures and pressure.


The most popular types of wood used for fascia boards include spruce, pine, and fir, and to a lesser extent, cedar and redwood. Wood has a classic and rustic appeal, is durable, and, although an expensive option, is fairly resistant to fluctuating temperatures. But the only drawback is that wood is not waterproof, but rather moisture absorbent and needs extra maintenance by being occasionally stained and painted to prevent wood rot. Plus, being a natural and organic material, wood is still susceptible to insect invasion and termites and is not resistant to fire. 


Made of plastic, this type of fascia material is generic and a safe choice as it’s inexpensive, easy to install, and requires the least amount of maintenance. Because it bodes well in moisture-prone areas, it won’t ever rot or rust over from excessive water damage as it’s more of a waterproof material. Moreover, a PVC fascia board can be custom-tailored as there is a diverse palette of colors, so you have more room to experiment with aesthetic design. The only downside is that despite being an artificial and man-made material, PVC is not foolproof and is susceptible to discoloring if exposed to direct sunlight. Also, the material does not do well against heavy pressure and can dent if pelted with piercing hail shards.

Fiber Cement

A fiber cement-based fascia showcases a streamlined appearance and can accommodate most roofing structures. It’s super durable and has lesser maintenance costs as it’s not vulnerable to water and moisture damage, including any cracks or splits. Fiber cement can withstand both fluctuating temperatures and heavy amounts of pressure from precipitation as it’s more robust in nature. Plus, it will ward off any pesky pests! But keep in mind that it’s difficult to install, and it’s not indestructible, so you may still need a fascia repair in Manassas, VA.


Aluminum fascia is another commonplace option for most Manassas homeowners. It’s yet another durable material that doesn’t easily fracture, bend, or warp when exposed to fluctuating temperatures and can also withstand varying pressure levels. Plus, it’s fire-resistant, doesn’t attract pests, and requires slightly less maintenance compared to other fascia materials. But of course, it still requires a little bit of maintenance as a regular pressure washing service to clear away any lingering residue such as moss, algae, mold, and mildew as this chore will reduce the likelihood of discoloration cropping up, which can result in permanent staining.

Why Mr. Handyman Is The Best Choice For Fascia Repair

If your home’s gutter system is the shield for your rooftop, then its adjacent fascia boards are the very armor that safeguards your roof’s rafters. So one cannot simply be without the other. As the frontline defense for your humble abode, it’s essential that your fascia is intact, and if not, don’t be complacent and ask for an expert fascia repair. Manassas, VA, residents can expect one of our uniformed and prompt service professionals to be dispatched as soon as you give us a holler. We can even accommodate your busy and flexible schedule, including any last-minute requests. And, of course, we will clean up after ourselves at the end of each work shift by disposing of the debris at the proper facilities.

FAQs About Fascia Repair in Manassas, VA

What Is Fascia, and How Does It Protect Your Roof’s Rafters?

If you are adamant about preventive maintenance, such as refurbishing your rooftop components by soft pressure washing them occasionally to clear away any muck whilst adding a fresh coat of paint, you’ll likely need some fascia repair in Manassas, VA. However, you may find you need a minor tweak of any loose nuts and bolts as a fascia board installation outlasts your house about a decade before it begins to get worn out. If anything, upgrading your exterior trim boards will improve your indoor air quality and air circulation by serving as backup support to your home’s soffits. Similar in nature to fascia, a soffit is responsible for thwarting extra moisture that would otherwise invade your home’s attic and result in mold and mildew growth. Plus, in conjunction with the roof’s drip edge or flashing the fascia board alongside the soffit will prevent any excessive rainfall from remaining inside the gutters by dispelling it to the gutter’s downspout outlet to the outskirts of your home.

After one of our roofing professionals has been dispatched for your service appointment, they will initially conduct a thorough inspection of your roofline to ensure it’s in good condition for any further Manassas fascia repairs. If that’s not the case, we will proceed to make any quick fixes for subsurface damages before we perform any extensive fascia repair. Manassas clients must understand that it’s important to fix any sagging trough from a clogged gutter, as this will interfere with the full functioning of the soffit and fascia boards. As a result, your tactile roofing service professional may need to retighten the fascia by nailing in the rafters or plugging up any seams. This will allow them to, for example, replace the rotten wooden fascia board with a new PVC plastic one. Oftentimes too, if the wood rot on your old and outdated fascia boards is too widespread, a minor Manassas fascia repair just won’t do. Usually, repairs for rotted wood through a wood epoxy filler or patch are only for surface-level damages. After we’ve assessed your roofline and made the necessary preparations, we can recommend the best course of action for a fascia repair in Manassas, VA. Sometimes, a roofline’s components are no longer salvageable, and they may need a fascia replacement instead. If a Manassas fascia repair is possible, our agile roofing professional will detach your soffit boards alongside the gutter troughs, drip edge, suit brackets, and bolts to fully access the fascia board.

Should Fascia Boards Be Sealed?

Yes–it’s essential that you seal and plug up any gaps in your fascia boards to prevent invading insects and rodents from taking refuge inside your roofing components and making them a temporary and habitable breeding ground. These curious critters are sneaky as they can later access the inside of your house just by squeezing through gaps in your fascia and even begin gnawing and chewing at the material itself. As a result, you may need a Manassas fascia repair sometime soon.

Can You Replace Fascia Board Without Removing Gutters?

No–you must temporarily remove the rain gutters before proceeding with any fascia repairs or installations, as both portions are interconnected and attached.

How Long Does It Take To Install Fascia?

For most fascia repairs, Manassas clients should expect to take about half a day to a full day of a standard business day for a house with lesser square footage. And up to a few days for a house with higher square footage of about 1,200 square feet and more, especially if it has any awkward grooves or curved edges.

Mr. Handyman Will Guard Your Roofline With Fascia Repair in Manassas–Reach Out Now!

A fascia will further bolster the canopy of your home as it serves as a useful safety mechanism. If your fascia looks shabby, be sure to depend on a trustworthy service professional from Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket for a fascia repair in Manassas, VA. If you are curious about other exterior residential and commercial remodeling services such as soffit repair, gutter installation, or siding replacement, inquire about these from one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives on standby who are awaiting your response and sincerely hope to be of assistance to the best of their abilities.

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