These 6 Reasons Are Why You Need Gutter Repair

Rusty, broken gutters in need of gutter repair service.

Your gutter system is an important part of your home's exterior. They're designed to safely remove rainwater from your property, so it does not cause water damage. The bane of many NoVA homeowners' existence, water damage creates a slew of other problems that may require more serious—and expensive—Northern Virginia gutter repair solutions

For example, if they are not working properly, water will spill over their edge or fall down the side of your home. This could lead to issues with rot, soil erosion, and even flooding. Pooling water could seep into your basement, causing mold spores to develop and spread.

Although your home's drainage system is built to withstand the elements in Northern Virginia—after all, it is on the outside of your home—as time goes by it may need a little TLC to stay in its best condition. To help keep it working as well as possible, you should hire Northern Virginia gutter repair services at the first sign of trouble.

Are you wondering what indicates a need for gutter repair services? Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket has your answers. Not only do we serve our community with exceptional handyman services, but we also provide great insight and advice for local Northern Virginia property owners, including info about six signs you might need Northern Virginia gutter repair service.

1. Leaks

A leak anywhere in your home is not a good sign, and that includes your roofline. If not dealt with immediately, a small leak can become a major problem. There are a couple of reasons why you might have a leak in Northern Virginia:

  • Loose Fasteners: Sometimes the hangers and screws that hold your gutter can pop out of place. This could create a leak, but it also might make the bracket fall off your fascia. Fascia is the board along your home's overhang that supports this system.

  • Cracks and Holes: These may develop in old or rusted pipes. They could also be caused by wear along the fasteners, or by pests like rodents. Drops of water falling from even the smallest hole could create serious problems if left unaddressed.

2. Improper Slope

It's not likely that you've given much thought to the slope of your gutters, but since they operate on the basis of gravity, slope is actually very important. The slope is imperative for the overall functioning of the system. If sloped incorrectly, you may face some serious issues.

Also called pitch, this is how much the pipes slant downward to direct the water flow. If positioned improperly, water will pool and spill over the sides. This will in turn cause serious water damage to your lawn and house.

3. Joint Separation

When your gutters are not cleaned promptly, this causes them to become very heavy. The heavier they are, the more strain is put on the system's joints and brackets. This could cause the joints and brackets to separate over time—possibly even falling off entirely.

4. Poor Downspout Drainage

Downspouts also need to be directed at a specific angle, so water flows correctly. If your downspouts are located too close to your home, water may pool at your home's base. This could cause structural problems with your foundation, and even flood your basement.

Downspout runoffs should be installed several feet away from homes in Northern Virginia. A minimum of 4 feet is required for proper drainage. However, if you have the space, 6 feet is better. If your downspouts are incorrectly installed or damaged, be sure to address the issue with repairs before it causes other problems.

5. Plant Growth

Pooling water, debris, seeds, and animal droppings in your gutters may cause plants to grow. Although gardens are lovely throughout your property, they are the last thing you want in your gutters! In fact, that vegetation can weigh down your gutters. This will cause the joints to separate, brackets to break, and the entire system to be clogged.

Also, vegetation and standing water encourage pests to set up shop in your drainage system. In particular, mosquitoes love to breed in standing water. If you notice a swarm of these pesky blood-suckers, it's time to hire a gutter cleaning service!

6. Clogs

Clogs are the nemesis of Northern Virginia gutters. Not only do clogs cause a series of problems, but they are certain to get worse if left to their own devices. Clearing clogs will prevent them from causing damage or issues that need more serious repairs. Common issues caused by clogs include:

  • Flooding basements
  • Mold in attic
  • Stains on siding
  • Wood rot in fascia from water spillage
  • Broken brackets
  • Pests and bugs
  • Erosion of lawn, garden, or paving stones
  • Cracks in your home's foundation

How to Prevent Future Problems

The only way to protect your home from serious water damage because of issues with your drainage system is through scheduling regular cleaning appointments. Gutter cleaning is not the most enjoyable chore for homeowners in Northern Virginia—indeed, it can be outright dangerous if you're not accustomed to using a ladder. However, it's an important one nonetheless. Cleaning is the most basic kind of repair service.

You should hire a Northern Virginia gutter cleaning service at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. The changing seasons tend to be a time when dirt, grass, leaves, twigs, animal nests, and even trash accumulate in the system. By scheduling cleanings twice a year in Northern Virginia, you prevent clogs, plant growth, and the risk that the pipes may become too heavy—which could cause damage. During the cleaning service, an expert technician will also be able to check the system for signs of wear. This may help you know whether or not you need to hire gutter repair or installation services.

Understandably, you may not want to spend your Saturday on gutter repairs or cleaning. The good news is, our team at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket is more than happy to tackle this task for you. We can double-check that there are no problems with your gutters and repair any issues we spot.

Pro Tip:

If you live in the woods, near a forest, or have trees on or next to your property, you may need more frequent gutter repair services or cleaning appointments. Also, it's common for Northern Virginia storms to blow extra leaves and debris into the system. After a serious storm, it's worthwhile to take a look through your property for signs of damage and note if you need to schedule a cleaning or repair appointment.

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