It's common in North Oklahoma City for most homes to feature at least some masonry work, whether it's brick siding, a stone patio, a beautiful cobblestone fireplace or another type of indoor or outdoor brick or stone installation. These durable materials are attractive and built to last, but that doesn't mean they'll stay solid forever without the occasional masonry repair. OKC homeowners and commercial property owners can rely on the North Oklahoma City handyman experts at Mr. Handyman to restore stone and brick surfaces to their former glory.  

If you've noticed problems such as crumbling mortar or compacted bricks, the expert team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond can help. We have years of combined experience with brick and stone masonry repair. Oklahoma City residents can rely on our handyman professionals to take care of a wide range of problems and get masonry surfaces functioning and looking their best again.

Our Expert Repair Services for Masonry in Oklahoma City

The word "masonry" is typically used in two different ways. It can be defined as using individual units that are laid in and bound together with mortar to create surfaces and structures. Examples of masonry include chimneys, walls, driveways, walkways, exterior stairs, fireplaces, mailboxes and patios. However, the word can also be used to refer to the units themselves, which are individual pieces of brick, stone or concrete pavers.

Masonry walls, patios and other structures can seem like they'll always be there, and to be fair, that's not totally impossible—after all, the Roman Colosseum is still standing after nearly 2,000 years. But your brick wall and stone fireplace aren't going to last that long unless you maintain them over the years and invest in necessary masonry repair. OKC homeowners aren't always sure what the signs of trouble are or where to turn when they need a masonry contractor in Oklahoma City. 

When it's time for masonry repair, OKC residents can count on our local handyman experts to take care of a wide range of issues, whether your mailbox was hit by a car or you've noticed some troubling signs of damage on your brick siding. Our masonry repair services include finding solutions for the following masonry problems.  

Crumbling Mortar

There's no doubt that mortar is the least durable and long-lasting part of any masonry installation, so it's fairly common for mortar joints to crack or crumble apart. When that happens, there's no longer sufficient support for the stones and bricks, and they suffer damage caused by grinding against each other or just come loose and fall out if neglected long enough. If you have a stone or brick wall, you can expect to call a masonry contractor in OKC for mortar repair every 15 years or so. The length of time may be a few years longer or shorter depending on the level of exposure to damaging elements.   

Broken or Loose Stone, Pavers or Bricks

If you see cracks in pavers, stones or bricks, the units are missing chunks, or they've come loose from the installation because the mortar is gone, the damaged units will need to be replaced by a handyman who is experienced with masonry repair in OKC. While masonry installations are made up of many individual units, it's their combined strength that makes for a solid, durable structure. That means it only takes one weak link to cause serious problems such as structural instability.

Frost Boil

As brick and mortar deteriorate, moisture can seep in behind them and into the backing, causing it to swell and put pressure on the bricks until they bulge outward or cave inward. This is particularly a problem in cold weather because the freeze and thaw cycle creates more movement as the water expands and contracts. To solve this issue, your OKC handyman will need to remove the bricks that have been affected by frost boil, address the water damage to the backing material, and install a section of replacement to restore stability with masonry repair in Oklahoma City. 

Compacted Bricks

Individual bricks can lose their shape from being compressed by excess weight. That causes them to lose height and shape, compromising the integrity and strength of the entire structure or surface. It's important that compressed bricks are removed and replaced with new, intact bricks before they start a chain reaction and cause other bricks to compact or break.


Have you noticed chips on the surface of your bricks or concrete pavers? That is referred to as spalling, and while it can occur with bricks, a concrete masonry unit failure is the far more common scenario. Spalling occurs when concrete delaminates from the substrate underneath. It can happen for a number of reasons, but the most typical cause is that the embedded steel reinforcement canes or other steel components that are embedded in the concrete have suffered corrosion. If that's the case, the affected parts will need to be replaced for an effective masonry repair in OKC. 

Choose Mr. Handyman for Reliable Masonry Repair in OKC

Your masonry surfaces and structures are appealing, functional parts of your residential or commercial property, so it's important to keep them in good shape by investing in necessary masonry repair. OKC homeowners and business owners can rely on the masons at Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond for safe, correctly done masonry repair that will stand the test of time. 

Of course, we do much more than just masonry repair. Oklahoma City residents can also count on us to deliver a wide range of handyman services, including drywall repair, tile installation, ceiling fan installation, pressure and power washing, fence repair, deck repair and much more. Give us a call today to chat with our friendly customer care staff and find out more about what we can do to enhance your property with repair, maintenance, improvement and installation services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Masonry Repair, OKC and Area

What Causes the Type of Damage that Requires Masonry Repair in OKC?

As dependable and strong as masonry units and structures are, they can sometimes suffer damage and require masonry repair. OKC properties generally suffer masonry issues that are caused by excessive moisture exposure. Common causes of damage include:

  • Freeze-and-Thaw Cycle: When groundwater freezes in the winter, it expands and constricts around buried masonry components. That can cause freeze-and-thaw cycle damage such as cracked and crumbling mortar, frost boil and heaving stones.
  • Building Settling: It's actually normal for buildings to shift and settle over the years, and because masonry units and mortar are rigid, that movement can lead to problems such as cracked concrete or crumbling mortar. 
  • Vegetation Growth: If there are a lot of bushes and trees near your masonry, they're constantly dripping water from wet leaves and that can encourage the growth of mildew and mold on mortar or slippery algae on patio surfaces. The best way to prevent this from happening is to trim branches so they're at least a few feet away from your masonry structures and surfaces.
  • Damage From Vehicle Impact: This isn't all that common, but it certainly does happen. The typical victims are brick mailboxes and brick or stone garden walls since they're likely to be close to the road and, therefore, vulnerable to vehicles that have jumped the curb.
  • Overflowing Gutters: If you have clogged or broken rain gutters, all the rainwater that falls on your roof will spill over the edge of the gutters and land on whatever is below. That causes major issues that can range from damaged concrete footings to cracked foundations and will wreak havoc on masonry such as siding and walkways. If you don't have the time or ability to take care of regular gutter cleaning, our reliable OKC handyman team can handle it for you.

How Often Does Mortar Need to Be Repaired?

The truth is, mortar doesn't last anywhere near as long as pavers, bricks or stones, so it needs to be replaced much more frequently than masonry units using a process called repointing. Your masonry contractor in OKC will take care of repointing by removing the damaged mortar remnants and replacing them with new mortar while leaving the masonry units in place. It's not at all unusual for mortars to eventually suffer damage and need repointing, which is generally required at least once every 20 years or so. It may be necessary more frequently than that if the masonry structure or surface is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Do You Need Masonry Repair? OKC Residents Can Count On the Pros at Mr. Handyman

If you've seen some signs that indicate you need masonry repair in Oklahoma City or nearby areas such as Piedmont, Yukon or Nichol Hills, just pick up the phone and call the experienced team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond to schedule a service appointment at a convenient time. We look forward to the opportunity to show you why we're considered OKC's best choice for trusted handyman services.

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