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Keep your outdoor living space looking beautiful for many years. Making time for updates, maintenance, and repairs will help to ensure that your home is safe, attractive, and has a great curb appeal.

It is nice to have a beautiful outdoor space where you can entertain friends and family and relax in the sun, but weather and everyday wear and tear can cause damage over time. Keep it up so you can continue to enjoy your time outside.

To help keep your space looking and functioning at its best, the team at Mr. Handyman offers professional patio and deck repair in Chicago Ridge and the surrounding areas.

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How to Tell if Your Deck Needs Repairs

When you need a handyman in Chicago Ridge, make sure he fixes all of your deck's problems. Take the time to inspect any signs of damage before hiring someone, even if it requires more than a cursory glance. While missing boards and shaky railings are obvious, other issues may necessitate further investigation. You may increase the value of your repair service by going above and beyond.

Stains & Blemishes

Examine your decks and outdoor furniture for stains, flaws, dents, and chipping. They may initially appear to be minor cosmetic issues, but if ignored, they can lead to more serious issues such as rot, mold, and water damage. While most stains can be removed by sanding or using warm water and soap, dents and chips may necessitate replacement. Maintaining the aesthetic of your property over time can be accomplished by staying on top of repairs.

Broken Boards

Repairs are obviously required if the planks on your deck are damaged. The primary causes of decking aging are weather, rotten wood, wear and strain, and temperature variations. To avoid injuries, any broken boards must be replaced right away.

Pro Tip:

Boards that are split down the middle are likely to break soon. Avoid stepping on cracked boards and replace them as soon as possible.

Loose Nails & Screws

Examine your deck for any exposed screws or nails to ensure its safety. If you notice any rust or corrosion, it is best to replace any old fasteners with new ones because rust or corrosion can reduce a nail's ability to hold onto wood. Maintain a safe environment because small children and animals are especially vulnerable to unexpected hazards such as unsecured boards, poles, or railings. While rising nails can be removed with a hammer, replacing corroded parts prioritizes safety.

Wobbly Railings

On your deck railings, look for signs of loosened connections. If you grab and shake them, the fasteners will come loose and will need to be repaired right away. This could be the result of a loose screw or nail, or it could be the result of wood rot. Check any railings that could pose a safety hazard again to ensure that you, your family, and guests can enjoy your deck safely.

Wood Rot

Moisture can wreak havoc on any type of wood, including treated wood. It will not be long before wood rot sets in. On forest floors, a microscopic fungus known as wood rot decomposes fallen wood. This is quite normal, despite the fact that it cares nothing about who it harms and will eat away at your wooden structures. If you want to regularly inspect your deck for wood rot, look for the following signs:  

  • Splintering, crumbling wood
  • Discolored patches in yellow or white
  • Soft areas; if you can press a screwdriver into it, you have wood rot

Pro Tip:

Look under hard-to-reach areas with a flashlight. In general, rot spores appear first in patches that do not receive a lot of sunlight, so inspect the underside for damage.

How to Prevent Deck Repairs

Preventative maintenance, especially in your outdoor living space, may save you time and money. Keep an eye out for any changes or signs of injury that require attention, as prevention is always preferable to cure. Early detection of problems will keep your deck safe for your family, yourself, and guests to use.

Routine Inspection & Maintenance

You should inspect your property for signs of damage at least twice a year. In addition, now is an excellent time to perform any seasonal maintenance, such as cleaning your deck, patio, or porch. Consider hiring Mr. Handyman's experts for the following tasks:

  • Deck cleaning; including sweeping and pressure washing
  • Promptly replacing damaged, missing or rotted areas
  • Regularly move deck furniture and planters around
  • Fix damaged stains and paint right away

Regular Sealing

Your deck must be refinished on a regular basis. It should be done every two to three years to keep it looking good and prevent wear and injury. Painting or staining is usually done after a clear, UV-protective sealant has been applied. If you lack the time or expertise to handle this on your own, our team is always available to assist. Although it takes time, refinishing will protect your outdoor space for many years.

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