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As one of the most desirable places to live in Pinellas County, Largo offers young professionals, families, and retirees a combined urban/suburban vibe that is backed by a high number of parks, bars, and restaurants. Whether you work full-time or want to dedicate your free time to your hobbies, it's hard not to think about seasonal home maintenance tasks that may include inspection and minor repair jobs. Coastal life is a dream to most, but as soon as you know your climate better, you will know that certain precautions need to be taken to protect your property. With Largo handyman service from a local pro, you can get that maintenance done quickly and easily.

What if we told you that the exterior of your home in Largo requires special care to deal with the coastal air? You probably have durable siding, doors, and other materials that can handle severe weather conditions, but they will still require routine maintenance to stay healthy and in working condition. Preparing your home for the wet season or cleaning up afterward is crucial if you want to prevent any materials from deteriorating. Fortunately, you can rely on your local Largo handyman to detect any early signs of wear and tear and eliminate them immediately.

Your expert team at Mr. Handyman serving Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and Largo is here to help you keep all your seasonal maintenance work in check so that your property remains safe, functional, and comfortable. We are a locally-owned and operated business with the goal of providing you with excellent workmanship and dedicated customer service. We only hire certified service providers who have passed their criminal background check and drug screen, bringing many years of experience in delivering the WOW factor for home maintenance, repair, and improvement services that align with our customers' unique needs.

Crossing out maintenance tasks shouldn't be a one-person job, especially if you have a life to live and personal work to take care of. That said, all homes require repairs from time to time. That's why it's helpful to have a trusted handyman in Largo, Fl. We understand if you have had a negative experience in the past and have become wary of who you invite into your home, especially when not knowing if they meet any licensing requirements. You can rest easy knowing that our service professionals will arrive on time in their uniform and clearly marked van. You can count on our reliable handyman service—whether you need it for gutter cleaning, pressure washing, or another type of repairs or improvement project—to meet your expectations because we always will go above and beyond to ensure we meet our customers' needs with a positive attitude.


Due to the high level of salt in the air, most property owners in Largo steer clear of metal and wood for doors, opting for better alternatives instead. If you want your doors to reach their life expectancy with minimum maintenance, your local Largo handyman suggests fiberglass. It's made of compression-molded fiberglass and contains a strong core of polyurethane foam and glass-reinforced polymer, which serves as a perfect insulator. The exterior is typically made of composite, which is weather-resistant and highly durable. It's considered the best choice for salt air corrosion protection.

Need Largo Door Maintenance Tips for Your Wooden Door?

  • Refinish it every two to three years (using UV inhibitor if necessary)
  • Check metal parts like hinges, screws, latches, and throw bolts for corrosion. Replace them if necessary
  • Periodically clean it with mild soap and warm water
  • Book a routine inspection service with your handyman in Largo, Fl, to ensure you don't have wood rot, corrosion damage, or termite damage

How to Prepare for a New Door Installation:

  • Measure and level: Ensuring that your frame, wall, and door are completely straight and level is by far the most important part of your preparation.
  • Check the sill: Applying shims underneath will help make sure your floor is also level.
  • Adjust your door jamb: This ensures your door won’t be misaligned during installation.
  • Get plenty of shims: Wooden shims will help you hold your new door in place.
  • Hire a local Largo handyman: A local pro can assess the space where your installation will take place before you purchase your new door. Many types are readymade and cannot be trimmed or adjusted to fit non-standard sizes.

Are you ready to upgrade to a more energy-efficient front door? Every type has its pros and cons and other small details to look out for. You can count on your reputable handyman in Largo, FL, for a fast and hassle-free door installation service. We can even help with other related services like pet door installation and patio door repair.

A residential door before and after door installation has been completed by Mr. Handyman.


You may have heard that your siding serves as your house's armor or shield, designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and other external forces like your home settling. Due to Florida's sandy type of soil, it's not uncommon to experience frequent soil shifting. While these incidents occur naturally, they can lead to foundation cracks on your interior and exterior walls. Whether you have fiber cement, vinyl, brick veneer, composite siding, or a mix of several, you will benefit from our common handyman services like siding inspections and maintenance. During appointments for these services, we check for damage and confirm that your siding is in good condition.

If your siding’s performance has deteriorated due to age, you will notice increased energy bills because your walls will also be less effective in supporting your HVAC system. We can provide repairs and replacement services to help fix those problems, as well as a power washing service to help wash away damaging elements like salt, ocean sediment, and other pollutants. Repainting your fiber cement or vinyl siding can help recover your house's original looks and boost your home value too.

Signs You Need Siding Repair:

  • Gaps, cracks, and holes
  • Woot rot on wood siding or interior sheathing
  • Interior moisture damage
  • Warping and bulging vinyl siding
  • High energy bills

In the event of these types of damage, you'll need a licensed handyman in Largo, Fl, to get down to the root problem and offer fast repair options to restore your home's safety and structural integrity.


The main purpose of our maintenance services is to help homeowners in Largo take preventative measures that address early signs of deterioration. Whether you forgot to reseal your deck or have used non-compatible parts to build it, the consequences for failing to respond to deck repair warning signs could be drastic and require a full replacement if they're not dealt with immediately. If you're a wood lover and opted for pressure-treated wood or cedar, routine inspection, cleaning, and sealing are essential because the combination of UV rays and salt water will cause your timber's interior to crystallize and break—that's when deck boards already have cracks or other existing damage that allows these elements to access the interior.

Signs You Require Deck Repair:

  • Deck boards are rotten or corroded
  • Caked-on grime (layers of algae, dirt, and ocean sediment)
  • Erosion underneath due to drain trenches
  • Peeling paint or bubbling wood stain
  • Wobbly railings
  • Unsecure footings, posts, and joists
  • Weak stairs
  • Grading and drainage problems

Although salt minimizes fungal and mildew growth, corrosion is still a problem. If you’re rolling your eyes at the amount of maintenance service your deck needs, your local Largo handyman highly recommends composite decking. Made of a blend of wood fibers and plastic materials, composite is more resilient and durable than its wood-based counterparts. Even though it comes with a higher price tag, its lower maintenance requirements will ultimately compensate for it over the years, and it could last you up to 30 years.

 A deck before and after it has been refinished by Mr. Handyman.


Can you imagine the outside of your house without the supporting trim? Not only will your property appear awkward, but it will lack a proper drainage system to direct rainwater away from your home. Besides poor aesthetics, the building will be susceptible to immediate water damage.

Rain gutters

Your gutters are the U-shaped metal traps that are installed on your fascia boards at your roof’s edge. They are designed to effectively direct rainwater from your home via a vertically-installed downspout. Before the downspout meets the ground, it has an elbow-shaped attachment that releases the stormwater further away from your foundation.

Most gutters are made of materials that require periodic inspection and cleaning to prevent damage, whether you have sectional or seamless gutters. Gutter cleaning is an essential part of seasonal maintenance and should be done before the hurricane season—and afterward. Clogged gutters could lead to serious consequences that affect your roof, attic and structural integrity.

Soffits and Fascia

These are the fancy names for the parts of your roof’s structure closest to the gutters. Your soffit is an essential part of your roof eave that helps reduce moisture and condensation. It ventilates your attic and helps with airflow, so your home stays dry. Fascia is the horizontal board that connects to your roof rafter's end and supports your overall gutter system. Fascia repair is often required if you have loose gutter sections or peeling paint and moisture damage.

Your soffit and fascia are designed to support your gutters in redirecting stormwater and preventing moisture from entering your home through the attic, but in the event of a clogged gutter, the excess water could spill over your roof and cause disastrous water damage. Our local Largo handyman team can fix that damage and ensure your gutters don’t cause problems again in the future.

Window and Door Frames

Exterior casings are just as important as the interior ones, if not more so, because they are exposed to the outdoor environment and, therefore, require additional support to drain water. With a Largo handyman on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your door and window frames are always in good condition and working properly.


While gutters are primarily made of metal materials, soffits, fascia, and exterior frames can be made of either wood, metal, or other materials. Common signs that call for exterior trim repair include:

  • Wood rot
  • Peeling paint
  • Clogged gutters
  • Corrosion or rust buildup


We have focused a lot on outdoor repairs because your exterior living space is most susceptible to weather damage, but that said, our list of handyman services doesn't end there. Your handyman in Largo, FL, offers a wide range of indoor repairs, too, from smaller to larger projects.

Some of our other popular services include:

  • Flooring repair
  • Drywall repair
  • Tile and grout
  • Fence
  • Ceiling

Largo Handyman Remodeling Services

Your local Largo handyman is happy to offer you a hand in making your unique home improvement project come true. We are excited to learn about the details of your dream bathroom or kitchen remodeling project and help you create a more comfortable, personalized living space, allowing you to utilize certain areas more efficiently with improvements added specifically for your needs.


Bathroom remodeling is a huge deal for homeowners in Largo. Whether you're just upgrading outdated tile or planning a complete bathroom remodel, it's essential that you make a list of all the new items you desire and draw a brief layout of where you want new fixtures or furniture to be. We recommend sharing your ideas with your handyman in Largo, FL, first before worrying about your budget. Don't restrict yourself until you learn what we have to offer.


Your kitchen is an important place where you not only cook but also where people gather to talk and share cooking tips. It's probably the one area in your home that you'd like to optimize for better utilization. Is your backsplash old and crumbling? Are your cabinets noisy, old, and simply inadequate? If you need inspiration and ideas, rely on your local Largo handyman to help you with planning and material sourcing. Plus, we'll provide all the carpentry and remodeling services you need to get great results for your project.

Are You Falling Behind with Your Maintenance and Basic Home Repairs? Get Help from Your Handyman in Largo, FL!

Taking care of your property is not an easy task, and we're here to show you that you are not alone. Asking for help is the best way to restore your peace of mind and focus on what's most important to you. Don't waste time looking for a professional "handyman near me" because the team at Mr. Handyman serving Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and Largo has you covered.

Give us a all to chat with our friendly customer service reps about what our Largo handyman service professionals can do to make your home more comfortable. We proudly serve Largo and many nearby areas, from Palm Harbor to Treasure Island and beyond.