Located in Central New Jersey as the ninth largest town by population, Hamilton Township is a vibrant, family-friendly place to live. Its numerous historic sites, parks, and recreation centers attract visitors daily, including annual festivals with fireworks, beer, and music.

Hamilton is also a gateway to major cities like New York, Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore, providing its residents with convenient access to exciting places to visit. Our Hamilton handyman experts are proud to be part of this community, serving Hamilton homeowners and businesses.

If you are looking for a reliable Hamilton handyman for home repairs or home improvements, rest assured that they can perform door installations, drywall repair or gutter cleaning. Our versatile team of local technicians will be at your disposal. Our owner has been in business for over 20 years, bringing only skilled and experienced members to the team who have passed background checks and drug screens.

We offer a wide range of handyman services for Hamilton residents and look forward to fulfilling your next home project.

Property Maintenance Services - Residential & Commercial

Are you a property owner with a list of maintenance chores for which you don’t have time? Perhaps a squeaky door or a drafty window is robbing your employees’ good night’s sleep, or your dirty driveway and garage floors need a serious pressure wash before you can set up a clean private workstation.

These inconvenient tasks add up over time, making you feel guilty on the weekend because all you want to do is rest or meet up with friends. We want to take this pressure off you, so you can engage in your leisure time. Besides, these tasks are too easy for your Hamilton handyman who can get it all done in a day!


Gutter cleaning might be one of the most tiresome and grimy DIY jobs that Hamilton homeowners dread. Some people regard it as a safety hazard, climbing up the ladder and scooping out leaves and other debris. If you decide to do it on your own, we recommend investing in the right tools for smooth results, including a sturdy ladder, gutter scoop, gloves and safety glasses.

If you hire a Hamilton handyman for the job, they can also inspect your gutter’s shape and functionality. This way, you won’t have to worry about leaks that could potentially damage your siding, drywall or basement floor. These mishaps are the most common causes of water damage. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service can save you lots of problems in the future.

How Often Do I Need Gutter Cleaning?

We recommend Hamilton gutter cleaning at least twice a year, in the fall and spring. Regular monitoring helps if you have a high density of trees near or at your home. It helps to install gutter guards for extra protection because they trap debris before it gets in. Gutter guards can help reduce your maintenance costs too.


It’s fascinating what pressure washers can do when you look closely at the results. We may not always notice, but moss and other grime build up gradually over months and years, making us forget the original beauty and colors of our home’s exterior surfaces.

If you plan to sell your home, professional pressure washing will be one step to increasing curb appeal, if not a simple return on investment. Unfortunately, the rain doesn’t wash away stubborn sludge, mold and other grimy substances, which makes pressure washing an ideal solution to maintaining your home’s exterior looks.

Our skilled team at Mr. Handyman offers the following pressure washing services:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Driveways
  • Garage floors
  • Decks, porches, patios
  • Tile stones
  • Fences
  • Sidings
  • And more!

Can I Pressure Wash By Myself?

Unless you own a pressure washer, hardware stores rent them to customers for as long as they need, but require all their equipment to be cleaned and refueled, which is often quite bothersome for customers.

Furthermore, we don’t recommend pressure washing anything without closely inspecting the object first. For example, if it’s a dirty wooden fence, you might not be aware it’s going through rot and decay. Or your gutters and soffits might be in bad shape and need replacement. You also might not want to use it on a painted wall as it could severely damage the paint.

If unsure, your Hamilton handyman can provide you with further details on safe procedures and even do the job for you.


Did we already say we were highly versatile? Mr. Handyman of Princeton and Robbinsville has many more maintenance services up our sleeve!

  • Soffit, Fascia & Siding Repair: Soffit and fascia are the fancy names of your roof’s structure closest to the gutters. When you have clogged gutters and the water has nowhere to go, which means your soffit and fascia can’t hold the weight and are likely to break. The damage could potentially affect your home’s siding too, causing water damage and cracks that allow an infestation of insects, birds and rodents.
  • Fence Installation & Repair: No matter if wood, vinyl, PVC, wrought iron or aluminum, we want to ensure your children, pets and home are safe. If you are looking for custom-built fences, we can help you too!
  • Painting & Staining: It may sound like fun to children, but it’s a tiresome and time-consuming task for homeowners, not to mention the paint odor. We provide quality fence painting and staining service with a meticulous eye for detail.
  • Window Frame & Door Repairs: This includes both interior and exterior. Whether it’s oiling, caulking or complete new installations, we have it covered.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning: We added this important service to remind Hamilton homeowners that clogged dryer vents could have fatal consequences. Excessive lint and debris that obstruct the vent, could cause a fire.
  • Furniture Assembly & Carpentry: While it may be easy assembling a bookcase or cabinet using an IKEA manual, we have helped clients assemble larger projects like decks, fences, tables, sofas, shelving units and much more. Do not hesitate to ask us about custom carpentry as well!
  • Electrical Services: We install and repair ceiling fans, light fixtures, motion detectors and smoke detectors, handling wiring and electrical components professionally.

Don’t be shy to ask questions about further home maintenance services because it’s highly likely we can help you.


If you are a business owner with a commercial space, we have a range of services that we offer to small businesses and corporate offices. Every office requires a comfortable workspace for its employees to fully focus on their tasks. You have a lot on your plate to keep workflow going, and the last thing you need is a slamming door every time someone uses the stairway exit. Or perhaps you haven’t had time to set up the desk for your new employee.

Some of our most requested commercial work include:

  • Commercial Carpentry: Quick and easy assembling using power tools to create structures and fixtures, install foundations, walls, ceilings and roofs.

  • Restroom Repairs: This involves repairs, renovations and upgrades. Our certified technicians will ensure your washroom facilities follow commercial code requirements as well.

  • Graffiti Removal: Corporate and other public buildings suffer from unwanted graffiti. We’ll be able to determine whether pressure washing, acetone or other solutions are the best way for removal.

Property Repair & Improvement

Even when we take good care of our homes with annual maintenance services, certain interior parts will eventually show signs of deterioration due to age. Gradual wear and accidental damage could be signs of poor-quality materials or even poor installation from the start.

Your local Hamilton handyman is happy to give you a second opinion on that. Whether you have a hole in your drywall, broken ceiling fan or need advice on bathroom remodeling, we will give you our honest opinion and advice.


Is there a dent in your wall or did your dear pet scratch it too hard while seeking attention? A Hamilton handyman can make these little issues go away. Drywall damage is also common in commercial environments. Depending on the severity of the damage, it can be a messy, time-consuming task, especially if it involves water damage where drywall replacement is inevitable. While durable and some boards are water-resistant, they are not waterproof, unfortunately.

If cutting, mudding, sanding, dusting, taping and painting aren’t your cup of tea, your Hamilton handyman is happy to take that job off your hand and even clean up all the mess like nothing ever happened.


Tiling may seem easy at first to some people, but if you take a closer look at the details and required underlayment, you might not even know where to start. Endless questions will go through your head, like, “Is grouting really necessary?” or “Do I need backer boards?” While the short answer to both is Yes, there is much more to tiling preparation than you think.

Whether you need tile repair in your kitchen or tile installation in your bathroom, our Hamilton handyman experts will tell you all about steps. Most importantly, they will ask you for your preference because we offer many different types, such as ceramic, porcelain and slate. From shower tile to kitchen floor—you tell us what you need done.

Hamilton Home Remodeling Service

This might require the most planning of all services for which you have to set a budget and build a manageable timeline. It’s less likely for Hamilton homeowners to do that all alone, so they often make a list of contractors that includes carpenters, electricians and other specialists. The good news is that our versatile and insured Hamilton handyman can handle all that.

These are the most common remodeling contractors and renovation jobs that we take on for our Hamilton clients.

  • Basement: If you have a home with an unfinished basement, it’s worth considering renovating it to make it a liveable space, playroom or man cave.

  • Bathroom: There is no bathroom task we can’t tackle. Common bathroom remodeling services involve tub or toilet installations, new tiles or walls.

  • Kitchen: We are your team if you want new counter tops, cupboards and cabinets. Often, during a kitchen renovation, we inspect your drywall to ensure it’s in good shape.

We recommend you write down or map out your dream renovation, along with questions you might have, so we can tackle everything before we start.

Need an Expert Hamilton Handyman in New Jersey?

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