Are you building a new home? Diving rooms or adding a door to your newly built deck? Then, you need a door installation in Richmond, VA. This meticulous process includes constructing a frame and hanging the door and differs from a replacement in which you already have an existing entryway you'd like to change. During a door installation service, your Richmond handyman will take care to construct the perfect entrance to your home, deck, or room. 

Mr. Handyman of Richmond is the right choice for the job, and we'll prove it to you in the first call you make to our valued customer service team. Taking the time to listen to your needs, respecting your time and property, and backing our workmanship with a guarantee, we aim to deliver a better kind of service to locals. 

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Our Diligent Approach to Door Installation in Richmond, VA

Doors are arguably one of the most important parts of your home. They provide privacy and security and can even help make your home more energy efficient. Since you can't have a home without at least one door, it pays to take the time to select a type, material, and style that meets your needs. Helping you select a door is just one part of our diligent process toward a flawless door installation in Richmond, VA. Here's what you can expect from our team from start to finish.

Assessment & Consultation

The first part of a door installation is a thorough consultation. We'll talk with you in-depth about your wants and needs and will assess the area where the door will be installed. It's important to know what's possible and best suited for a certain location in your home so that we know exactly how to carry out your door installation in Richmond, VA. For example, the process of installing a door in a brick wall will vary slightly from installing one in a drywall. In addition, understanding your wants (i.e., trim, door size, and finishes) will help us estimate how long the process will take and what tools and supplies will be needed to complete the job.

Door Selection

If you'd like a hand with selecting your door, we are more than happy to make recommendations. Based on what we see during our assessment and your preferences for maintenance, aesthetics, price, and longevity, we'll make an expert recommendation for the type of door you should choose. Once you have chosen a door from your preferred supplier and it's ready to be installed, we'll come back to handle the installation.

Door Installation

If you are building a new home or have divided a room and put up a new wall with drywall, there will be a cut-out section that's ready for a door. To install it, we'll need to prepare the frame and install it, adjusting it to fit your home. After securing the frame in place (if you have not chosen a pre-hung door), we will hang the actual door and ensure that it is properly aligned and opens and closes smoothly. Some adjustments may need to be made such as sanding down the door to properly fit the frame. 

Finishing Touches

If you have chosen a wooden door and would like it stained or painted, we can complete this task as well. Doing so will protect it from moisture, pests, and UV damage, increasing its longevity. Once this is complete, we will install your preferred choice of hardware. And there you have it---your door installation in Richmond, VA is complete!

Types of Doors We Can Install

We can install both interior and exterior doors that come in a range of materials. These include:

  • Wood doors: These can be solid wood, hollow core, or solid core and come in a wide range of types, including maple, oak, mahogany, hickory, and more. Wooden doors are both beautiful and provide excellent insulation.
  • Fiberglass doors: These are very popular and are resistant to damage such as cracks, dents, and warping. If you like the idea of minimal maintenance, fiberglass is a great choice.
  • Steel doors are a modern option for those who care about increased security and strength. With these, you won't have to worry about wood rot and pests!
  • Glass doors: Wooden doors with glass windows, such as French Doors or sliding glass patio doors, these elegant and functional beauties allow for maximum light inside your home.

Mr. Handyman: The Trusted Choice For Door Installation in Richmond, VA

Knowing how important doors are to the security, comfort, and privacy of your home, choosing a door installation company shouldn't be done on a whim. Mr. Handyman of Richmond is the professional door installer you want for the job, delivering exceptional quality and complete peace of mind. With us, you can rest assured knowing our trustworthy team is screened and background-checked and has decades of combined experience.

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What Styles of Doors Can You Install?

One of the hardest parts of a door installation for homeowners is selecting the right door for their home. While making your decision, you should keep the cost, energy efficiency, and style in mind. Our expert team can help you install a variety of styles of doors. These include:

  • Storm doors
  • Entry doors
  • Barn doors
  • Closet doors
  • Custom doors
  • Decorative glass doors
  • Swing doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Bedroom doors
  • And more!

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