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Business ownership is rewarding yet hectic, leaving you little time to take care of everything that needs your attention. When you have an ever-expanding to-do list, you need the help of Mr. Handyman in Sarasota. We offer commercial services in Sarasota that help businesses get organized and complete repair tasks that have been left unfinished.

Supporting local start-ups, large corporations, and mid-size businesses with professional handyman services is what we live for. We use advanced tools and strategies to assist you with everything from assembling office furniture to installing touch-free faucets and soap dispensers. Your store or industrial facility is in good hands with our Sarasota professional handymen working with you.

Plus, you gain access to the following commercial services:

  • Restroom repair options
  • Crown molding installation
  • Stucco repair
  • Door installation
  • Fence repair and installation
  • Workspace reconfiguration

The services above and many others are available for various industries, including retail, government and judicial entities, hospitality, food service, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. Each of these business sectors has specific codes and repair practices to ensure compliance. We work directly with you to perform professional handyman services and repairs that prioritize your needs.

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An unfinished attic with exposed brick and wood.

Helping You Maintain a Healthy Work Environment for the Future

Not only do we help you paint walls, install doors, assemble office furniture and equipment, but we also want to ensure your building is healthy. To protect your employees and customers from harmful bacteria and dangerous pathogens, rely on our professional handyman services in Sarasota to build structures and install elements that mitigate the spread of germs.

We can help you repair, install, or assemble:

  • Sneeze-guards
  • Plexiglass and plastic barriers
  • Anti-bacterial doorknobs and locks
  • New COVID signage
  • Our protective solutions are in space to keep your employees healthy, reduce sick days, increase productivity, and enhance your company culture. We also want to help protect your bottom line with our commercial services and keep your doors open long-term.

With an arsenal of advanced equipment, current licenses, and years of experience, you can’t go wrong hiring us to keep your business operating smoothly. We know you don’t have the time or resources to focus on responsibilities that don’t directly affect daily operations. We also know that you don’t have the staff to spare to complete some of your office space’s more significant improvement tasks and repairs. But, when you work with us, you can rest assured that all of your assembly, repair, and installation tasks will be taken care of.

Don’t let essential business to-dos fall by the wayside. Schedule commercial handyman service today or give us a call.

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