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Welcome to Mr. Handyman of the Fredericksburg Region. We specialize in home repairs and maintenance, and small to mid-size renovations. We offer energy-efficient window replacements, and exterior doors and siding replacements.

Our technicians are multi-skilled tradesmen, each with over 20 years of broad trades experience. You don't have to call a special contractor for each different job around your home or business. Our technicians can handle all types and phases of repairs and maintenance. This saves you time, money, and aggravation. With a single visit we can take care of most, if not all, of the items on your "To-Do" list.

Mr. Handyman is your one-stop shop for a wide range of home maintenance and repair solutions.
Mr. Handyman service technicians are highly skilled craftsmen, so you know they will get the job done right the first time.

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  • A quick but effective repair to FRP panels at a local store restroom. #mrhandyman6821 #commercial #handyman #repair


  • Vinyl porch railings and posts #mrhandyman6821 #exteriorhome


  • Tile floor replacement - before #mrhandyman6821 #floors #tile


  • Box bay structural damage - close up #mrhandyman6821 #windows #repair


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  • Star Rating

    "The business clearly has a commitment to a job well done for its customers, and I have been most pleased with the services I have received. I also like that the employees are personable and do a great job of responding in a prompt and efficient manner."

    - Timothy B.

  • Star Rating

    "We needed installation of crown molding and chair rail in several rooms, and I had made numerous attempts to get this work done. Independent contractors would come out, give estimates, and schedule work dates only to be no-shows with no notification of any kind. I finally ..."

    - Joy N.

  • Star Rating

    "The quality and service are superior. I like that each francise is locally owned and operated. The work was done well on time and on budget."

    - Mike T.

  • Star Rating

    "I don't have a single complaint. I will be calling you again as the needs arise. I also have friends who will be renting their home in Stafford, VA so they may need your services. I will highly recommend your company. Thank you. I would like to forward my thanks to my ..."

    - Angie B.

  • Star Rating

    "You actually set a time when you are going to arrive - not a 4-hour window like most other Handyman services. That is essential to me. I was moving and needed time to go to the dump to throw away trash, and time was running out on me. If I had to wait at the house for 4 ..."

    - Peter C.

  • Star Rating

    "What is there not to like? Mr. Handyman of Fredericksburg is knowledgeable, courteous, and fast. In a word: professional. We have used you all on more than one occasion, and each time the job was expertly done."

    - Polly F.

  • Star Rating

    "This was the 1st time I ever used this service and I was very pleased. My technician was very polite and worked fast. He cleaned up after he was finished, leaving no mess behind. My 1st experience has left me with a positive attitude and I will use this service again."

    - Mary C.

  • Star Rating

    "You exceeded my expectations! I was a customer service manager for major homebuilders for 37 years and I KNOW what to expect....you guys are tops....If I wasn't retired I would try to hire your technician away from you!....grin"

    - Chuck S.

  • Star Rating

    "I know that your work is guaranteed. Other contractors I've had before have been hit or miss and they always had an excuse for work that was, in my opinion, shoddy. Mr. Handyman ALWAYS asks what the customer wants, and works to their specifications."

    - Victoria C.

  • Star Rating

    "I can't do many things on my own. I appreciate that there is a reliable place to go for the various repair needs there are in maintaining a home. Thanks Mr. Handyman."

    - Kimberly W.

  • Star Rating

    "My tech was great. He was ultra polite. He worked the entire time. He didn't smoke in my house, or spit all over the place, or any other disgusting things. HE CLEANED AFTER HIMSELF!! He stayed until the job was complete. I was very pleased, and will be calling Mr. Handyman a ..."

    - Sharon L.

  • Star Rating

    "It's extremely difficult to find high-quality hired help these days. I appreciate the fact that your employee arrived on time, explained what he was doing and what he could not do during that first visit. I had a leak coming from the roof and he didn't have the proper ..."

    - Sandy R.

  • Star Rating

    "Promptness of returned phone calls. The owner seems to really care that quality work is done."

    - Lisa B.

  • Star Rating

    "I know the job will be done correctly and when scheduled!"

    - Patricia D.

  • Star Rating

    "Your service was great and Bill is wonderful!!!! He can fix almost anything..... Everyone else I called would either never call me back or just wouldn't show up. I can count on Bill to be here on time.... Thank you!"

    - Sonja L.

  • Star Rating

    "Al is an exceptionally competent professional who provides prompt, professional, and skilled contractor services with the highest quality. I was recently required to call upon Al for damages by a third-party whose automobile hit our residential property. His quote was ..."

    - Carlos K.

  • Star Rating

    "Workers are careful, courteous and can do anything you need done."

    - John K.

  • Star Rating

    "I am pleased with your services and your efforts to have a satisfied customer."

    - Sandra M.

  • Star Rating

    "On time, work was well done and efficient, no problems encountered...what more could you ask in home repair?"

    - Ann B.

  • Star Rating

    "The handyman came early (not just on time), was courteous, finished the work in a timely fashion and cleaned up after himself. I've had no problems with the work that was done and I'm just overjoyed to have found you all."

    - Arlene L.

  • Star Rating

    "Well, my experience has been more with services, which have been excellent. On time, clear explanations, fair pricing, friendly and professional people. I will recomment Mr. Handyman to anyone asking for referrals. We were very happy with the job done in July!"

    - Leslie P.

  • Star Rating

    "The impeccable service I received, even before committing to use Mr. Handyman! Every person I've spoken with at the company, from the office to the technician who arrived at my home, made me feel as if I was their only customer, and that they take genuine pride in their work ..."

    - Allison P.

  • Star Rating

    "Although my job isn't done yet, I am very happy to the point of tears. After a full year of contractors offers and very bad let downs, with Mr. Handyman our family can finally see the light at the end of our remodel project. There's no greater peace of mind, than knowing ..."

    - Anita B.

  • Star Rating

    "The repairmen are on time and if they are not I am notified by phone their estimated arrival. The repairmen help me complete tasks around the house that I cannot complete by myself. I have never had a problem with their work or cleanup. They listen."

    - Beth W.

  • Star Rating

    "I've used Mr. Handyman of Fredericksburg repeatedly. All the time, the technician has been prompt, efficient, and knowledgeable about the jobs. He has pointed out things that needed to be done and explained exactly what and why he was doing what he did."

    - Marie G.

  • Star Rating

    "You exceeded my expectations. This was my first experience with Mr. Handyman. It is a service that I will use as needed."

    - Patricia K.

  • Star Rating

    "Yes, exceeded all my expectations in knowledge and work performance. Very courtious and professional employee showed up and did a fantastic job. I am already keeping a list for the next visit."

    - Robert O.

  • Star Rating

    "My experience with your company was very successful. Everyone was very friendly and professional from my initial contact through the service project. The work on my house was well done and I will certainly use your service again."

    - Karen O.

  • Star Rating

    "Services were performed by a skilled professional who new how to execute each specific job. Mr. Handyman has insurances in place, and the work is guaranteed."

    - Laurel B.

  • Star Rating

    "You are respectful of your customers home and property and are honest in your assessment of the problem. I would recommemd you to anyone."

    - Steven T.

  • Star Rating

    "Mr. Handyman of Fredericksburg is truly a shining star in an industry filled with fakers who take your money and do less than quality work. Everything from the speedy response time, to the accurate estimates and timely completion of work in a quality manner are perfect!!"

    - K. Howard

  • Star Rating

    "You exceeded my expectations by far. The most professional service I have dealt with since I have been a homeowner."

    - T. S.

  • Star Rating

    "Very professional and courteous to deal with. Will definitely do business with again."

    - Kim O.

  • Star Rating

    "Mr. Handyman provides excellent service even with a difficult project. Most recently, we had an unusual project which required the modification of a cabinet so that our flat screen TV could be housed in it. The entire inside of the cabinet was rebuilt and modified for this ..."

    - Mark D.

  • Star Rating

    "Our Mr. Handyman experience was wonderful! I was given an estimated time of the service taking 3 hours and he finished in 2 hours! He showed up on time, did an excellent job and I will recommend this service to everyone I know!!"

    - Michelle M.

  • Star Rating

    "I was very pleased with Mr. Handyman. I was in a bind, I had started on painting my large kitchen and the job was just too much for me to do alone. And I had company coming soon for the holidays so I needed the job done quickly! I called Mr. Handyman and had my kitchen ..."

    - April K.

  • Star Rating

    "I have had to use Mr Handyman's services at least three times for various projects. These projects included wood repairs, electrical, painting and plumbing. All were done in a timely manner and done right the first time. The technicians knew their stuff, were courteous and ..."

    - Peter K.

  • Star Rating

    "Courtesy, explanations, cost-consciousness, dependability, helpfulness, friendliness, unobtrusive and quiet work, and thoroughness. That about sums it up."

    - Cindy H.

  • Star Rating

    "I was extremely pleased with the work Mr. Handyman did for me. I recieved phone calls to inform me of a delay and they kept me aware of the situation. Overall, great customer service."

    - Linda R.

  • Star Rating

    "You and your guys did a great job. And it was most timely. If you ever need a reference for your company you can give them my name. I was especially impressed with the decisions that were made along the way, both the ones where you had to explain to me how to do the right ..."

    - William B.

  • Star Rating

    "1. Professionally organized and managed company, not fly-by-night 2. Interaction with customers is excellent. 3. Work performed thus far has been good quality and completed on time and on budget. 4. Technician was courteous, did quality work and cleaned up thoroughly. Keep ..."

    - Jerry N.

  • Star Rating

    "Our handyman was wonderful with my kids. They watched everything he did and he let them help. They thought he was the greatest. Thank you!"

    - Elizabeth P.

  • Star Rating

    "From the time I called Mr. Handyman I was impressed with the service. The person I talked to on the phone to make the appointment was polite and explained the service very well. The technician that came out to do the work was on time, polite, and did an excellent job. When ..."

    - Monica B.

  • Star Rating

    "You exceeded our expectations. Both gentlemen who worked on our dining room were very professional and gave 110% to the job. They asked what we wanted done and then proceeded to do it in a very timely fashion. Everyone who has seen our new dining room has remarked how great ..."

    - Jim S.

  • Star Rating

    "Prompt scheduling, professional follow through. Work is always done exacting and completely; the technician is efficient, has the correct tools and explains things on a level I can understand. He is a teacher as much as a technician!"

    - Marie G.

  • Star Rating

    "Although the technician had gotten held up at another job, he was courteous and performed the tasks quickly and thoroughly."

    - Ed W.

  • Star Rating

    "I received a call at my office notifying me when the technician would be at the house so I wasn't kept waiting. The technician was extremely courteous, very tidy in the work performed, and brought to my attention other work that I should consider tending to in the future. ..."

    - Kathleen C.

  • Star Rating

    "The quality and expertise work that the service man provided was excellent. The cost was well within reasonable."

    - Jerome W.

  • Star Rating

    "I like receiving timely answers to my calls and e-mails, no-nonsense answers to my questions and good suggestions for possible solutions to my repair needs. We get all of that from Al and his technicians, as well as quality workmanship."

    - Pamela B.

Professional Handyman Services

If you are a local business owner or manager, we can assist you with your business maintenance and repairs. Keeping a well-maintained property, inside and out, helps your business' image and value.

Visit our Local Resources page to learn more about the products we offer from leading manufacturers, each of whom offers among the best long-term warranties in the industry.

As the local professional handyman of choice, we thank you for trusting America's most reliable, insured, and bonded handyman service.

Mr. Handyman provides professional Fredericksburg handyman services that are On time. Done right. Call today.

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