Professional Deck installation in Fairfield, CT

A half-finished project for deck installation in Fairfield, CT, with half of the deck frame exposed and the other half covered by wooden boards.

Your home is your sacred space. Besides maintaining it, there are various opportunities for you to enhance the comfort of your living space. The first thing you look forward to in the late spring and summer months is to spend more time outside and, preferably, on your own property. You may have a nice porch on the front of your house, but facing the public does not provide you with the privacy that you want. While greeting neighbors and passers-by is a friendly gesture that you’re used to, it would be nice to not look up when you hear foot or street traffic. That’s one reason why many people turn to professional services for deck installation in Fairfield, CT.

Most property owners enjoy their privacy in the back of their homes, which are typically fenced and secured. What may be missing is a functional deck. Fairfield, CT homeowners should not miss their opportunity to add this wonderful extension to their property. This slightly elevated space makes a huge difference in increasing comfort and creating a separate area, setting it apart from the rest of your landscaping. On most occasions, front and back doors are installed on a higher level, above the concrete foundation. While building front and back stoops is the solution to creating access, there is so much more you can do, such as hiring Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County for your dream Fairfield deck installation.

As your local Fairfield handyman, we have helped many people in our community by creating a more comfortable outdoor living space for their property. Our deck installation experts are licensed, bonded, fully insured, and proud to be your local Fairfield County deck builders. In fact, they have built multiple high-quality dream decks for clients, going above and beyond to meet their needs by ensuring excellent workmanship and customer service.

Types of Fairfield Deck Installations

Fairfield, CT homeowners may have heard of popular types of materials that are common for deck building. From wood materials to synthetic, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as Connecticut’s climate and weather conditions, which have a high influence on the amount of maintenance needed to keep exterior materials in shape. Living near the coast exposes your property to high salinity levels, which are known to trigger corrosion on metal as well as wood.

Luckily, our professional team are experts in deck installation. Fairfield, CT homeowners can rely on us to see their project through every step of the installation and building process, and use durable materials that will stand up to the local climate.

Pressure-Treated Lumber

Wood that has been pressure-treated is commonly found in hardware stores, varying from light brown to dark green. This chemical pretreatment process involves injecting the natural wood with preservatives, fire retardants, and oils to make it more resilient. This treatment is considered to be the best and most effective way to help your new deck installation stand against decay, termites, bugs, and the elements.

Our Fairfield deck installation technician recommends checking with the manufacturer if your lumber has been sealed. If not, we highly suggest that you do so with a water-repellent sealer. It will prevent your decking boards from cracking and splitting and minimize the need for time-consuming maintenance.

Pressure-treated wood can last up to ten years or more if you take proper care of sanding and sealing. Although it’s designed to be rot-resistant, fungal decay is still possible if moisture seeps into the core via deep cracks or holes. That said, pressure-treated wood decking is the most common type found on properties.


Besides being a popular material for fencing systems, cedar decking makes a beautiful alternative to pressure-treated lumber because it’s natural and doesn’t need to undergo any type of treatment to become durable. Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture, and its essential oils work as a deterrent against bugs.

If you prefer not to seal your cedar wood’s surface, its natural looks will eventually fade, and you’ll find yourself exchanging deteriorated boards every other year. Without sealing, it will last ten to 15 years, whereas when sealed and properly maintained, you can expect it to reach 20 years. We recommend sealing, so you’ll get more out of its durability and aesthetics. Allow those pinkish, red colors to reflect on your property!

Pro Tip: Cedar naturally emits a mill glaze to the surface during the sawing process and effectively repels stains. Therefore, if you choose to stain your cedar boards, it’s crucial that you sand the boards prior to staining. Otherwise, the stain is unable to penetrate the wood.


In the last few decades, the use of synthetic materials has revolutionized how we utilize building materials because we seek more efficiency and longevity through minimizing the hassles associated with maintenance that costs time and money. Another major factor to keep in mind is the climate and how it affects your property’s surface areas. What if there was something weather-resistant? Welcome, composite.

Made of recycled wood flour, fibers, and reclaimed plastic, composite materials are formed with high-density polyethylene, which means it contains thermoplastic polymers, known to be one of the most versatile plastics that exist. If you fuse it with wood pulp, you’ll get the perfect construction material for your outdoor space. It’s entirely rot-proof and durable, requiring only routine cleaning with soap and water.

Composite decking is also customizable compared to other types; you can choose your preferred colors and wood grains, so it complements the overall look of your property. Your local Fairfield deck installation expert has installed multiple composite decks for local clients who claim that maintenance has never been any easier and that you can simply restore its original looks through mild cleaning, rather than pressure-washing, sanding, and sealing. The only downside is that composite decking comes with a higher price tag than others. Our Fairfield deck installation specialists are happy to walk you through any pricing estimates.

Vinyl or PVC

The other synthetic decking option is vinyl, which derives from PVC. Although it’s more cost-effective than composite, you could still pay a higher price for installation if it involves lots of cutting. Vinyl is not biodegradable and could pollute your home’s exterior if not careful. Your deck builder or deck contractor should be certified and knowledgeable about each step of the process, from start to finish.

What makes vinyl popular is that it does not rot; however, it can warp and crack in the heat or cold or when exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time. Routine repairs are common for vinyl decks due to cracks or holes. Depending on how severe that damage is, standard patching repairs would fix it. When opting for deck installation, Fairfield, CT homeowners choose vinyl for its wide range of colors and designs. It can also last for up to 20 years.

Fairfield Deck Installation Checklist

There are many great opportunities to complete deck installation in Fairfield, CT, but the best time for deck projects is typically in the early spring before the rainy season kicks in. The whole process will also be much easier if your backyard is still in the works, and you have no landscaping in the way to jeopardize your plans. Your Fairfield deck installation technician suggests creating a to-do list before the start of the job.

  • Measurements: Draw a sketch of your proposed deck that shows its height, width, and length. Also indicate where your stairs will be.
  • Choose Material: Choose a deck type that works best for you.
  • Acclimatization: If you opt for wood, make sure that you open it from its packaging and allow it to acclimate for at least a week.
  • Acquire a Building Permit: New decks or expansions require a zoning and building permit from your municipality. Also, check the residential state building code for additional requirements for your specific area.
  • Property Inspection: A certified Fairfield County deck builder should fully inspect your backyard and landscape, which includes the soil. They will also check the areas that require digging, so you’re able to safely install deck posts, which are the main foundation for your new deck installation. Fairfield, CT technicians will ensure the underground area is thoroughly inspected before digging. This inspection service enables you to examine your soil’s overall condition and also measure soil drainage. Drainage issues could lead to erosion and compromise a deck’s stability. Inspections could also occur on your roofline where your rain gutters are installed. Having a healthy gutter system ensures you won’t experience leaks and floods that lead to deck damage.
  • Marking Areas: You typically start by marking the areas where the piers and footings will be installed first.


  • Start digging holes to install your footings, but ensure that they are at least 12 inches below the frost line. For the preparation of a deck installation, Fairfield, CT service professionals use frost tubes to locate the frost line. Sometimes, frost lines are below ground, which requires your deck builder to install footings 24 inches below the standard level. Note: The number of footings required depends on the deck’s overall size. For example, a 12x12 needs at least three footings at each corner.
  • Once all holes are dug, place a landscape fabric on your entire project area to control weeds, sunlight, and drainage.
  • When the footings are in place, the concrete deck piers come next. They usually peak through the surface by about two inches and have a concrete post anchor in the center.
  • Next, you install your first deck post onto the post anchor followed by the next. Keep adjusting the landscape fabric as you go. When the posts are in place, pour two to three inches of gravel over the nonwoven fabric and against the posts for enhanced security.

Pro Tip: When acquiring fasteners, screws, and nails, ensure you get high-quality stainless steel, coated components for corrosion resistance.

Ready For Deck Installation, Fairfield CT?

While these are the essentials of getting ready, the main structure build includes installing the side, rim and interior joists, which are the most important components for structural integrity, as they form the frame.

Deck boards form the surface area for you to walk on; they come next after your deck frame is secured, followed by railings and stairs. During deck installations, Fairfield, CT technicians at Mr. Handyman are specific about safety measures and will clearly communicate with you in advance before the installation begins.

Why Hire Mr. Handyman for Fairfield Deck Installation?

Not only are we a locally owned business, we have been around for over 30 years, serving our local communities whom we call friends and family. Our clients know us and trust our expertise in getting our job done because we stand by our done right guarantee as stated by Neighborly’s home service experts.

As a growing company of experts, we don’t just hire anyone. Not only is everyone on our team highly skilled and versatile, but each team member understands our values and pride of being the most trusted handyman team in town. Each handyman technician has passed their background checks and drug screens, which helps us build on trust and create a strong relationship with our clients.

We offer more than simply property maintenance and repair services; we also replace and install new structures that provide long-lasting results. Unlike other deck contractors, our team’s performance standards will exceed any expectations.

Need Deck Installation in Fairfield, CT? Hire Mr. Handyman’s Talented Deck Builders!

Mr. Handyman proudly serves the residents of Fairfield and nearby communities. Are you in Stamford, New Canaan, Easton, or another surrounding area? Hire the team at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County for your next worry-free deck building project for a better outdoor living experience.

You can reach our team at 866-550-1710 to schedule a convenient appointment or ask any questions that you may have about our other Fairfield handyman services, such as drywall repair or home improvement services. Wondering about hiring a commercial handyman to build a deck for your business? We have you covered for that too!

An older deck in Fairfield, CT before and after its surface has been refinished and repainted by Mr. Handyman.

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