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A handyman using a saw to cut away the insulation between a window and a wall while providing window repair services in Westport, CT.

Without windows in our homes, we might as well be back in prehistoric times living in a dark, dank cave. From picture windows to casement windows and beyond, they are among the most defining features of your house and we certainly wouldn't want to live without the natural light, fresh breezes and curb appeal they bestow on our indoor living spaces. But when they become damaged and are in desperate need of Westport window repair services, windows can cause some major problems for homeowners that make their home a lot less comfortable, protected and energy-efficient.

When most people think about a window that needs repair, an image of smashed glass pops into their heads. While broken window glass is certainly a classic problem that does require Westport window repair, it's actually not the most common issue that we encounter in Westport homes. Usually, the damage is less obvious, which means it can go unnoticed for much longer, worsening incrementally over time until there's no choice but to replace it. If you're aware of the signs you need window repair in Westport, CT, you can call a qualified handyman to fix them up before the damage spirals out of control.

Want to make your home more comfortable, fight energy loss and improve your property value? Your local Westport handyman can provide all those benefits by getting your deteriorated windows back in great shape. The team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County takes pride in serving the people of our local communities with top-notch workmanship and outstanding customer service.

Top Warning Signs You Need Professional Westport Window Repair

If you're not familiar with the more subtle types of damage that require Westport window repair, you may not even know that's what is causing problems in your house. Here are some of the key warning signs that indicate you need window repair in Westport, CT.

Leaking Moisture and Air

Are there visible signs of water leaking into your house around your windows, such as brown water stains on the drywall or peeling paint and wood stains on interior trim? Water damage indicates that the seal inside your frame has deteriorated. Not only is water in your living space causing issues there, but it is likely also seeping into the interior of your wall where it will degrade your insulation, create a risk to your family by compromising your indoor air quality and cause serious problems that could affect the stability of your house. If you see visible moisture leaking through or around frames, it's necessary to get it fixed up by a Westport window repair professional sooner rather than later.

Another issue you may be experiencing is air drafts coming in through gaps in a frame that is no longer adequately sealed. Air leaks usually show up along with excess moisture leaks, and they reduce the indoor comfort of your home by changing the temperature inside. That forces your HVAC system to operate more frequently in compensation, which in turn drives up the energy costs you have to pay on your energy bills.

Rotting Wood

If you have wood window frames in your house, you're certainly not alone—it's a very popular choice because wooden trim adds such a natural, unique charm and is so versatile. However, it's worth noting that as beautiful, renewable and easy to work with as wood frames are, they do have a weakness. Since they are frequently exposed to moisture on the outside from damp weather and on the inside from leaks or condensation, they are particularly vulnerable to wood rot, which is one of the leading problems that our Westport window repair professionals are called to deal with.

Moisture plays such a big role in the decay of wood because rot is caused by wood-eating fungi that can only grow in timber with a moisture content of 20% or higher. Wood rot causes frames to soften and crumble apart, which lets in even more moisture that can cause serious issues such as mold and mildew. They also let in air drafts that raise your utility bill by forcing your HVAC system to work harder in compensation. Your Westport handyman may be able to replace the affected wood and seal inside the frame without removing the glass.

Difficult to Operate

You want to have at least some windows in your house that can be opened so you can get a nice, cool breeze flowing through the house on a warm day or air out all the stuffiness of winter while spring cleaning is underway. But you don't get those advantages if it's a huge pain to even budge it open an inch or two and keep it open.

Sometimes this annoying Westport window repairs issue occurs because the frame and/or sash have been warped over time by the house settling, or by excessive moisture, and the sash no longer fits properly into the frame. If that's the case, it may be necessary to replace the entire package. But other times, especially in older houses, the issue could be that the frame and sash have been painted so many times, that the places with a buildup of paint are scraping against one another and making it really difficult to operate the sash as intended. We can deal with that by removing all those layers so it can function the way it's supposed to again.

Misty or Fogged Glass

Do your double-pane windows appear to be fogged over because there's a light mist of condensation trapped between the panes? Double-pane windows are constructed with two panes of glass separated by a small gap (sometimes filled with argon gas for added insulation) and sealed together at the edges. The insulating gap in the middle helps to prevent heat transfer and keeps your house more energy-efficient. But when condensation starts building up between the panes, that means the seal has been compromised.

There actually is a foggy window repair method that involves repairing the seal and refilling the gap with argon gas, but it's a temporary measure at best. The condensation will keep coming back and you'll need repeated repairs until you give up and have the whole unit replaced, so it'll save you money and hassle to just go straight to a replacement window installation.

Insect Infestations

If one little insect finds its way into your home, it's only a matter of time until dozens of their little friends follow them in. Insects such as cockroaches and mosquitoes make your home a lot less pleasant and sanitary for you and your family, and species like termites and carpenter ants can be incredibly destructive, causing thousands of dollars in damage in a very short span of time. If you're seeing increased insect activity in your home and you're not sure where they are coming from, it's likely either a hole or rip in a window screen is to blame, or they've found a path in through a damaged frame. Your handyman can check all your frames carefully for signs of an insect superhighway and carry out any necessary frame or screen repairs.

Poor Sound Separation

Are you often disturbed by noise from outside even though everything is closed tight? This could be another problem with degraded frames or broken seals around the edge of the pane or even from poor installation method. Properly installed and maintained units aren't going to shut out every sound from the outdoors, but they should be able to muffle all but the loudest noises down to a dull roar. If that's not happening, the best Westport window repair solution to keep the noise outside where it belongs is to have your handyman apply acoustic caulk inside the frames. If you live in a particularly noisy, high-traffic area where there's outdoor noise night and day, insulated glass and sound-canceling curtains can be surprisingly helpful to keep it quiet indoors.

Why You Should Choose Mr. Handyman for Window Repair in Westport, CT

When you call the Westport window repair experts at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home will be expertly taken care of—not to mention that we'll increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your building.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, which is why we strive to always deliver the best quality of service. We'll arrive promptly for your appointment, in uniform and driving a company vehicle so you can verify who you're letting into your home. We'll explain our recommendations clearly and answer any questions you may have before we get started so you are able to make an informed decision about the care of your home.

Advantages of working with Mr. Handyman

  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Experienced professionals
  • Licensed and insured
  • Convenient, one-call solution

Frequently Asked Questions About Westport Window Repair

If you'd like to know more about our Westport window repair service or you have questions about our other reliable handyman services like vinyl siding or door installation, give us a call to speak with our knowledgeable customer care representatives and get all your questions answered quickly and easily. Or, check out our responses to some common questions below.

Can Just One Pane on a Double-Pane Unit Be Replaced?

While this may be technically possible, it's almost never going to be the best solution and you likely won't be happy with the results. That's because double-pane window units are sealed together at the edge when they are manufactured, and it's not really possible to fully restore the seal once it has been broken. If we just put a new pane in there, it would always look foggy or hazy—and no one wants to gaze out a window that's not crystal clear. That's why it's better to replace both panes with a new insulated glass unit (IGU).

Will My Window Screen Mesh Keep Out Mosquitoes?

Termites and carpenter ants are irritating and destructive, but mosquitoes might just be the most aggravating creature on the face of the planet. If you have mesh screens, their main purpose is to keep those little bloodsuckers outside where they can snack on you and whine in your ear all night long, so it makes sense to ensure the mesh is small enough to block them when you get window repair. Westport, CT residents who want to avoid mosquitoes are safe with the standard mesh size, which is 18x16. That means there are 18 strands per inch in one direction and 16 strands per inch in the other direction. Mosquitoes range in size from about a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch for the impressively big ones, so an 18 x 16 mesh is going to be far too small for even the most undernourished mosquito to squeeze through. However, if you're worried about their nasty little cousin the no-see-um (also called biting midges or gnats), 20 x 20 mesh is a better choice.

Is Westport Window Repair a Good Option for All Windows?

Not necessarily. Window repair in Westport, CT is often going to be a great choice to get your home back in excellent condition, but there are some situations where repairs aren't going to cut it and window replacement is actually the better path. If the seal is broken on a double-pane unit, for example, it should really be replaced. Or, if there's widespread, extensive damage across the entire unit and it would need multiple repairs, replacement services are likely going to be more cost-effective.

Count On the Professionals at Mr. Handyman for Westport Window Repair

If you are a resident of Westport or other service areas in this corner of Connecticut such as New Canaan, Norwalk or Stamford, you can access reliable handyman service from the team of professionals at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County. Not only are we experts at window solutions, we can handle everything from baby proofing to flooring installation, we’re here to help with your home improvement project. Contact us today by calling 866-550-1710 to chat with our friendly customer service staff and schedule a convenient appointment time, or to find out more about what we can do to enhance your residential or commercial property. Join our long line of happy customers in the Westport area.

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