A backyard deck is not only an outdoor living space to sunbathe and soak in the sunlight in the thick of summer but is a safe retreat for you to enjoy a grill, play with your dog, water your plants, or have a quiet reading session. We’ve all heard about the All-American white picket fence and porch, but decks are a relatively new phenomenon and weren't regularly adopted until the early 1980s when homeowners realized the value of adding these outside extensions to accompany their interior living space. Apart from being an area to be lax or entertain your guests, a deck allows you to stretch your legs and breathe in much-needed fresh air, so you don’t get cabin fever being indoors all day long. As an extended outdoor living space, a deck repair, Vancouver, WA residents will discover, makes your home seem roomier than it is, not to mention boosts its curb appeal. Decks are preferred over paved patio counterparts as they are elevated off the ground and offer a better-surrounding view from afar for you to enjoy.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

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Despite Vancouver homeowners using their decks daily during the warmer months, at times, they become complacent and fail to participate in the proper upkeep of their platform, including routine maintenance with an annual professional inspection, power wash cleaning service, or deck repair. Vancouver, WA residents must note that their deck is not indestructible and will eventually begin to deteriorate, especially if it's not occasionally coated with a fresh layer of paint or stain if it's a wood deck. As a result, this can result in rot as wood slowly crumbles away. On the other hand, if it's a metal deck, it can become rusty and corroded if it's not cleaned properly of dirt and debris. If your deck looks rickety and you feel uncomfortable resting on it, let alone walking or sitting on it it’s about time to ask a certified, local, and fully insuredVancouver handyman from Mr. Handyman of Vancouver, Camas, and Ridgefield to come to the rescue lickety-split and restore your deck to pristine condition.

Why Is Having A Sturdy Deck Significant For Safety Purposes?

A sturdy and reinforced deck will not only be eye-catching for your guests and family members to enjoy. But it can also promote your home’s curb appeal and increase property value, as prospective buyers would be more than happy to offer a better-asking price. Responsible homeowners who are adamant about preserving their platform through maintenance will rarely, if ever, require a Vancouver deck repair. Vancouver property owners who down rightly ignore any deck repair will quickly find they have not only sacrificed the structural integrity of their platform but have bargained away their safety. As of late, if you have noticed hairline cracks, fractures or small holes from rotted wood, loose floorboards, wobbly railings, ramshackle posts, peeling or warping from water damage, these are all red flags that something is amuck and you need a deck repair. Vancouver homeowners, at times, become indifferent to ask for a refurbished deck and procrastinate and incorrectly assume their deck was somehow built to brave the harsh local weather conditions. And so they twiddle their thumbs and just wait on it thinking the deck problem will solve itself. Or worse yet, they attempt a DIY job and find their platform is more makeshift than before, all because they did a shoddy repair job and, by accident, damaged the floorboards or incorrectly positioned the posts. But we best advise you not to trip out, literally, on a badly damaged deck only to seriously hurt and injure yourself.

Our Voracious Deck Repair: How Do We Approach A Vancouver Deck Repair?

By depending on our trustworthy handyman team members for a Vancouver deck repair, in Vancouver, WA, clients will discover we will mend their platform by removing any loose or sagging spots so the structure itself retains its stronghold. At Mr. Handyman, we are big advocates of preventive maintenance, including cleaning, painting, and staining your deck to prolong its lifespan and reduce the chance of you needing frequent deck repair. Vancouver, WA, property owners must not wait until their deck is on its last legs and a crisis scenario in which the deck caves in on you.


Generally speaking, wood is the most popular deck material for modern homeowners. But the beauty of a platform is that it's not mandatory to pledge to just one material and you can get creative on how you encircle your outdoor living space around your home. Go ahead and use concrete for your front deck, which is common for a front porch style, and wood for your backyard deck–the world is your oyster. Whichever type of material you opt for will determine how much effort and motivation you have to invest in maintenance for a Vancouver deck repair.

Wood/Pressure-Treated Wood: Pressure-treated wood is the wood material found in most Vancouver houses as it is resistant to wood rot and lasts longer than purely organic and natural wood which is not treated or artificially engineered. Because of this, unlike real wood, it won't burn down as easily when exposed to fire, is pest-resistant, and bodes well in moisture-prone areas. But it's still not entirely foolproof and still susceptible to harsh direct sunlight exposure and will as a result, crack, split, and discolor if it's not regularly stained or painted.

Cedar Wood: Cedar wood is durable, can handle fluctuating temperatures, is not susceptible to moisture damage and so won’t warp or splinter easily, and has lesser maintenance given that it is readily resistant to wood rot and insect infestation. Given the added benefits, it is more expensive to install, can potentially fade out and pale over the years if it's not occasionally cleaned, and is easily scratched if you move heavy furniture across its surface or by your pet’s claws.

Red Wood: Just as sturdy as its wood predecessors, redwood is also durable, resistant to insects, fire, and rot, and doesn’t crack or warp easily. Its rustic appeal due to its natural wood grain provides a warm aura, given its texture and reddish tone. But you do have to be consistent about regular maintenance if you want to retain the redwood's vibrant color and prevent it from fading away. Redwood also doesn’t bode well in heavy amounts of pressure and can dent easily if you are lugging around heavy furniture or sports equipment across its surface. And in that case, you will need to sign up for a Vancouver deck repair, given redwood is more vulnerable to being scrapped.

Aluminum: Despite most requests for wooden decks, others want a change of pace and swap for another unique material. Aluminum is also durable and lightweight and won’t crack or fracture easily, plus, it's resistant to mold. Plus, you’ll save in terms of maintenance costs as although it requires a good scrub here and there, you don’t need to waste time painting or staining it, unlike wood. It can, however, be noisy under heavier amounts of pressure, especially under constant foot traffic, and be a possible safety hazard during the winter as its surface glazes over and becomes slippery once exposed to ice.

Steel: Another unique material for decks, steel is incredibly durable, does well against moisture damage, is resistant to fire, can handle fluctuating temperatures and withstand heavy amounts of pressure, and probably makes its aluminum-based counterpart seem lame in comparison. But buyer beware, you must be keen about picking up the extra chore of cleaning via power washing to scrub off all the accumulated dirt and debris, and any lingering residue left behind over time can result in discolored rust on its surface and eventual corrosion of its structure. And so, although steel seems like the most resilient option, it has its weakness as a steel deck can potentially begin to leak, which of course, can be fixed with a deck repair. Vancouver, WA, can discuss all these pros and cons during their no-obligation consultation appointment.

Fiberglass: Probably the most elegant material, fiberglass is lightweight, waterproof and reflects light much better than other deck materials, and has less maintenance. If anything, fiberglass bolsters the aesthetic appeal of your home. The only downside is that if it happens to have a hairline crack or fracture, it cannot easily be repaired for a Vancouver deck repair at the risk of looking makeshift. Our expert handyman can, however, do their best to make minor mends with fiberglass epoxy resin using a plastic applicator if you can accept that your fiberglass deck won’t be the same as its original condition.

Vinyl: Plastic is the entry-level choice for most home remodels simply because it's so versatile. Vinyl won’t easily warp, can withstand pressure and fluctuating temperatures, and, best of all, can be customized with fun colors and designs. It can mimic real wood and showcase its authentic appeal without actually being the real thing. But please note it's expensive to install and its repairs are difficult to do as the plastic itself cannot be refinished as it's not an organic material. Plus, it's not environmentally friendly and any chipped-off pieces will not biodegrade and decompose but instead pollute the environment.


Although conducting a deck repair, in Vancouver, WA clients will find it can be a detailed process, by relying on a professional handyman, you can be rest assured that they will make your deck repair structurally sound. In terms of the repair process, here are some of the steps we take to remove old and damaged wooden boards for a Vancouver deck repair service appointment:

  1. Pry Away: Using a hammer and cat’s paw, a tool shaped like a small crowbar, we will begin to remove the nails from the damaged boards. For more surface-level shallow nails, use the claw end of the hammer to pry them out by sticking the nail head directly in between the gap end of the claw and begin ripping them out one by one. For more deeply embedded nails, we use the cat's paw by placing its edge between the deep nail and the wood deck’s surface at a 45-degree angle. To completely clench the nail, we will hit the back of the paw with our hammer to fully dig into the wood, and as usual, we will remove the nails carefully.

  2. Remove And Toss: Next, we will begin lifting out the damaged boards and dispose of them by hand. Sometimes the joist, or the horizontal piece of wood that supports the deck beneath, becomes jammed. In this case, we will use the claw end of the hammer to detach the board and joist using the board adjacent or closest to it so we can access and lift it out.

  3. Tidy Up: After we inspect the deck’s joist for damage, we will clean up any clinging debris. The professional inspection is crucial as any exposed joists must be sturdy to allow the replacement boards to rest flat atop them. We will remove any loose or bent nails and replace them with new ones to clear off any debris. If any joists are badly damaged, we will perform a deck repair, in Vancouver, WA, clients should note this as they serve as the supportive mechanisms for your deck’s boards.

  4. New And Improved: If it’s the circumstance your joists are damaged, we will take a detour for your Vancouver deck repair and focus our attention on replacing any joist which looks like it's rotting or unstable. We will first unscrew the joist’s flange bolts using a wrench and a jigsaw tool to cut out any sections of rotting wood. We will then use the saw to cut out a wooden beam that will replace the old joist and insert it back into place using corner brackets and nails to reattach it to the deck frame.

Key tip: Replacing a floor joist for a Vancouver deck repair is easily the trickiest, especially for a DIY attempt, as you can accidentally permanently damage the deck if you are not very careful. At this point, we recommend you reach out to a professional and experienced carpenter at Mr. Handyman, who is well-equipped with the tactic and knows how to get the job done.

  1. So Flashy: Next, we will cover and insulate any damaged joists with tin flashing to serve as backup and extra reinforcement for any joists which are too worn out. Using pressure, we will wrap the flashing around the edges of the joist.

  2. Mount And Set: Finally, we will hammer the nails affixed to the flashing on the joist at least a couple of inches deep to mount and set the deck’s structure. We will nail each side of the joist, so the flashing remains securely in place while we move on to the next steps of installing brand-new boards for your deck.

Fun fact: As a bonus, flashing is not only extra support for a deck repair, Vancouver, WA clients must know that tin flashing helps to keep wood dry whenever it rains, thus helping to prevent wood rot of the decks’ joists.

Why We Are A Viable Choice For Vancouver Deck Repair

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Your deck is bound to fall into disrepair and will inevitably require restoration due to general wear and tear, such as harsh weather conditions, including scathing rain, snow, and hail, or from physical impact. Our professional Vancouver handyman will perform a thorough inspection of your deck’s surface, checking for any structural damage before making recommendations for a deck repair. Vancouver, WA, homeowners will be informed if their platform is salvageable and if not, we can proceed with a deck installation if you give us the go.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deck Repair


Regardless of your deck’s material, the biggest reason for your platform collapsing is due to its shifting and pulling away from your house due to a loosened ledger board that wasn’t securely attached and fastened to the home, which is normally due to a shoddy installation job. You must hire an expert contractor for a Vancouver deck repair.


This depends on the current condition of your deck, if the cost of repairs outweighs the cost of replacing the entire platform, it’s obvious that, based on the tradeoff, it's best to replace the whole deck. Even if certain components are intact such as the deck’s boards, the joists that carry them may not be, and you will have to get them replaced anyways a few years down the line.


As mentioned above, you would have to remove the rotting boards or joists completely, as wood rot is contiguous and can spread to other parts of the deck. After this, any minor damage, such as a fracture to holes, is repaired with soft wood polyester or a wood patch using a plastic putty knife. After the epoxy filler has cured and dried, strengthening your platform, you can walk on your deck once more.

Keep Calm And Deck On With A Refurbished Balcony–Mr. Handyman Is Here To Rescue You!

After we’ve refurbished your deck, you’ll look forward to inviting guests over as they gaze upon your eye-catching deck and even ask you to a referral to Mr. Handyman of Vancouver. Whether you’re in Vancouver or nearby areas of Brush Prairie, Camas, or Heisson, we will show up uniformed and prompt and will even accommodate your busy schedule. Our team members always leave your home neat and tidy, cleaning up after themselves on their way out, and will dispose of any rubble at the proper facilities. Reach out to one of our friendly customer service representatives at, who will inform you more about our residential and commercial services and schedule your service appointment at your earliest convenience.

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