Common Knoxville Window Repair Warning Signs, Plus Tips

A handyman using measuring tape to measure the length of a window before starting residential window repairs.A handyman using measuring tape to measure the length of a window before starting residential window repairs.
Windows are one of the most beautiful features in any Knoxville home. Not only do they let natural light in, give you access to surrounding views, and provide a needed breath of fresh air, but they also serve a far more important purpose; they're an integral part of your home's heating and cooling system. Even if you don't have an AC unit, your widows—and the state they're in—can seriously impact your energy bill and carbon footprint. That’s just one reason why it’s so important to get reliable window repairs.

When your windows have seen better days, they take away from the overall aesthetic of your home and could negatively impact your energy bill. Also, if they can't open because of the damage, they could be a fire hazard.

If you're like other Knoxville homeowners, when you notice those issues you might think your only option is replacement. But, this is not always the case! For many problems, all you need is a reliable Knoxville window repair service from a skilled Knoxville handyman or carpenter. At Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville, our team has such skills. We offer a variety of home repair and maintenance services, including Knoxville window repair and replacement.

When Should I Replace Instead of Repair?

Usually, the reasons why you should consider installing a new model is if there's significant damage to the pane itself—say due to a storm or accident—if you want an updated aesthetic, or if you decided to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model. For instance, many older homes have single-pane models which are not as efficient as double-pane or other new options. Aside from those circumstances, you can save yourself time and money by hiring Knoxville window repair services instead of starting a replacement.

6 Signs You Need Knoxville Window Repair Service:

When it comes to Knoxville window repair, there are usually two primary regions where the most damage happens. First, look at the pane. Is it cracked or has a hole in it? Is there any broken glass? Does it need a screen repair? Perhaps the glass is crooked in the frame? If this is the case, you might have to install a replacement unit rather than get a window repair service.

Take a look at all the areas surrounding the panes too, including the window sill, sash, jamb, siding, and drip caps. These areas are more commonly damaged because they're typically made out of materials like wood that are more prone to damage. That being said, keep an eye out for the following six problems below. And, at the first sign of trouble, be sure to call our Knoxville window repair experts right away.

1. Water Damage

No Knoxville homeowner wants to deal with water damage. Even spotting a small brown stain on your wall or ceiling is enough to cause alarm—and for good reason. Water damage can seriously wreak havoc throughout your home. It causes wood to rot and drywall to mold. And often, moisture will creep into your home through the window. It has a tendency to seep into cracks, missing sections of molding, and already dampened frames and sills.

2. Rotted Frames

One of the most worrisome side effects of water damage is a rotting frame. Typically, heavy rains and humidity will make wood moist over time. Even treated and weather-proofed wood can rot if exposed to prolonged periods of moisture. It's important to regularly check your home for signs of wood rot, which include:

  • Discoloration
  • Crumbling wood that breaks into cube-like pieces
  • Softwood you could stick a screwdriver through

Pro Tip

Be sure to check areas that you can't see easily, or that aren't regularly exposed to sunlight (e.g., the underside of a sill). Use a flashlight to get a good look around and put a screwdriver into any concerning areas. If the wood has rotted, the screwdriver will sink in.

3. Rotting Drip Cap

Another high-risk area for wood rot is the drip cap. Located on top of the frame, the drip cap acts like a tiny awning and stops moisture from seeping into your house. Not all drip caps are made out of wood. Many modern options are made out of vinyl or aluminum. However, they can still get damaged or go missing due to inclement weather. It's important to ensure your drip cap is in good condition as it protects the rest of your home from water damage.

4. Chipped and/or Peeling Paint

Chipped and peeling paint is far more than a cosmetic issue. And while it will take away from the overall appearance of your home—detracting from your curb appeal and making your property look unkempt—it also leaves room for water damage to occur. Paint and wood stains help to repel water, subsequently protecting the wood beneath. Keep your home looking its best, while protecting it from water damage, by giving your frames a fresh coat of paint or stain.

5. Worn Caulking

Do you feel a draft in your home, even when you've closed all the windows? Most likely, your caulking has worn out. Caulking seals gaps, usually where one part of your home meets another. For instance, on your windows seals where the pane meets the frame. In the bathroom, caulk is typically used to seal where your tub meets the wall.

This thin strip of material prevents drafts, bugs, and humidity from sneaking into your home. However, it only lasts around five years. After that point, it starts to deteriorate, peel, and is usually quite stained. Caulking is a quick and easy window repair task any of our technicians is more than qualified to complete.

6. Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows

These types of window repair may not seem necessary, especially if you don't really open windows anyway to keep out humidity, or to prevent your HVAC system from working incorrectly. But it's actually incredibly important that your windows are able to open and close correctly. If they don't, it becomes a major fire hazard.

This problem is usually caused by the following issues, all of which we can fix with our Knoxville window repairs:

  • Rusty hinges and latches
  • Too much paint on the sash, causing it to stick
  • The sash is misaligned with the track
  • A twisted frame makes the sash inoperable

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