Your Knoxville property, whether it's residential or commercial, is among the major investments you'll make over the course of your life. That's why it's so important to keep it well-maintained and in good condition, to protect not only your investment but also your quality of life. But the old adage, "out of sight, out of mind," often applies when it comes to Knoxville roof repair and maintenance. It's easy to figuratively overlook your roof because you can't literally look over it, but neglecting that very key component of your building can have some huge consequences that affect the entire rest of the building, including the interior living space, the foundation, and everything else.

Protecting your home from serious issues like water damage and energy loss starts with skilled repair services by an experienced Knoxville handyman. Count on the team of dependable service providers at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville for expert roof repair and dozens of other repairs, improvement, installation, and maintenance services designed to get your property in top-notch condition and keep it that way.

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Our Reliable Knoxville Roof Repair Services

When they're searching for someone capable of delivering safe, effective roof repair, in Knoxville, TN homeowners don't always think of their local handyman. But our reliable Knoxville handyman team includes licensed roofing contractors who have the experience and skill to take care of repairs across your entire roofing system, both on and off the ladder. From replacing loose, damaged or missing shingles to repairing storm damage to ridge vents and replacing deteriorated fascia boards, our experienced team has the ability to get your residential property back in excellent shape and ensure it remains that way. We offer Knoxville roof repair services for these components:

  • Shingles
  • Vents
  • Ridge vents
  • Gables
  • Soffits
  • Fascia boards
  • Gutter systems

Pick Our Experts for Trustworthy Roof Repair, Knoxville TN

When you need reliable roofing services such as residential or commercial roof repair, Knoxville, TN professionals at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville are standing by. Count on us for excellent roof repair services and customer services that go the extra mile. We also provide numerous other services for your Knoxville home or commercial property, including wood rot repair, pressure washing, and much more. Our goal is to ensure your home is safe and comfortable, as well as add the extra to your curb appeal!

Frequently Asked Knoxville Roof Repair Questions


It can be difficult to tell when you actually need Knoxville roof repair, especially if you're not willing or able to climb a ladder and take a good look for yourself. But it's a good idea to be aware of the warning signs of roof damage that indicate your property could really use some help from a Knoxville roof repair professional, including:

  • Missing, broken, or loose shingles
  • Warped shingles that are bulging or cupping
  • Moss and other types of plant growth
  • Surface is sagging, warped, or rippled
  • Softened drywall, especially on ceilings
  • Water stains on drywall
  • Rotting, crumbling wood in attic space
  • Flattened, rotting, or damp attic insulation
  • Shafts of light in the attic on bright days
  • Attic rain or moisture damage and condensation on attic rafters
  • Vent covers are missing, broken or cracked
  • Gutters are full of "shingle sand" or granules of asphalt shingle
  • Soffit slats or holes are blocked off or clogged.


If you just went through the Knoxville roof repair process or are currently dealing with it, you're probably wondering how you can avoid needing roof repair again any time soon, and that's fair. Your roof obviously takes a lot of wear and tear damage over time from strong weather patterns, high winds, wildlife attacks, falling tree branches and more, which means eventual roof repair is pretty much inevitable. But that being said, there are definitely some ways to prolong its lifespan and avoid needing Knoxville roof repair for longer. Here are a few key steps homeowners can take:

  • Clean Gutters Regularly: Nobody really enjoys cleaning out their rain gutters, but this is a critically important step to keep not only your roof in great shape but to avoid extensive water damage on the rest of your house as well. When gutters are clogged or broken, large amounts of rainwater have nowhere to go and end up pooling on your roofline instead, damaging the shingles and eventually soaking through to the attic space and beyond. Not up to the task of gutter cleaning and gutter repair on your own? That's understandable! Leave this chore to your Knoxville handyman, and we'll make sure your gutters stay clean and in good condition so they can do their job to protect your home.
  • Trim Back Tree Branches: Trees are a beautiful addition to any property, but they can be rough on your roof. You can't keep 100% of all leaves from falling on your house, of course, but you can help reduce the probability of damage by trimming tree branches back so they aren't hanging over your house, or worse, scraping the shingles when it's windy. This will also help prevent tree branches from crashing down on your building during serious storms or high winds.
  • Get an Annual Roof Inspection: Finally, one of the most important things you can do is to either inspect your roof and attic space once per year yourself, or have someone take care of a professional inspection. Some deterioration is inevitable, and the earlier it is caught and handled, the easier, faster and more cost-effective the Knoxville roof repair process will be. You can also avoid major problems like wood rot in other parts of your house by never letting the top of your house get in dangerously bad condition.

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Do you need quality roofing repair services in Knoxville or parts of the surrounding area in Tennessee, such as Oak Ridge, Maryville or Claxton? Put your trust in the team of home improvement and repair experts at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville for excellent craftsmanship and dependable customer service.

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