When you live in a warm southern state, it is not unusual to have more precipitation than in other parts of the nation. Knoxville has an annual rainfall of 52 inches on average. Whether it’s early spring, high summer or early fall, it gets wet—even during the dry season you’ll experience the occasional rainfall. Therefore, you can’t protect your home’s exterior drainage system well enough. But luckily, the experienced team at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville has you covered. Our popular Knoxville gutter cleaning service is designed to promote the flow of water. This way, you’re not at risk of home flooding, foundation damage, and roofline problems.

When you hire our local Knoxville handyman, you can expect them to always go the extra mile to meet your needs and even exceed your expectations. When scheduling an appointment for gutter cleaning in Knoxville, TN, you will get the entire package that includes a detailed inspection. Contact us to learn more about this handyman service or book an appointment with a qualified service technician.

What Does Our Knoxville Gutter Cleaning Service Include?

Unlike some non-certified contractors who would just get going with what they’re hired for, the expert team at Mr. Handyman takes the time to inspect your rain gutters. There are at least six out of ten homes that have inefficient sectional gutters. The main cause for the problems is negligence—the lack of maintenance of keeping them in working order. When it comes to outdoor maintenance and repairs, the rain gutter system is among the most overlooked structures. But even if you hire Mr. Handyman’s Knoxville gutter cleaning regularly, we’ll still take the necessary precaution of inspecting your eavestroughs and surrounding structures.

As one of your home’s most important exterior drainage systems, clogged gutters can be the root of all evil. They’ll lead to a series of warning signs that call for a Knoxville gutter cleaning service. Or in the worst-case scenario, gutter repairs. The biggest warning signs that indicate you need Knoxville gutter cleaning are:

  • Leaks
  • Sagging
  • Water flowing over the edge
  • Plant growth
  • Water stains on siding
  • Peeling paint on fascia board
  • Clogged soffit vents that are restricting air flow in attic
  • Moisture damage in attic
  • Structure pulling away from fascia
  • No water flowing out of the downspout pipes
  • Ice damage or icicles

These telltale signs also hint that minor or major repairs are needed to recover your system’s functions and curb appeal. As a crucial part of your exterior trims, your sectional or seamless gutters could be collecting debris on a daily basis. So it is essential to stop any organic matter from decomposing and settling inside the system.

After the inspection, our Knoxville gutter cleaning experts will likely use a pressure washer to unclog the system and get the water flowing again. That’s only if we have determined the stability of your eavestroughs. This includes gutter cleaning and downspout cleaning. If the structure is not sturdy and major repairs are needed, we’ll likely use the traditional method of scooping out the grime. Next, we’ll carefully rinse out the U-shaped or K-shaped traps and have them ready for repairs. Once your gutters are cleaned, repaired and ready for the next big rainfall, we'll tidy up after ourselves before we leave.

Why Mr. Handyman Is Your Best Choice For Knoxville Gutter Cleaning

Mr. Handyman is proud to be one of Neighborly’ top-rated home service franchises in Canada and the United States. Since Mr. Handyman’s foundation in the 1990s, it has established itself as one of the most acknowledged handyman companies that puts its clients first. Despite being a franchise, each handyman location is locally owned and operated and fully committed to serving its local community and making a difference.

Our loyal customers have referred to us as their convenient, trusted source for all their property maintenance and repair needs. Not only is our experienced team highly versatile, but they also deliver high-quality workmanship that always guarantees customer satisfaction. To secure your peace of mind, you can count on our Done Right Promise® that backs our work with a one-year warranty. (Parts warranty is dependent upon the manufacturer.)

From drywall installation to chimney repair and Knoxville gutter cleaning, trust our excellent maintenance and repair services to restore your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, and comfort. In fact, we can save you time and money by crossing multiple smaller tasks off your to-do list in one appointment. Pick up the phone and get in touch with us today to schedule a service appointment with our reliable handyman team or to learn more about the trusted services we offer to enhance the livability and longevity of your residential or commercial property.

FAQs About Gutter Cleaning: Knoxville, TN

When in need of an expert gutter cleaning in Knoxville, TN, you can depend on the local pros at Mr. Handyman for quality grime and debris removal. We understand that it can be daunting to invite a contractor to your home to get this job done. Will they do it properly? Do they know what they’re doing? Having a list of important questions to ask will help give you some peace of mind. You’ll know that the experts hired have your home’s safety in mind.

Is Knoxville Gutter Cleaning Really All That Important?

Rain gutter cleaning, may not seem all that significant or important. After all, does it really matter if a little trough attached to the edge of your roof is functioning correctly or not? How much rainwater can a gutter really redirect, anyway? If this is your line of thinking, you may be very surprised by just how crucial your gutters are and how much they do to protect your home from serious water damage. From a cracked foundation to a leaky roof, clogged or broken gutters that are in serious need of Knoxville gutter cleaning services can cause problems that have the potential to destroy your home if left unchecked for too long.

You probably already know that excessive exposure to water is a homeowner's worst enemy. There's no end to the trouble water can cause when it ends up in the wrong places, which is why it's so important to have systems such as gutters in place to circumvent that damage. But how much water are we really talking about? We already mentioned that Knoxville gets about 52 inches of rain per year on average, which might not sound like much. But just one inch of rain on a 2,000-square-foot roof produces 1,240 gallons of water, or about 30 bathtubs worth. That means over the course of a year, about 64,480 gallons of water could land on your roof, or more if you have a larger home. When you look at it that way, it's easier to understand just how important it is to invest in Knoxville gutter cleaning services to ensure your gutters are clean, in good condition and able to protect your home from the effects of all that water.

What’s the Average Cost of a Knoxville Gutter Cleaning?

This depends on a few factors, such as the square footage of your house, the type and age of rain gutters in place and whether we find any underlying issues that call for repairs. The height may also play a huge role as it is, after all, a safety risk even for experienced technicians. Mr. Handyman cares about providing upfront pricing, and we’re able to provide you with a transparent cost estimate upon an inspection. Feel free to contact our knowledgeable office team for more information on costs, as we may be able to give a price range upon learning more about your situation.

What Time of the Year Is Best For Gutter Cleaning in Knoxville, TN?

Since Knoxville’s climate and weather patterns are different from most parts of the U.S., we highly recommend one Knoxville gutter cleaning service during the dry season in early March. Although every day has a 35% chance of rain, July and August are probably the wettest periods of the year. So your best time for the second round of cleaning would be around late August or early September. One added benefit of hiring Mr. Handyman is that we provide detailed inspections to ensure your eavestroughs are still in good condition after the rainy period. Clearing out leaves and debris right away will stop them from decomposing over the winter months. When leaves decompose and clog up, they cause a series of moisture problems that are detrimental to the surface coating, as well as any sealant and caulking. With two annual Knoxville gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance services, you could save yourself from costly damage.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Knoxville Gutter Cleaning Service?

Some property owners in Knoxville may wonder if hiring a professional is a good idea. But when you need regular gutter cleaning in Knoxville, TN, our handyman pros bring a wide range of experience. Not only are they trained to effectively clean out those metal traps, but they’re also able to identify problems right away before they develop into more serious issues. Thus, a minor maintenance service could save you a lot of money down the road. Besides, every service professional at Mr. Handyman is fully insured and able to work on residential and commercial properties worry-free. All of our tools and equipment are certified and fall within a standardized range.

Do Gutter Guards Help in Reducing Maintenance?

Not necessarily. Depending on the type of guard system you choose, you could easily increase your maintenance needs. Some types of micro-mesh screens are effective in deflecting large leaves and debris, but it’s not uncommon for pine needles to get stuck in them and require you to manually remove them. Whether it is steel or plastic mesh, they can cause extra stress that leads to extra work. Of course, there are also higher-quality mesh guards with larger holes. While effective, they do not always reduce your maintenance costs.

If you have seamless gutters, you’re already benefiting from a leak-proof system. However, seamless units can also clog, which is why some property owners opt for a specialized leaf guard system that is fully enclosed, so there is no vertical opening for leaves and debris to enter. They are deemed leak-proof, clog-free, and low-maintenance, but regular inspection and Knoxville gutter cleaning are still recommended to ensure optimal performance.

Can I Use a Leaf Blower to Clean Gutters?

We don’t normally recommend that, but we have seen property owners do it without a problem. Please do keep in mind that it may work best during the dry season when you know for sure that leaves haven’t yet decomposed and turned into grimy matter. Standard leaf-blowing devices have long attachments that are suited for gutter cleaning. Knoxville, TN residents should take note of the type of blower they use, as they come in different grades. The standard consumer level is typically at a CFM of 450 - 500 (MPH: 150 - 190). Our tip is to have your eavestroughs and surrounding structures inspected first before you decide to use them.

Be Prepared For the Rain: Get Knoxville Gutter Cleaning Service and Inspection From Mr. Handyman!

It’s time to put away your outdated gutter scoop and leave the job to your qualified and fully insured experts at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville. Perhaps you have always relied on your garden hose to clear your eavestroughs. But climbing a tall ladder each time is still a safety risk if you don’t have liability coverage. Instead of worrying, secure your peace of mind with Mr. Handyman’s professional Knoxville gutter cleaning services.

Reach out to our outstanding customer service reps today! Ask any questions that you may have or schedule an appointment with one of our handyman pros. We're looking forward to the opportunity to let you know why we're considered the best choice for local, dependable handyman services such as Knoxville gutter cleaning. We proudly serve our local customers in West Knoxville, and that includes our neighbors in Oak Ridge, Powell, and Karns.

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