Gutter Installation and Repair Advice from a Knoxville Handyman

Does your home need gutter installation or gutter repair? Most homes in Knoxville come equipped with water diversion along the roofline, but that's not always the case. Even if you do have systems for diverting rainwater, that doesn't mean you're well-protected. Missing, damaged, or backed-up sections are all potential problems for homeowners that occur after gutter installation service is complete. Those issues need effective gutter repair service — before the next big storm causes extensive water damage.

Failing to get gutter repairs is a serious problem that leaves many Knoxville homeowners at risk for costly water damage. Homes without those protective systems are even more vulnerable. Most of the exterior features of a home exist for both beauty and protection. Rain gutters are one of the most important parts of that outer shield.

The experienced professionals at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville have seen a lot of major issues during their years of experience providing gutter repairs, installation, and cleaning services. There are many vital considerations that Knoxville homeowners overlook when it comes to protecting their property from heavy rains. We're here to provide a few tips for more powerful protection.

Use a Seasonal Maintenance Schedule

Knoxville's off-season is cold and wet. During the fall and winter, weather puts more pressure on the outer areas of local homes. Both reliable gutter repair services and cleaning are essential for keeping yourself protected from that inclement outdoor activity.

Late Summer — Early Fall: Repairs

The best time to get Knoxville gutter repair service or installation is during late summer and early fall. Timely repairs and replacement will protect you from the effects of rain during the following spring — and from melting snow after the occasional winter snowfall.

Spring: Cleaning

A clear, sunny spring day is best for cleaning. Leaves, moisture, and other debris all build up in outdoor drainage over Knoxville's fall and winter seasons. Letting that grime sit is never a good idea. There are many reasons for annual gutter cleaning, but the most important is for maintaining the protection provided by that roofline drainage.

Pick the Best Gutter Material for Knoxville — & For You

Did you know that there are several different materials available for homeowners in Knoxville? You may have even noticed them without realizing it. Rain gutters are absolutely important for protection from the elements, but don't forget that exterior home features have two purposes. Material choice is important for getting the best functionality from a new installation while still improving curb appeal with an amazing decorative gutter installation.

Material Options Include

Vinyl gutters: The most cost-effective, easy to install option. Vinyl resists rust and corrosion, but it's considered vulnerable to damage from strong winds and storms — especially if it's not installed correctly.

Aluminum gutters: Lightweight, rust-proof, and relatively easy to install, aluminum is a great alternative to the common vinyl choice. Aluminum's largest drawbacks are its vulnerability to extreme temperatures and rapid temperature fluctuations along with its weakness to dents.

Stainless-steel gutters: Steel is durable, temperature resistant, and resists the effects of Knoxville weather better than other options. Unfortunately, it's more expensive and more difficult to install. It's also important that you know the difference between regular steel and stainless-steel. The former is less rust-resistant than the latter, but both require more maintenance to resist corrosion.

Copper gutters: While copper systems are certainly stylish, they're also quite expensive. The natural patina of copper provides extra protection against the elements, but the green tinge is a drawback for some homeowners. Copper looks great and lasts a long time, but it's definitely the most expensive option in Knoxville.

Consider Upgrades with Repairs

As with many other features in Knoxville homes, the drainage on rooflines comes with a variety of different optional features. The most basic system is a good starting point, but there are additional options for added weather defense from top to bottom.

Do You Have a Gutter Guard?

Covered drainage requires much less maintenance. Guards keep out leaves, animals, and most other debris, but have small holes to ensure that your roof drainage will still direct water toward safer areas of your property.

Guards make it easier to keep gutters clean, reduce the amount of cleaning they need, and lower risks for damage caused by severe clogs. However, they don't completely eliminate the need for cleaning, and they won't eliminate the possibility of moss or algae growth in Knoxville roof drainage. Even still, some protection is always better than none at all.

Is Your Downspout Installed Correctly?

Faulty downspout installation could create serious complications. Both modern builders and historic home construction companies are guilty of incorrectly installing downspouts. Plastic downspout tubing is a common modern issue that leads to further frustration, and downspout locations that are too close to foundations are prevalent in both new and old homes.

If your downspout tube is made of weak plastic material or is located too close to your house, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment for material replacement or a downspout extension. Without corrections for either failure, your home could be at risk. Ideally, your downspout should be made of material that's equally as strong as the rest of your system, and it should be located in an area that's far enough from your foundation to avoid moisture accumulation issues.

Other Potential Upgrades Include:

  • Diverters

  • Aprons & flashing

  • Downspout hinges

  • Rain chains

  • Rainwater collection systems

  • Retractable downspouts

Replace Your Seamless Gutter

Seamless roof drainage is more popular with older homes, but they're not as common for new Knoxville gutter installations — and there's an important reason why. Those concealed lines might be great for improving your exterior trim's appearance, but they're prone to flooding — especially when they get clogged.

If there are gallons of water pouring down on your roof, it's possible for seamless systems to overflow. If those flooded drains are sitting behind your fascia, as seamless systems do, you might find several other problems caused by that flooding — including rot, rust, and other common types of soffit and fascia damage.

Replacement Styles

Half-round: This is the most traditional style for installation or replacement. They're typically found on homes built before 1960. They're used less often today because their shape makes them prone to clogs and they don't sit flush against fascia boards.

K-style: Named after the shape of their profile, k-style systems have a flat bottom and wider opening at the top, so that they look like the letter “k” when viewed from the side. They carry more water than the half-round style and they sit right against fascia boards. They've been the most popular installation choice for many years, partly because their design resembles crown molding.

Fascia style: Rather than sitting on fascia boards, this style replaces them altogether. These are installed directly below the lower edge of roofs along the frame, so that they hide the rafter tails while also catching rainwater and other debris. With one installation, you get the benefit of two different features!

Take Care of Basic Gutter Repairs

Over time, little repair issues always start to add up in Knoxville. Those repairs are easy to ignore, but if you wait too long to fix the minor issues affecting your rain drainage, you might be facing a higher repair cost in the future — or an early appointment for professional Knoxville gutter installation service to replace a ruined system.

Essential Repairs Include:

  • Fixing leaks

  • Aligning sections

  • Removing rust

  • Tightening downspouts & loose sections

  • Patching holes

  • Removing nests & pests

  • Clearing clogs

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