Inspirational Ideas for Your Home Remodel in Knoxville, TN

Do you know what the best part about owning property in Knoxville is? It certainly isn't regular maintenance like gutter cleaning, and it definitely isn't routine repairs and maintenance like fixing broken deck boards or wood rot. It’s all the inspiration you can get from beautiful Knoxville home remodels!

The best part about owning property here, other than great food and good opportunities, is your access to excellent sources of inspiration for your own home remodeling project. Some of the most unique, historic, outstanding homes are located right in Knoxville. They show not just what Knoxville homes used to look like, but also the wide variety of potential features for your own home remodeling projects.

Along those preserved pieces of inspiration are your local remodeling contractors. Industry professionals are some of the best people to ask for tips and ideas during the design process of any remodel project, because they know what people in Knoxville are happy with — and what trendy features are better left out of Knoxville home remodels.

With so many options, deciding where to begin a beautiful home remodel might be more difficult than actually finishing the project. Inspiration is just one area that the service professionals at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville can help with your renovation project. Our experience in remodeling homes throughout Knoxville includes professional insight into which options leave homeowners with regret — and which choices create both a beautiful design and a functional design at the same time.

Knowing where to begin might be as simple as seeing which options are most satisfying for other homeowners in Knoxville. Once you've had a chance to see those ideas, you can start to think about which cosmetic updates might be best for your Knoxville home remodel.

Create An Accent Wall

You won't find an accent wall in many of Knoxville's historic homes, but you might see shiplap panels. That older material is making a come-back along in many modern homes, along with many other wall styles. Accent walls make an excellent choice for anyone thinking about how to reinvigorate their home without paying an above-average cost for a major renovation.

Your choices for accent styles in your home are nearly endless. You could choose shiplap for a rustic look along interiors, or you could choose to paint the wall a bold new color. You could even add custom shelving to make walls stand out in other ways.

Creating an accent wall is something that we've helped many people do. If you need support, we'd be happy to provide our insight and expertise for the design process — and every other stage of the job.

Potential Wall Styles:

  • Stripes & other patterns on walls

  • Natural stone material

  • Hidden doors

  • Bright, bold colors

  • Colorful trims

  • Mirrors

  • Tile

  • Shiplap & other wood materials

  • Dark colors — or even neutral colors

  • Paneling or other custom drywall features

Simple Shower Remodels

You can liven up an older bathroom simply by creating a new, luxurious shower that's both functional and fantastic. Master shower remodeling — or even updating a guest bathroom shower — is one easy way that homeowners complete a custom remodel without changing their entire house. Simply adding new slate tiles or completing a walk-in conversion might be all your bathroom needs to feel brand-new!

Another benefit of shower updates and other bathroom remodeling projects is the opportunity to work in aging-in-place features if you're concerned about how long you'll be able to stay in your current residence. Adding handrails and other accessible shower features will keep you comfortable for years to come.

Shower Ideas for Knoxville, TN:

  • Adding tile — in any style or color

  • Better lighting

  • Create custom storage

  • Shower seats — or even a full bench

  • Built-in towel racks

  • Grab bars or other accessibility features

Add Outdoor Features

The outstanding remodeling services you can take advantage of aren't just restricted to interior spaces. Porches, decks, and patios are all areas where you can complete beautiful home improvements — especially if your existing outdoor features are suffering from the inevitable wear caused by weather and pests in Knoxville.

There are nearly as many options for outdoor areas as there are for walls and other highly customizable areas. You can add screens to an existing deck to fully enclose your outdoor space. Tiles are also an option for outdoor areas like patios. Even just adding rails to your front porch is a simple home remodel project that reinvigorates your front exterior — and improves your mood every time you see it.

Potential Outdoor Features for Knoxville, TN:

  • Screened-in areas

  • Built-in bench seating

  • Classic & modern style railings — you can even combine styles!

  • Adding pergolas

  • Adding rails

  • Custom stairs

  • Privacy screens

  • Add an overlook

  • Create elevated areas

  • Integrated yard spaces

Basement Remodels

Updating your basement will alter the way your entire home feels — especially if you're currently sitting above an unfinished area with exposed pipes or wiring. Drywall installation might be a good place to start if your current basement fits in that category.

Whether you need finishing services or you already have a complete basement, there are many ways that professional services can help with a basement remodel. Replacing your floor is one easy option that many people overlook. If you live in an older house, you can switch out that old carpet for something more modern.

Whether you want a second living room, a custom gym, or a unique workspace, there are many ways that your local handyman service professionals can remodel your basement to be the best place in your house. We'll help you create a smart design that meets your needs.

Basement Ideas for Knoxville, TN:

  • Add a home theater, game room, or entertainment area

  • Create another guest room

  • Set up a home gym — with custom flooring and storage

  • Install unique storage spaces

  • Create a playroom

  • Design a better laundry area

  • Add arches & other custom drywall features

  • Create a home office or custom workspace

  • Customize the stairs

Do You Need Remodeling Specialists in Knoxville, TN?

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