5 Essential Steps to Preparing Your West Knoxville Kitchen Remodel

Our kitchen is a sacred place. Not only is food life, but it’s where we gather with family and friends to socialize while preparing meals or eating together. The moment you raise an eyebrow is probably when you have guests over, and you begin to notice your outdated slamming cabinets or the hard-to-clean greasy backsplash that makes you want to avoid making pan-fried dishes. There’s no reason to be self-conscious about it because a kitchen remodel is exactly what you will need to feel comfortable again in your own space.

Planning a West Knoxville kitchen remodel can be a stressful project, and it’s certainly not a one-person job. You will need a reliable team with a can-do attitude to execute the ultimate task. Once you can picture your dream kitchen from top to bottom, all you’ll have to do is the prep work.

Share your kitchen remodeling ideas with our expert technicians at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville. If you need a team that will understand your needs better than anyone, you’ll be in good hands with us.

Planning & Research

A dream remains a dream if we don’t make plans to execute them with discipline and patience. It’s not always easy for homeowners to find the time to do their research and map out the things they want. Some research and advanced planning will not only help your West Knoxville handyman team, but you’ll gain a wider understanding of possibilities you didn’t know existed.

Since you are the one making the final decisions, it’s important to stay motivated by looking forward to the end result before you begin. To keep this excitement flowing, it helps to research some kitchen remodeling ideas on Pinterest or home magazines—visual inspirations will bring you closer to making the perfect kitchen remodel plan.

Whether you’re looking for a full makeover or only have one or two areas of focus, it’s important to keep in mind that some will benefit in combination with the other.

For a better idea of how to plan your kitchen remodel, our services include the following installations:

  • New Floor

  • New Countertop

  • Custom Islands

  • New Sink

  • New Backsplash

  • New Cabinets

  • Update Lighting Fixtures

You will be surprised to learn that our versatile handyman team has the capacity to accommodate all these jobs, so you require only one contractor to get the job done.

Budget & Time Management

West Knoxville homeowners probably dread kitchen remodeling budgeting the most because it involves keeping emergency money in the savings, ready for any unforeseen circumstances and setbacks. It could be hidden damages you didn’t know about or an item you wanted is on backorder, and you’re forced to opt for the more expensive version in order to meet your timeline. Knowing that this can be a nightmare, we recommend being realistic and careful during budgeting. Once you have an estimate, keeping a minimum of at least 10 percent as an emergency fund will give you peace of mind. When sharing your ideas with our West Knoxville handyman, they can provide you with an essential checklist to speed up the process.

Setting a reasonable timeline is crucial. While you can rely on our team for time coordination, it’s important to clearly communicate and map out the schedule for relevant tasks. For example, we will inspect the area before the kitchen remodel and note down a time estimate for each part. If we estimate it to be a three-month project, we will outline the tasks accordingly and have them ready for your approval.

Walls, Floors, Backsplashes

As we have touched upon above, it's worth having a specialist inspect your walls and floors' condition before a remodel. We will most likely move aside your outdated appliances to look at specific areas.

The main objective of this inspection is to better meet your needs by ensuring that we can rule out any underlying issues that could potentially stop us from a smooth renovation process. Our goal is to ensure your home doesn’t show signs of structural damage. This way, we’ll be able to guarantee a successful West Knoxville kitchen remodel by preventing defective areas from growing worse, and we will prevent a loss on both sides.

Your hardwood floors may be cupping, or the subfloor is showing signs of water damage. Depending on your home's age, the drywall behind cabinets may be worn and discolored. Before installing a new backsplash, we will remove the old one. And because your existing backsplash is probably cemented onto drywall, we will have to remove it altogether and take drywall repair or replacement into account. Taking appropriate measures in advance will benefit the overall remodeling process.


Your kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest tasks on the list, and we’re talking about something more personalized than commercial furniture. Wouldn’t you want something more special to make the kitchen remodel worthwhile? We have mentioned versatility before, but did you know that our local handyman professionals bring over ten years’ worth of carpentry skills? We offer personalized custom cabinets and other carpentry work.

One of the biggest advantages of custom woodwork is that you have someone that listens carefully to your needs and is physically present to take precise measurements. They can envision the final product with you and make suggestions. This way, you get the perfect fit, designed especially for your kitchen. Custom carpentry projects are our expertise; moreover, we let you choose your preferred wood type. Tennessee’s native trees include oak, maple and dogwood—all excellent for skilled carpenters to make durable custom cabinets for your kitchen remodel.

Not only do you know where your material comes from, but it’s locally sourced and responsibly harvested. This is the most sustainable choice West Knoxville homeowners can make because it beats low-quality stock and prefab cabinets by miles, and you’re supporting your local lumber companies. Consider it as an ROI if you ever plan to sell your home because customized woodwork adds immense value.

Update Electrical Fixtures

A kitchen remodel is not complete without improved lighting. When you have your new appliances, cabinets and countertops in place, you want them to shine and impress. Lighting systems are important for a functional kitchen and are different from the purpose of lights in other rooms.

  • Ambient lighting: This is a popular kind of ceiling light. One or two flush mount ceiling lights can sufficiently illuminate a small to medium-size kitchen.

  • Recessed lighting: Homeowners that dislike hanging lights have recessed lights fitted into their ceiling, typically installed in grit-form. Three to six recessed lights will brighten up your kitchen perfectly.

  • Task light: Tasks are usually a strip of lights, linearly-arranged to give you targeted illumination for a specific area, whether it’s your cutting board, preparation area or sink.

  • Accent light: Accent serves decorative purposes as an additional light mounted to the wall or ceiling. Wall sconces are good examples.

  • Under-cabinet: This type can be dimmable and serves many purposes. Apart from extra lighting, it’s ideal for keeping it on as a kitchen night light, so you can safely grab some water.

Electrical fixtures are our expertise! We will take the necessary precautions to ensure your lighting system works as it should and illuminates your brand-new kitchen.

In addition, a ceiling fan installation comes with many benefits, such as providing your kitchen with a cool draft. Studies have shown that ceiling fans can help you save up to 15 percent on your energy bill.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Remodel

We have covered the main topics of West Knoxville kitchen remodel and understand that there is much more we haven’t looked at in greater detail. Therefore, we have answered some of our clients’ frequently asked questions.

What are the Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel?

  • Safer living environment for you and your family

  • Long-term results through improved functionality

  • Customization and personalization

  • Optimized energy systems to control utility costs

  • Improved work environment

  • Less future maintenance

  • Renovation projects can give you up to 70 percent ROI

What is the Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

Cabinets, but surprisingly enough, they’re often the main reason why West Knoxville homeowners seek a kitchen remodel in the first place. Having mentioned our custom cabinets and other carpentry services, we are transparent in our pricing and are convinced that we can work something out that’s cost-effective.

What if I Need My West Knoxville Handyman team for Longer?

Suppose you realize during the kitchen remodel that you need additional work done unrelated to what was agreed upon. In that case, we are happy to work something out to extend the existing contract. The sooner you can tell our team and our office about your requirements, the better.

My Kitchen Appliances Still Work Fine. Should I Still Upgrade them?

The purpose of a remodel is to upgrade essentials like countertops, islands or backsplashes, but to increase your kitchen’s efficiency, we recommend upgrading your appliances due to new smart technologies that will consume less energy and provide smoother operation overall. Some of the appliances we recommend looking at include:

  • Ventilation, hood

  • Stove & oven

  • Refrigerator

  • Dishwasher

Is Painting Included in My West Knoxville Kitchen Remodel?

We can definitely add painting and staining to the project. If we make custom cabinets and other woodwork for you, it will include adequate finishing, ensuring they are protected and will last for years to come. Or if you have existing trims or require crown molding, we can do that for you too.

I want a Marble Countertop. Can You Help?

Yes, we can! They are an elegant and efficient work surface and will last you for many years. This task often includes removing the old countertop and refitting the base cabinets (unless you want them replaced too). Once properly installed, we will seal the marble accordingly to avoid staining and etching. It’s a preventative maintenance service that needs to be repeated every year.

Can You Incorporate a Sink Into My Kitchen Island?

An island has various purposes, and it’s always a good idea to add supporting components to it. If you have multiple kitchen stations, it’s always handy to have an extra sink. We can certainly install one for you.

Is It Too Much Extra Work Adding Tile Floors To My Kitchen?

There is nothing we would call too much. A full remodel includes new floor installation, and if you want tile installation, we offer a range of possibilities, from cement to porcelain and slate to marble.

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