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  • Q. Do you know how I can repair a screen for my window?

    A. Having your screens repaired or replaced can be expensive. Window screens can get punctured, torn, snagged or discolored but if ...

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  • Q. Do you need to grout your backsplash in the kitchen?

    A. You should always check with the store where you purchased your tile on installation instructions. Although grout will not add ...

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  • What are French Doors and are they the same as Patio Doors?

    French doors have a history dating back to the French Renaissance era. In the beginning, they were initially installed as single ...

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  • 5 Tips to Make a Room Less Warm

    With summer on the way, the weather is improving quickly. Warmer outdoor temperatures can cause the indoor temperature of your ...

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  • Do you recommend spray painting our metal mailbox?

    Yes, we do. First, would recommend thoroughly cleaning the mailbox using an all-purpose cleaner to remove any dirt, oils and dust. ...

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  • We need to update our siding on our home, are there many options available for vinyl siding?

    Vinyl siding comes in several grades and thicknesses. Although it can vary by manufacturer, a higher-grade vinyl will typically ...

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  • 5 Steps to Follow to Fix a Misaligned Door Latch

    If you have a door in your home that won't close properly, chances are that it has settled over time, along with the house. If the ...

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  • Any suggestions for decorative planters for flowers outside our home?

    If you’re looking for a new way to add curb appeal to your home, or for some new ideas to freshen up your outdoor living space, ...

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  • How Do I Clean My Gas Grill?

    It is now springtime and that means grilling season has officially arrived! While people cook outside year round, there is nothing ...

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  • While doing my Spring home inspection I noticed woodpecker holes in my siding. How can I repair the holes?

    Woodpeckers use their bills to peck holes in wood, trees and then stick their long, barbed tongues inside to poke around for ...

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  • How do I install a pet door? Our back door has a glass insert and insufficient room for a pet door, can we go through the wall of the house?

    Yes, there are pet doors that goes through the wall of a home. Understand that walls are thicker than doors, so the thru-wall ...

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  • How often should a wooden fence be cleaned and stained?

    If your fence is looking a little dull, a new stain or sealant could be the most cost-effective way to update it. Ensure you have ...

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  • How Do I Clean My Tools?

    Ask any veteran mechanic, construction worker, landscaper, plumber or electrician and it’s likely they’ll tell you the reason some ...

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  • Should my fence be inspected annually?

    As part of your outside maintenance, you should inspect your fence annually in the spring. Occasionally, your fence may need a few ...

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  • What type of annual fence maintenance should I do?

    Your fence is an important extension of your home, as it provides privacy, safety for your pets and children. Your fence takes ...

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