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  • Q. Spring is around the corner, what type of maintenance should I do on our deck?

    A . Your deck is an important extension of your home, as it provides a lovely outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing. Decks ...

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  • Q. Are you selling your home? What are some of the things the seller should focus on?

    A. If you are selling your home, you have many things you should consider in increasing your homes visibility. Here are some ...

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  • Q. What are a few tips to get my home ready for Spring?

    A. Spring is almost here! Getting your home ready for the warm weather should be on your ‘to do’ list. When is the last time you ...

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  • Q & A - Washing Machines and Flooding. How common is this?

    Q. My neighbor’s home was flooded when their washing machine hose ruptured. How common is this? A. Far more common than you might ...

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  • Q & A - I noticed that some of our insulated glass windows have a ‘haze’ between the panes. How do I clean this?

    A: Unfortunately, this cannot be cleaned. The glass must be replaced. Insulated Glass (IG) windows are a sealed unit of two panes ...

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  • Q & A - What should I do if our toilet keeps running?

    A running toilet can drive you crazy, especially if jiggling the handle doesn't make it stop. It can waste hundreds of gallons of ...

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  • Q. What are the Benefits of LED Lighting?

    Learning about the Benefits and Advantages of LED Lighting When new technologies are developed, products become more efficient and ...

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  • Q. How Do I Clean My Gutters and Gutter Guards?

    Do I Need to Clean My Gutter Guards? If your home has gutters, then you know how they can get dirty and clogged with leaves, mud, ...

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  • Q. How Do I Fix a Light Switch?

    Learn How to Fix a Light Switch Many homeowners are wary of doing their own electrical lighting projects, mainly because they ...

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  • Q. How Do I Choose a Paint Color for My Front Door?

    Choosing a Paint Color for Your Front Door You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your front door can offer a ...

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  • Q. What Do I Need to Know About LED Lighting?

    4 Things To Know About LED Lighting One of the most energy-efficient lighting technologies in use today is the light-emitting ...

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  • Q. How Do I Choose the Right Mailbox?

    4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Mailbox A mailbox is considered an accessory for your home; you can choose a traditional ...

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  • Q. How Do I Organize My Garage?

    Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale offers garage organization tips While a garage is generally a place to store your vehicles, many ...

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  • Q. How Do I Get My Deck Ready for Summer?

    Preparing Your Deck For Summer? With Summer around the corner, you may want to start thinking about sprucing up your outside deck! ...

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  • Q. I'm Selling My Home - How Do I Make it Stand Out?

    You’re ready to sell your home. So how do you make it stand out from the sea of listings out there? Wayne Owczarzak, owner of Mr. ...

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