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Our professional handyman can install just about any product. Mr. Handyman of Wheaton to Hinsdale wants to be your resource for all maintenance and repair needs. We have been involved in your community and would like to share some local resources that may be of interest to you. We know you want professionals handling each installation. We also know you don't have the time to research, call, and manage different specialists to handle each home improvement. We'll manage and coordinate all your installations, repairs, and regular maintenance. On time. Done right. That's our guarantee.

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An incredible new wave of gutter protection. Invisible, effective and affordable. Gutter Stuff® is designed to fit completely inside any 5" or 6" K style gutter. Gutter Stuff® can be installed anywhere a K style gutter is hung. It's ideal for any home application, commercial building, or institutional project. The new wave of gutter protection leaves no leaf or debris problem unsolved. Call Mr. Handyman of Wheaton today to install Gutter Stuff and never have your gutters cleaned again!

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Mr. GrabBar: Do you, your parents or a loved one need assistance enjoying the comfort of their own home? Mr. GrabBar carries a wide variety of rails, grab bars, hooks and other devices that provide added assistance to those who need a little help. Perfect for the bathroom, hallway or any room, these products are made to last. For proper and safe installation be sure to call Mr. Handyman of Wheaton to Hinsdale.

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Tired of getting up at night to let your pet outside to answer nature’s call? Tired of cleaning up the mess left behind when your pet could not make it outdoors? PlexiDor has an assortment of pet doors that allow your pets to come and go as they please. These top quality doors are also insulated, saving money on your energy bills.