What are some DIY projects for the summer time?

Easy DIY Summer Time Projects at Home

It’s summertime. The flowers are in bloom, the grass is green and the bushes have been trimmed. Now that your yard is spruced up, it’s a good time to give your home a summer tune-up.

This means you will inspect your home and perform necessary maintenance to keep your home safe and prevent more serious problems and costly repairs. Wayne Owczarzak, owner of Mr. Handyman, a family-owned and operated professional handyman company, suggests you take a look around your house and take note of the following items to keep your home running smoothly and extend its life.

  • Check electrical cords
    • Look for frayed wires or cracks, and don’t use damaged extension cords or overload outlets. Feel outlets to make sure none are warm. If you find a warm one, call an electrician.

  • Inspect chimney
    • Keep your chimney cleaned and inspected. Set up a recommended schedule and stick to it.

  • Check furnace filter
    •  A clogged filter makes a furnace work harder than normal, and it also needs to run much longer to cool or heat your home. Change them every two to three months.

  • Oil garage door springs
    • When your springs get dry and start rubbing or binding, it is just a matter of time before they break. A little oil will help keep them moving freely and last longer.

  • Replace smoke detector batteries
    • Change the batteries once a year and you never need to worry about them. Also test them to make sure they beep as needed.

  • Inspect backup sump battery
    • If the battery is four years old or older, change it. The number one reason backup sump pumps fail is because the battery is old and not maintained.

  • Clean faucet aerator/drains
    • Keep the water flowing by regularly cleaning faucet aerators with CLR or a similar product.

  • Inspect attic fans
    • Check to make sure the attic fan is working and that it is set to the correct temperature.

  • Tighten cabinet knobs
    • Secure all knobs on cabinets and doors.

  • Inspect dryer vent for lint
    • A build up of lint can be a fire hazards. Keep it clean and safe.

  • Spray wasps and bee hives
    • Walk around the home to see if any nests are visible. Remove them before they get too big and out of control.

  • Oil squeaky door hinges
    • A little oil will go a long way with door hinges. No more creaking in the middle of the night.

  • Clean sliding door track
    • Sliding doors work best when the track is clean and the roller properly adjusted. Do not oil the track. It will just collect more dirt and start operating poorly.

  • Clean bath exhaust fans
    • A clogged fan will not be able to remove all humid air out of the bathroom. Keep it clean and use it often to keep mold out.

  • Check water heater
    • Keep temperature set no higher than 120 degrees. Inspect water heater once a year and drain it to remove sediment in the bottom of the tank.

If you find yourself needing any help with the above items, please feel free to give us a call!