What are some exterior maintenance projects I can around my home?

Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale Offers Exterior Maintenance Ideas

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You may have completed your indoor spring cleaning projects by now, and are ready to focus on outdoor maintenance and repairs. During this time of year, high winds and strong rains can lead to issues that should be tackled right away before they have time to progress into becoming major repair projects.

If you have a fence, check each post to see if any have come loose, are leaning, or have broken altogether. One broken post puts additional stress on the other posts that are close to it. Check cross supports and pickets for loose, cracked, or split boards. Make replacements to avoid more damage during this potentially stormy time of year. To increase the life of your fence, consider pressure washing the entire fence and then staining, painting, or sealing it. Gates should also be checked to ensure they close and lock properly.

Mailboxes and their posts can get weakened or damaged during winter months from snowblowers and commercial snowplows. If the post is leaning or weakened, replace it and set it securely in concrete.

Have your gutters and downspouts cleaned and checked for blockages. Water must drain properly to avoid having it seep into your home’s foundation - extensions that carry water away from the home’s exterior are essential, including water discharged by your sump pump, unless the downspouts are buried to carry water out into the yard. All downspouts above grade should be securely attached to the home.

Check your wood, aluminum, or vinyl siding to make sure there are no loose, cracked, or broken pieces that may allow moisture to get in and create warping and mold issues. Check window trim for soft spots and cracks, and make sure the trim is caulked and tightly sealed to keep water out. For more exterior home maintenance recommendations, please contact Wayne Onczarak at:

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