Should I put French doors in my house?

woman opening french doors
French Doors Add Elegance, Function to Your Home


If you’re adding some minor updates to your home, or doing an all-out remodel, installing French doors adds an elegant, timeless look to the interior of your home. French doors can be used as an entry door to a backyard patio or deck, or they can be used to separate rooms inside the house, such as a dining room and kitchen. They can also serve as the main doors into a den or sunroom.

French doors typically come in pairs (hinged double doors) that open inward or outward from the center without a jamb in between; this creates a large opening into a room or to the outdoors. They’re characterized by glass panes that extend for most of the length of each door. Panes can be frosted for privacy, or curtains can be attached to provide color and texture. Left unadorned, French doors let in warmth and sunlight. Either way, French doors are a valuable investment that add dramatic impact to your decor.

Before installing French doors, it’s important to measure the radius of the swing of each door. The path should be free of furniture or decorative objects. Newer homes typically have easier installations with standard size French doors; older homes may have non-standard size openings, so a new jamb may be necessary to fit the doors. Pre-hung French doors are available, which may offer easier installation.

French doors can be purchased with inactive doors, where the two sides match each other visually, but only one door opens and closes. These are more useful as patio doors.

French patio doors should have a three- or five-point locking system for security. The five-point system locks each door to the head jamb, to the bottom sill, and to each other. For advice regarding selection, and for installation of French doors in your home, please contact:

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