How Can I Use Reclaimed Wood in My Home?

Reclaimed Wood, a Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Decorating Option

Reclaimed wood detail

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an older one, reclaimed wood is a fantastic decorating option. Reclaimed wood refers to aged, recycled timbers; the wood that was harvested many years ago was used in construction, and was then salvaged when the original building was torn down. Some wood pieces are in large enough segments to be used for ceiling beams, while smaller sections may be sawn into planks to be used as reclaimed flooring.

Reclaimed lumber is considered extremely high quality. Trees used in construction before the 1940s were typically hundreds of years old, so the wood is much stronger and has growth rings much more dense than wood used in current times, making it less likely to split or warp. Some reclaimed woods from old barns boast a beautiful aged patina or weathered paint colors. It’s difficult to replicate the rich, rustic look that reclaimed wood provides.

The use of reclaimed wood is also environmentally friendly; recycling the old wood reduces the need for so many trees to be cut down. It’s important to preserve trees in the earth’s forests and jungles, as deforestation removes and alters habitats for many creatures.

There is a large variety of uses for reclaimed wood for those who’d like to include it in their home decor. The old wood can be used to create beautiful hardwood floors, and old wooden doors can be repurposed as sliding doors. The warmth, color, and texture of old wood make it terrific for crafting gorgeous headboards. Reclaimed wood can also be cut down and used as stair treads or to build a kitchen island.

Other decorating ideas using reclaimed wood include paneling or a horizontal wall finish, picture frames, ceiling planks or beams, wall art, and open shelving.

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