Any advice for remodeling bathrooms?

4 Things to Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

There are many ways to freshen up a dated bathroom. Some DIY projects include switching out the fixtures, cabinet handles, and drawer knobs, and retiling the shower area. For a full bathroom remodel, however, it's best to call in the experts. Here are 4 things to consider before a bathroom remodel:

  1. Functionality should be the main focus of the remodel. Make sure you plan for adequate storage, correct lighting, and appropriate water drainage. If the project calls for relocating a tub or adding a second sink, you'll need a licensed and insured plumbing expert for the job. In Illinois, where temperatures drop below freezing during winter, it's important to avoid routing water supply lines through an exterior wall.
  2. Design the bathroom for your own needs, not for a future buyer. If you don't take baths, don't install a bathtub. Use the space for a larger shower, or for a small linen closet. There's no way to know what a future buyer might prefer, so it's best to accommodate your own needs.
  3. Take time to research and select the lighting, storage, and special items that will make the bathroom special for you. Recessed lighting can add brightness when needed, and dimmer switches can adjust the amount of overall light. You'll want bright light for applying makeup, shaving, and other close-up activities. For storage, consider adding recessed medicine cabinets, extra drawers, and niches where appropriate. If you're looking for special touches, research wall-hung toilets, shower windows, and heated tile floors and towel racks. Even prefabricated shower bases have evolved to now include acrylic or porcelain options for the shower floor.
  4. Establish a budget, but allow extra money and time for your project. Changes may need to be made mid-project, and you don't want to run out of available funds before you finish the remodel.

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