What are the benefits of a range hood in my kitchen?

Top 4 Benefits of Installing a Range Hood in Your Kitchen

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A range hood is an appliance that hangs over the cooktop in a kitchen; its function is to remove airborne grease, smoke, heat, odors, and steam from the air by suctioning and filtering it out. If your cooktop currently has a microwave installed above it, there is a small fan/vent underneath the microwave that acts as a filter and reduces the steam and heat to some degree. But if you cook a lot, or cook with very high heat, you may want to invest in a range hood. Here are 4 benefits of installing a range hood in your kitchen:

1. A range hood keeps the air clean. When you cook with oil or with high heat, you're creating large amounts of smoke, grease, and steam. The air in your kitchen, if not filtered and removed, can become laden with potentially toxic pollutants and gases that may be harmful if inhaled. A range hood will provide strong suction and ventilation to remove the toxic air.

2. Excess heat is removed. A range hood will help remove the heat and steam coming off the cooktop, which is helpful when you're standing in front of it while preparing a meal. The kitchen will also remain cooler, which is a great benefit when you're cooking indoors during the summer months.

3. A range hood provides additional task lighting. Not only can you see better when preparing food, the additional illumination helps during the cleaning process so you can see the dirt and grease that accumulate in hard-to-reach areas. The smaller bulb also acts as a great night light.

4. A range hood can increase your property value. The kitchen is one of the most important areas in a home, and many homebuyers have come to expect a range hood in the kitchen.

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