What are tips to keep my shower clean?

We Have 5 Tips For A Super Clean Shower

A shower with glass door and gray tiles.

Most people clean their bathrooms about once a week. But after cleaning the toilet, sink, and floor, some don't consistently tackle cleaning the shower. While the shower may not need to be cleaned as frequently, it's important to not let mildew build up over time. Not only will it look unattractive, it will be harder to clean down the road. Here are 5 tips for keeping your shower clean and fresh:

1. Use the right tools. If you use a rectangular scrubber to clean your shower, switch to a brush with a diamond-shaped head. It will reach into corners more effectively, and using a brush may loosen soap scum and water deposits more successfully.

2. Clean your shower after each time you use it. The steam from a hot shower will have loosened any dirt, making it easier to remove. Wipe down the walls with a good bathroom cleaner, or make a homemade cleaner using equal parts vinegar and dish soap in a spray bottle. Don't neglect cleaning the fixtures, as well. Following this step will allow you to go 2-3 weeks between deep cleanings.

3. After cleaning the walls and fixtures of the shower, dry the walls with a squeegee to prevent water spots and buildup of soap scum.

4. For deep cleanings, empty the shower of all the shampoo bottles, razors, and soap bars. Wipe down each item, including the bottom, so grime isn't returned to the shower after you've cleaned it. Remove any visible hair from the drain. Be sure to ventilate the bathroom if using a cleaner that creates fumes.

5. If you detect any rusty rings, use a paste made from lemon juice and baking soda to remove them. If the stain is old, you may need a commercial cleaner with oxalic acid. Never use chlorine bleach on a rust stain, as it may set it permanently into the surface.