What are a few DIY ideas I can do to get ready for Spring?

DIY Spring Time Projects

basket sitting on a table in front of a green wall

With spring around the corner, you may be thinking of ways to clean and freshen up your home to usher in the new season, especially through the remaining late snowfalls and overcast days. Here are 3 easy DIY projects that will help get your home ready for spring’s sunnier, more colorful days.

1. Taking the time to prepare your windows for the spring season is an important part of freshening up your home. Homeowners will often hang darker curtains on their windows during winter, which helps insulate the home during the colder months.   When the sun is shining, however, and the breeze is perfect, it’s time to reinstall the screens on your windows so you can prop them open! In addition, adding sheer or more colorful curtains will let enough light shine through so that your rooms will feel airy and pleasant.

2. Consider adding some indoor greenery in the form of flowers or other plants, faux or real. With the grass and trees outside starting to liven up once again, having a splash of green inside will go perfectly with the spring vibe.   Add a beautiful spring wreath to your front door; they are easy to make with supplies from your local craft store. Nice displays of colorful flowers throughout the home will brighten everyone’s mood in conjunction with the lovely spring weather.

3. Nothing reminds you of undesirable winter weather more than dirt and snow stains that have been building up on the floor of your garage. As the weather starts to clear up, take some time to clear out and power wash the area so it doesn’t stain the floor permanently.   Don’t neglect to clean the area inside your front door, as dirt and snow could have collected underneath your entry rug.