5 Fun Tips For Creating the Man Cave of Your Dreams

Most people love the thought of having a space to personalize and make their own.   For women, it may be used for arts and crafts, quiet reading, or bingeing tv shows.   Men, on the other hand, typically prefer a man cave that honors their favorite sports teams, hobbies, and trophies.   If you have a space in your home (a garage, spare bedroom, or basement) that you're considering transforming into a man cave, here are 5 creative ideas to consider:

1.   Find ways to incorporate your favorite sports team's colors into the overall decor.   If you root for the Bears or you attended the University of Illinois, blue and orange can be your main colors.   Use blue for the larger items like furniture and area rugs, and save the orange for smaller design details that add pops of color.

2.   Collect your sports memorabilia in the room and decide how to incorporate it.   Football and hockey jerseys can be framed and hung on a wall for a sophisticated look.   Old baseball bats can be used to replace banisters along a stairway.

3.   Add a Murphy bar for storing liquor and wine.   The Murphy setup allows you to fold it all away when it's not being used.   Add an undercounter beverage fridge for storing cold beer and pop.   A peg board with dowels attached at an angle can be used to hang shot glasses.

4.   If you have a concrete floor in your man cave, consider painting a shuffleboard.   You can also take an old round table and paint the top with chalkboard paint to create a fun surface for poker and other card games.

5.   Don't forget the small details.   If you're a hunter, consider using large bullets for cabinet knobs.

The possibilities are nearly endless for creating the man cave of your dreams.   For more information, or assistance with building or painting your special space, please contact:

Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale

245 W. Roosevelt Road #69

West Chicago, IL