Is a Steam Shower the Best Choice for Your Home?

lady in a steam shower
There are few things more satisfying than a long hot shower after a hard day’s work. One benefit you may notice while showering is that, after a while, the heat from the water begins to cloud the shower stall with steam, leaving you refreshed and relaxed for hours afterwards. Steam showers are specially constructed to take your bathing ritual of choice to a whole new level by actively producing water vapor on demand, essentially combining the utility of a shower and the intense relaxation of a wet sauna.

Steam showers are sealed, unlike a regular shower/bathtub, which prevents the steam from escaping the bathing area. This drastically increases the intensity of the steam and truly gives the sauna-like feel at the press of a button. Many current models also come with luxurious extra features, such as music speaker systems, mood lighting, and even a variety of aromas and scents you can add to enhance the ambiance. Steam is also well known for its health benefits. The all-encompassing heat is second to none for relaxing sore muscles after a long day, and steam exposure does wonders for cold and flu symptoms.

You’re probably already sold on the features of a steam shower, but what about cost? Is it a worthy investment? Installing a steam shower actually makes a lot of sense from a homeowner’s point of view. Steam showers are smaller and easier to install than a sauna, yet they are a fantastic way to increase the value of your home if you eventually want to sell. If you look at a steam shower as an investment similar to a new deck or upgraded flooring, especially when compared to a dedicated sauna, a steam shower is a solid choice.

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