3 Ways to Store Bicycles in Your Garage

Maintaining an orderly garage can be challenging.   Garages are used to store not only cars, but also toys, tools, sports equipment, and bicycles.   It's important to have easy access to your bikes, but is also helpful to be able to store them out of the way during the winter months when they go unused.   To help organize and increase the usable space in your garage, here are 3 terrific ways to store your bicycles:

1.   The easiest method for storing bicycles is to use heavy duty rubberized hooks that screw into a wall stud or ceiling rafter.   One hook can be used to hang a bike vertically, or two can be used (one for each tire) to create horizontal storage against the wall.   Hanging bikes vertically allows them to either lay flat against the garage wall or, if the hooks are installed close together, to protrude outwards, allowing for a larger number of bikes to be stored.   Additional hooks can be used to hang bike helmets.

2.   If you only have one or two bikes to store, and your garage has enough space to allow for it, a simple stand for each bike is easy to use and inexpensive.   Some bike stands do double duty as both a rack and a repair station.

3.   If your budget isn't an issue, consider installing a storage rack from your garage ceiling that operates with a pulley station or electric lift.   Bicycles can be hung on hooks attached to the ceiling rack, allowing space on the rack itself for storing boxes or seasonal items such as Christmas lights and accessories.   The bikes can also be secured on top of the rack so they're even more out of the way during the off-season.

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