Do you know how I can repair a screen for my window?

Having your screens repaired or replaced can be expensive. Window screens can get punctured, torn, snagged or discolored but if the frame is in good shape window screen repairs are easy. It should only take a few minutes of your time. Here are a few steps to make your screen for window or door as good as new!

To replace a window or door screen in its existing frame, lay the frame and damaged screen down on a large flat surface. If the spline is still intact, pull it free to release the old screen. Extend a length of new screen to overlap the frame. Trim the screen, leaving about a 2” overlap on all edges. You don’t want to trim the screen to short, as then you will not have enough screen available to reach all the edges once the spline in position.

Hold the spline and align it over the screen and groove in the frame. Use your finger to press the spline into position, once you have it started slowly use a screen roller along the whole length of the frame to push the spline into the groove. Hold the screen taut with one hand while you roll with the other, or else you may find that the screen bunches in some areas. As you reach the corners of the frame, force the spline into a right angle, and use a screwdriver to press it into place. You can cut off any access of spline and screen by cutting along the inside of the frame groove above the spline for a clean edge.