What are French Doors and are they the same as Patio Doors?

French doors have a history dating back to the French Renaissance era. In the beginning, they were initially installed as single frame windows which would open onto a balcony. Over the years, the style became more popular and evolved. Today, French doors are hinged doors that typically come in pairs. They have a wooden frame and have panels of glass that allow natural light in. Providing a wonderful view of your garden or patio area. A few advantages are they offer natural light, great connection from the indoor to outdoors; and, come in various styles to match the design of your home. A few disadvantages are that privacy can be compromised as they typically don’t have drapes and wall framing will need to be modified for the doors to swing freely.

The main difference between patio doors and French doors is how they open. French doors open outwards on a hinge whereas patio doors slide along a track and open to the side. Patio doors are more modern in appearance and French doors lend themselves to heritage type homes.