Any suggestions for decorative planters for flowers outside our home?

If you’re looking for a new way to add curb appeal to your home, or for some new ideas to freshen up your outdoor living space, consider adding flower boxes underneath your windows or along the railing of your deck. Adding urns or planter boxes is another beautiful yet functional way to add color and texture to a patio or front porch.

Flower and planter boxes can help define a space, add a touch of whimsy or elegance, and even provide an area to grow small quantities of vegetables or herbs. They can be custom made to blend seamlessly with the outside of your home or outdoor living space, or can be purchased in your favorite materials, including metal, fiberglass, or wood. Most materials are created to withstand weather and temperature extremes for many years.

Flower boxes can be installed beneath a window, on a wall, or on a deck railing; these locations typically provide easy access for watering, maintaining, and replanting as necessary. Harder-to-reach window boxes on upper stories of a home can be self-watering and can be made to match shutters or other decorative features of a home. Flower boxes made of iron or copper provide a nice contrast and add a touch of elegance.

While flower boxes and planters can be a fun DIY project for many homeowners, some skill and knowledge are required to ensure correct sizing and construction. The boxes should allow for drainage to avoid damaging the plants’ roots, and the way they’re attached to the home or deck should be able to withstand strong Chicagoland winds.