Should my fence be inspected annually?

As part of your outside maintenance, you should inspect your fence annually in the spring. Occasionally, your fence may need a few new boards to keep it in good shape. Wood is prone to expanding and contracting over time, especially with weather conditions which can cause sagging, splitting or warping.

Depending on the extent of your fenced land, walk, ride, or drive along its length and breadth to check for signs of damage. Identify any leaning, lose or rotted fence posts. Loose or leaning posts can be reinforced. In some cases, it might require it to be dug out, replaced with a new post in concrete. Beware of where the fence post emerges from the ground, because this is particularly vulnerable to decay.

Rotten wood fencing will need repair; in fact, wood rot is the number one reason for fence damage. Inspect for broken, sagging, sinking, or loose supports or pickets as well. If your fence repairs are extensive, it may be time to replace it.

For fence repair and maintenance, keep in mind these helpful hints from the deck repair experts at Mr. Handyman. Next week we will feature additional insights on cleaning and staining your fence.